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Chapter 1912: Ill Take the Responsibility

“Oh, look whos here! I was afraid you wouldnt come.

I have both the bikini and the video recorder ready.

There are also pipes.

Now I only need a loser,” Ji Wenna said.

Then she took out the red bikini directly and shook it in front of Song Miaoge, as if she was certainly going to win and was just waiting to watch Song Miaoge being humiliated.

She refused to think that she would lose.

“I would of course come, because Im going to watch you do the pole dance in the bikini!” Song Miaoge wasnt mad at all, because she believed she would win.

Besides, she had to show confidence to scare her enemy.

Seeing that Song Miaoge wasnt worried at all and was quite confident, Ji Wenna was displeased.

“You seem very confident.”

Although she said that, she didnt think so.

She thought Song Miaoge was pretending to be confident.

“Since youre confident, why cant I be confident” Song Miaoge said, “Well see whos confident for a reason in a while.”

“Great, lets see!” Song Miaoge was annoyed at Song Miaoges attitude, so she was unwilling to waste more time talking with her.

Song Miaoge put on a set of sportswear and sneakers when she came out this morning, so now, there was no need to change into other clothes.

“Im ready, and you” Song Miaoge asked Ji Wenna.

Once Song Miaoge asked her that question, Ji Wenna was mad because she felt that she lost control of the game.

“I was ready long ago.

I was here waiting for you.”

At this time, one should never be emotional, because it would affect her performance later.

However, Ji Wenna easily let her emotions get the better of her.

“Wenna, punch her sh*t out!” said Ji Wennas friend.

“You can wait and see!” Ji Wenna put on a confident smile.

Gu Nings friends said nothing, but looked at them with a faint smile and slight mockery.

Because Song Miaoge was definitely going to win, and Gu Ning wouldnt mind playing a trick to help her even if she might lose.

After that, the others walked away to leave enough space for Ji Wenna and Song Miaoge.

Without delay, the competition began.

Because they were going to have a loser and a winner, Song Miaoge used her full strength right after the game started.

Ji Wenna did the same thing.

Although she believed that she would win, she wanted Song Miaoge to be completely defeated, so she was very violent from the very beginning.

However, after only a few seconds, Ji Wenna realized that Song Miaoges punches and kicks were quite powerful, which made it hard for her to fight back.

After a while, Ji Wenna found out that Song Miaoge had improved a lot, and she suddenly felt she became weak in front of Song Miaoge.

Nevertheless, she had made great progress during the half year too, so she thought it would be easier for her to beat Song Miaoge this time.

Unfortunately, she might be wrong.

Ji Wenna became anxious, because she was afraid to lose to Song Miaoge.

She couldnt bear the result if she lost, because the loser had to pole dance in a bikini.

The video would be uploaded to the Internet, and she would be publicly humiliated by then.

Ji Wennas friends noticed that as well, so they began to worry about her.

“It seems Song Miaoge has improved a lot.

Wenna isnt at an advantage.”

“Right, is Song Miaoge going to win”

“Bull**! Its just the beginning.

Be patient.

I have confidence in Wenna.”

Ji Wennas friends had confidence in her, but couldnt help worrying about her.

After all, Song Miaoge had made huge progress.

As the fight went on, Ji Wenna felt more and more scared, because she was becoming weaker.

Song Miaoge had successfully attacked a few places on her body, while she only succeeded once.

In that case, she was losing strength, but Song Miaoge seemed to still be strong, so she instead of Song Miaoge was doomed to fail.

Ji Wennas friends were also frightened, but could do nothing about it.

Within a short time, Song Miaoge was at a complete advantage, and Ji Wenna couldnt fight back at all.

She was simply struggling at the end of the game.

A few minutes later, Ji Wenna was beaten down on the ground by Song Miaoge.

Ji Wenna was reluctant to accept the result.

She tried to get back to her feet to fight, but she was already out of strength.

“Youre the loser.” Song Miaoge looked down her nose at Ji Wenna with great pride.

In fact, Song Miaoge lost a lot of strength too, but she was still able to stand steadily.


Ji Wennas friends immediately came to help her get up.

At the same time, they glared at Song Miaoge as if she had done something very evil.

Glaring at Song Miaoge, Ji Wenna said in a cold voice, “So what Im not going to wear the bikini.”

Hearing that, Song Miaoge was annoyed.

“Are you going to deny the agreement”

It wasnt surprising, because they knew Ji Wenna wouldnt yield so easily, but they were still displeased to hear that from her.

“Yes, and so What can you do to me” said Ji Wenna.

The Ji family enjoyed the same high status as the Song family.

Even if they were going to have a conflict, neither of them had an advantage.

Most importantly, Ji Wenna had another identity of a higher status, so she believed that Song Miaoge didnt dare to force her to accept the punishment.

“What can I do to you If you dont put on the bikini on your own, I can help you!” After that, Song Miaoge grabbed the shopping bag from Ji Wennas friend, then took out the bikini.

“Dont you dare!” Ji Wenna was surprised.

“Im Rong Hongjuns fiancée.

If you dare do that to me, the Rong family will pay you back!”

Rong Hongjun was the heir of the Rong familys collateral branch.

Hearing that, Gu Ning understood that Rong Hongjun was a member of the Rong family, but she wasnt sure whether he was a direct or indirect descendant.

Anyway, Gu Ning wasnt afraid of him.

Song Miaoge, however, felt upset upon hearing the Rong family.

All of a sudden, she didnt know what to do.

If the Rong family was involved, it could be very tricky.

Seeing that, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“Dont be afraid.

I can take the responsibility.”

“Who are you” Ji Wenna turned to squint at Gu Ning.

Why was Gu Ning not afraid of the Rong family Was she just pretending to be tough

“Im just an ordinary person,” said Gu Ning.

“Anyway, your agreement was written on the paper with your signatures.

Even if you have the Rong familys support, you cant be so unreasonable.

If you won the game, would you let Miaoge go”

“Even if it was written on the paper with my signature, its useless.

Were in the capital, and power speaks louder than anything else,” said Ji Wenna.

She snorted with disdain, thinking that Gu Ning was quite naive.

After all, not everyone was reasonable.


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