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Chapter 1904: Movements on the Mountain

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

On Sunday morning in a small mountain village.

Yesterday, overnight, more than 10 people died in the village, and they died very strangely.

They were all dried up, and their blood seemed to be sucked.

It had also been proved that these people had all of their blood sucked because they had two small holes in their necks, which connected to their arteries.

Those two small holes seemed to be left by the teeth of wild beasts.

Some guessed it might be done by beasts, while some thought it was more likely to be done by zombies.

Anyway, no matter what it was, it was definitely not a normal death, so for a time, the village was in complete panic and many people fled.

Some people didnt flee because a group of people came to the village early in the morning when the accident happened.

They were all dressed in police uniforms and military uniforms, and said that they were policemen and soldiers who came to track down the murderer.

These policemen were a group of members of the local provincial investigative team, and 8 of them came here..

As for the soldiers, they were from the Red Flame led by Leng Shaoting.

This time, 6 of them came here.

It was said that the murderer was traced because this wasnt the first time this kind of thing had happened, it was already the second time.

When it first happened, it was investigated by the local police at first, but it turned out that things were rather weird, and reminded them of beasts and zombies.

However, they refused to believe in zombies.

Because it was a remote mountain village, there were no surveillance cameras, so it was relatively difficult to investigate.

The local police then reported the case to a senior department.

Afterwards, a local provincial investigative team was sent to investigate it.

If they still couldnt find out the truth, they had to report it to a more senior department again.

Reports beyond the provincial level were directly entered into the national system, so members of the Red Flame learned about it.

After encountering the red lion during the last training exercise, the members of the Red Flame knew that there were monsters and ghosts in this world, so they realized that it was related to the monsters and ghosts the moment they looked at the situation.

Therefore, they immediately notified Leng Shaoting.

They were afraid that this task could only be completed by Leng Shaoting.

As soon as the Red Flame arrived, they quickly tracked down the clues.

After all, Leng Shaoting was now a cultivator, and his various abilities were dozens of times better than before.

He could directly perceive many things with his consciousness.

Leng Shaoting was able to get the clues so quickly because it hadnt rained in the past few days.

If it rained, some things would be washed away, and it would be difficult to conduct the investigation.

Members of the reconnaissance team followed Leng Shaoting and his teammates to this mountain village, but it was still a few hours late and the tragedy had already happened.

Leng Shaoting told the reconnaissance team to stay in the village first to protect the villagers, in order to prevent the murderer from coming back again.

The murderer didnt kill for the pleasure of killing, but for the demand of blood, so many more people would suffer if the murderer wasnt caught.

Leng Shaoting and his teammates already knew it was caused by ghosts and monsters, so it was useless even if the reconnaissance team stayed there.

Nevertheless, there was no better idea.

They had to protect the villagers! Besides, this village was far from the town, so something terrible might happen on the road.

Leng Shaoting discovered that the murderer only committed the crime at night, so he thought it might not appear during the day.

They wouldnt go too far.

Even if the murderer appeared, he could still hear it as long as they shot.

It wouldnt be too late to come back.

After that, Leng Shaoting took members of the Red Flame to continue the investigation.

Because there were blood stains on the ground, they figured out the approximate direction of the murderers departure.

Luckily, they had clues.

However, although Leng Shaoting could sense movements around 500 meters, 4 hours had passed.

As a result, it wasnt easy for them to track down the killer, because 4 hours were enough for people to run far away.

Either way, they still needed to look around first, because the murderer might be near.

Leng Shaoting and his teammates searched for intermittent bloodstains and walked for about a kilometer.

After a while, he smelled blood coming from the front.

Perhaps because of the distance, the blood smell wasnt strong.

Leng Shaoting and his teammates immediately walked forward.

At the same time, the blood smell became stronger.

The senses of Xu Jingchen and others werent as acute as Leng Shaotings, so they didnt realize that there was a smell of blood until Leng Shaoting found it to be quite strong.

Without delay, they quickly walked there.

When they went to the place where the smell of blood spread, they saw a corpse.

It was the same as the death of the villagers.

They were all sucked to death.

“Obviously, the murderer passed by here,” said Chen Meng.

After that, they kept on searching.

After walking for about a kilometer, Leng Shaoting and his teammates reached the foot of the mountain.

All of a sudden, Leng Shaoting sensed something and immediately prevented the team from moving forward.

“Boss, is there anything wrong” asked Xu Jinchen.

“There are movements on the mountain.” Leng Shaoting looked nervous and he said, “Wait for me down the mountain.

Ill go up and take a look.”

Although there were movements on the mountain, they werent sure whether it was a human being or the murderer.

Either way, Leng Shaoting thought it was better for him to go up alone.

“But…” Xu Jingchen felt a little worried about the cruelty of that creature.

Even if he knew that Leng Shaoting was very powerful, the creature might not be a human.

“Its an order,” said Leng Shaoting with determination.

Xu Jinchen was struck dumb for a second, and didnt dare to say another word.

It was an order from their team leader after all.

Upon thinking of how Leng Shaoting dealt with the red lion last time, they were a little relieved.

Their boss wasnt weak at all, so he should be fine.

Leng Shaoting then climbed up the mountain.

The mountain road wasnt very rugged, but the trees were denser, so there were still plenty of places to hide.

Anyway, it wasnt a problem for Leng Shaoting.

When Leng Shaoting went halfway up the mountain, he smelled the smell of blood.

Without hesitation, he moved and flew in the direction where the smell of blood came from.

He wasnt actually flying, but could move dozens of meters in the blink of an eye with a single jump.

With the naked eye, other people could never tell whether it was a man or a woman.

At most, they could only see a dark shadow flashing by.

There was a distance of a hundred meters, but Leng Shaoting arrived in just three seconds

He stopped in front of a cave where the smell of blood came from.

Leng Shaoting didnt go inside right away, but used his senses to feel the situation in it.

He wanted to know whether it was a dead thing or a living thing inside.

The next second, Leng Shaoting heard sparse voices and gasping sounds.

Obviously, there were living creatures inside, and there were still two gasping sounds.

After that, Leng Shaoting held his breath, walking inward lightly.


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