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Chapter 1908: Family Background Doesnt Matter

Because of his mistake, Gu Ning and Yuan Shuyan were both dragged into trouble, and Rong Zechen even refused to apologize afterwards.

He had to be forced to do it in the end.

It was enough to prove how selfish Rong Zechen was.

Anyway, it had nothing to do with them, so they would still side with Rong Zechen because they were his friends even though they agreed that Gu Ning was right.

Gu Ning also ignored Rong Zechen, but Pan Tongyue went to greet him.

“Hi, Senior Rong!” Pan Tongyue greeted him in her most gentle voice.

“Hi, Junior Pan.” Rong Zechen politely greeted Pan Tongyue too.

Because Gu Ning was present, he wasnt in a good mood, but he still needed to maintain his kind image in front of other students.

In addition, Rong Zechen was unwilling to let Gu Ning see that he was affected because of her, because it was embarrassing in his eyes.

Therefore, at this moment, Rong Zechen still pretended that he didnt care about Gu Ning at all.

Seeing Pan Tongyues attitude towards Rong Zechen, Gu Ning realized why she came to cause trouble today.

After knowing the reason, Gu Ning felt quite aggrieved.

There was nothing between her and Rong Zechen! Rumors really killed people!

Although Pan Tongyue admired Rong Zechen and wanted to talk with him for a while longer, she understood that she had to be careful to not leave a bad impression on him.

She knew Rong Zechen didnt have a good impression of girls who always tried to strike up a conversation with him.

He normally had a good attitude to those who kept a polite distance away from him.

Therefore, she didnt want Rong Zechen to dislike her because she had no sense of distance.

As a result, after simply exchanging greetings with Rong Zechen, Pan Tongyue left.

After she walked back, Pan Tongyue said, “Gu Ning, Senior Rong used to say hi to you of his own accord when he saw you.

Why does it seem like he doesnt know you at all now Is there a grudge between you two”

Pan Tongyue knew the reason, but not the details.

She had heard that Gu Ning went to see Rong Zechen to talk about the fact that he had questioned Yuan Shuyan with a very bad attitude.

She also knew that Rong Zechen had apologized to Gu Ning, but didnt know that Gu Ning reached an agreement with Rong Zechen that they would see each other as strangers if they met again.

Therefore, Pan Tongyue thought that Rong Zechen must be mad at Gu Ning because she had forced him to apologize.

Thinking of that, Pan Tongyue was pleased, but she still disliked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning clearly knew what Pan Tongyue was thinking.

Although she disdained Pan Tongyue, she still explained.

“Senior Rong and I actually arent familiar with one another.

After the slander drama last week and the unacceptable rumors, I went to have a talk with Senior Rong.

We agreed to regard each other as strangers if we meet again.

I have a fiancé after all, so I dont want my reputation to be damaged by others.”

They agreed to regard each other as strangers if they met again Pan Tongyue was surprised.

Even though she was displeased that Gu Ning showed no respect towards Rong Zechen, she was happy to see that Gu Ning disliked Rong Zechen.

As for the news that Gu Ning already had a fiancé, she had heard about it too, but wasnt sure whether it was true.

It was possible that Gu Ning said that to reject Rong Zechen, or to clear up her name.

Therefore, Pan Tongyue asked with doubt, “Do you really have a fiancé”

“Yeah,” said Gu Ning with certainty.

“What does your fiancé do How about his family” asked Pan Tongyue.

In fact, she didnt think Gu Nings fiancés family could be more powerful than Rong Zechens.

After all, Rong Zechens family was the top family in the capital.

Unless Gu Nings fiancés family was the Leng family, the Yuan family, or the Chang family, he could be comparable to Rong Zechen.

However, she didnt think it was possible.

Gu Ning was stunning and outstanding, but it wasnt enough for a top family.

Besides, there were too many beautiful women in the world.

As a result, she also believed Gu Ning was very lucky that she could be chosen by Rong Zechen, but Gu Ning didnt cherish the rare chance.

However, precisely because Gu Ning didnt know how rare and precious the chance was, Pan Tongyue still had the chance to compete for Rong Zechens attention.

Nevertheless, even if Gu Ning withdrew from the game, Pan Tongyue would never be able to be accepted by the Rong family, because her family was barely comparable to Gu Nings.

Pan Tongyue was too dumb to realize the fact that she was less qualified to be Rong Zechens girlfriend.

“Well, I dont care about ones family background as long as I like him,” said Gu Ning.

Those were her real thoughts.

When she got together with Leng Shaoting, she knew nothing about his family and she was simply attracted to his abilities.

Even if Leng Shaoting was just a regular soldier without the Leng family, Shengshi, and a lot of money, she still wouldnt disdain him.

After all she didnt love him for his family background or wealth.

Hearing that, Pan Tongyue, however, showed disdain.

She believed that Gu Nings fiancés family must be far less influential than the Rong family so that was why Gu Ning was unwilling to tell.

She totally forgot that Gu Ning was already super-rich.

No matter how ordinary her fiancé was, her fiancé wouldnt be less competitive than her.

In other words, her fiancé was far better than Pan Tongyue.

Song Miaoge and the others didnt know what Pan Tongyue was thinking, but they were displeased by her unkind question.

As a result, Song Miaoge argued against her.

“Gu Ning is such an outstanding girl with billions of yuan in wealth.

Her man definitely wont be worse than her.

Even in the capital, Gu Ning is one of the super-rich, a member of high society.

Dont be so arrogant! Not everyone can be super-rich.”

Hearing that, Pan Tongyue felt embarrassed.

Because of what Song Miaoge said, she finally realized she was wrong.

It was true that someone with billions of yuan was definitely super-rich even in the capital.

Gu Ning undoubtedly was already a member of high society.

Pan Tongyue actually wasnt comparable to Gu Ning at all.

Although her family was rich, the assets her family owned was less than a half of what Gu Ning had.

Song Miaoges words pulled her back to reality, but also embarrassed her, so Pan Tongyue began to hate Song Miaoge too.

Self-centered people always blamed other people for their own faults.

Gu Ning didnt think Song Miaoge said anything wrong, because Pan Tongyue actually embarrassed herself by being so arrogant and stupid.


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