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Chapter 1918: Did Anyone Bully You

Tang Jiakai was on holiday, so he wanted to hang out with his friends, but he decided against it when he learned Gu Ning was coming.

Everyone surrounded Gu Ning asking how she was doing the moment she entered the door.

They were genuinely worried about whether she was getting bullied.

Even though they knew how powerful Gu Ning was and was aware that she was no pushover, they were her elders and kin, so they could not help fretting.

From their perspective, Gu Ning was living outside on her own with no one to watch over her.

They acted oblivious to the Leng family.

After all, it was not like Gu Ning had married into their family yet.

“Ningning, did anyone bully you at school” asked Tang Haifeng with concern.

“Im sure there are.

After all, Ningning is an extraordinary girl, so she is bound to cause a lot of envy and attract troublemakers,” said Cao Wenxin.

She had first-hand experience and had seen her fair share of such problems at school.

In the past, people who did not know of her identity had attempted to make trouble for her.

Naturally, they did not dare to touch her after they learned of her true identity.

However, Gu Ning always kept a low profile, so she probably did not reveal she was connected to the Tangs or Lengs.

Just based on Gu Nings current social status and the fact that there were a lot of elite families in the capital, even though she had nothing against Gu Ning, Gu Ning could not compare to those people.

An average rich family might still be afraid of her, but she would pose no threat to families in the top tiers of high society.

“Thats right.

Things like that happen at school all the time.

Good-looking girls often get bullied by jealous peers, but I dont think Ningning will end up losing,” said Tang Jiakai with absolute faith in Gu Ning.

Everyone started to frown and looked worried when they heard what Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai had said about school.

In that case, Gu Ning would end up attracting trouble for no reason.

They were confident Gu Ning would never initiate trouble on her own accord.

“Humph! If any idiot tries to bully you, just beat them up.

You dont have to worry about their status since you have the Tang family backing you,” said Tang Haifeng as he glared furiously.

He seemed as though he wanted to confront all those bullies and was absolutely protective of Gu Ning.

Although the Tang family called the shots in City B, they were not as powerful in the capital.

However, they still possessed high status.

Other influential families would never want to get on their bad side since it did not pay to do it.

“Thats right.

Its no trouble at all.

Its not like we are pushovers either,” Tang Yunhang chimed in.

“Ningning, I will always have your back.

Just say the word and I will be there to protect you,” said Tang Yunfan with determination as his words brimmed with paternal affection.

Gu Ning quickly acknowledged them, feeling deeply touched by their concern.

“Now that you mention it.

Has anyone made trouble for you at school yet” asked Tang Jiakai.

He did not look worried.

Instead, he appeared excited and wanted to know what became of those people who attempted to bully Gu Ning.

Naturally, it would not end well for them.

All eyes turned to Gu Ning.

They wanted to know if anyone had made trouble for Gu Ning yet as well.

If there were any troublemakers, they would run over and beat them to a pulp for Gu Ning in a split second.

Gu Ning did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Although she knew it would only make her family worry if they knew the truth, she was certain they would not believe her if she claimed everything was fine.

Hence, she ended up saying, “A few female classmates got into an argument with me, but its all settled now.

One of my seniors felt resentful after she got beaten by me, so she had me surrounded to seek vengeance.

I happened to realize her accomplices were suspects of a family slaughter case.

It turned out that the culprit behind the crime was my seniors father.

After interrogating them, I squeezed the truth out of them and got their confession on tape.

Also, I found evidence for the crime and sent the culprit to jail.

People who provoke me will come to no good, so you dont have to worry about me.”

Gu Ning took the opportunity to tell them that none of the people with the audacity to cross her had ever succeeded.

Instead, she made their lives hell.

They did not have to worry about her all the time since she was perfectly capable of protecting herself.

Everyone sighed in surprise.

This was really big news!

“Then are you okay” asked Tang Haifeng anxiously.

Even though Gu Ning was standing before them in one piece, he could not help worrying.

“Im good.

They were just some small fry, so I finished them off in no time.

The whole thing didnt even amount to a warm-up!” said Gu Ning in contempt.

Everyone was finally relieved to hear this.

“A family slaughter case Are you talking about the slaughter of Fu Yongliangs family That means the person who bullied you was the daughter of the Qu family, right” asked Tang Yunhang.

Although he reckoned he probably got it right, he still checked with her.

“The Qu family” Everyone looked startled by the information.

Tang Yunhang, Tang Yunfan, Tang Jiakai, and Cao Wenxin also knew about Qu Linans incident.

Was Gu Ning the one who caught him

“Thats right.

It was the Qu family who did it,” replied Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was not surprised that Tang Yunhang was aware of this.

After all, it caused quite a commotion when the crime occurred.

Everyone was shocked when Gu Ning affirmed it.

The police had been on the case for over half a year without any progress.

Yet, Gu Ning was able to find the culprit and evidence so easily.

Then again, it made sense why the cops were unable to find the murderer if Qu Linan was behind it.

Qu Linan possessed the resources to destroy the evidence and had a relative in the police force.

After all, Qu Linan hailed from a second-tier elite family in the capital.

If he did not have the chops, the family would not have remained in power for so long.

Now that Gu Ning had apprehended him, they could not help feeling doubtful about Qu Linans ability.

It just went to show how brilliant Gu Ning was.

“So you were the one who caught the murderer!” exclaimed Tang Jiakai excitedly the moment he learned about it.

He could not help looking at Gu Ning in admiration.

He hated Qu Linan as well.

His cousin was shockingly the person who threw Qu Linan behind bars.

“Does the Qu family know you were behind his arrest” asked Tang Haifeng as he frowned and looked worried.

After all, the Qu family was a second-tier elite family in the capital.

Even though Qu Linan was arrested, the Qu family was still going strong.

If they learned that Gu Ning was the one who captured him, they would not let her off easily.

Although the Tangs had nothing to fear from the Qu family, they were located in City B while the Qu clan was based in the capital, so they might not be able to get to Gu Ning in time.

They had absolute faith that Gu Ning was capable of handling the matter, but they could not help worrying since Gu Ning was a girl!


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