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Chapter 1896: Join the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital University

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They werent criticizing Gu Ning with irony, they were simply telling the truth.

Given Gu Nings status, it would indeed be a total waste of her talent if she joined the Martial Arts Department.

Most importantly, it was completely meaningless.

“Given Gu Nings current status and abilities, its indeed meaningless to join the student union, but I think the Chamber of Commerce is quite suitable for her.”

At this time, everyone heard a male voice and realized that it was a good idea.

Given Gu Nings current status and abilities, she should join the Chamber of Commerce!

The Chamber of Commerce, also known as the Chamber of Business, or the Commerce Association, was an industry organization with corporate legal personality at the Capital University.

The existence of the Chamber of Commerce was to unite all the strengths of the business community inside and outside the Capital University to actively participate in the national economic construction and prosper the market economy, carry out related commercial and economic activities based on commodity circulation, promote foreign economic relations and cooperation, adhere to the principle of business honesty and credit, persist in serving the overall interests of the enterprise, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, do a good job in industry self-discipline, coordinate functions, and give full play to the role of bridges and bonds.

Members of the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital University included undergraduates and graduates.


In other words, most businessmen who graduated from the Capital University were members of its Chamber of Commerce.

Among them, some werent very successful, while some had great achievements.

All in all, the Chamber of Commerce was a large circle of achievers in business.

If one could join it, he or she would be able to know the elite in business, which was a great advantage to his or future career.

However, disadvantages came with advantages.

Where there were people, there was competition for benefits.

They were in the same industry, so competition was unavoidable.

“S-Senior Nie.” Seeing the newcomer, people who recognized him exclaimed.

Obviously, he was very important.

The newcomer was a young man in his early twenties.

He was over 1.8m tall.

Although he wasnt very handsome, he was good-looking.

Most importantly, he looked mature and stable and had an air of the elite.

With a glance, Gu Ning recognized him too.

Even though it was their first meeting, she had actually read about him in their school forum.

Nie Chenyang was a member of the Nie family in the capital.

He was also the head of the branch of the Chamber of Commerce at the Capital University.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Capital University was an organization, but it had two branches.

One was outside the school, while the other was in the school.

They were led by different people.

The branch outside the school consisted of graduates, while the branch in the school was made up of undergraduates.

Normally, the two branches wouldnt interfere in each others affairs, but there was a seasonal meeting of members of the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital University.

At the meeting, all the members would gather together.

Not every one of them would be present, but the majority would come.

In the school, they also held a meeting once in a while, but they wouldnt order every member to come.

After all, the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital University focused on business, while the meetings were only a chance for its members to get familiar with one another.

If they were really going to help other people, they did it for their own benefits.

After all, businessmen only cared about benefits.

Nie Chenyang was born in a family of businesses, and he was very interested in business ever since he was little, so he was quite talented at it.

Right after Nie Chenyang reached 18, he built a start-up which was involved in e-commerce.

It grew fast and had over a billion yuan in assets now.

Before Gu Ning came, he enjoyed the greatest achievements in their school.

Even though Nie Chenyang had support from his family, he mostly relied on himself.

Within only four years, it wasnt easy to become as successful as him.

After all, there were many people who tried to start up a new company, but only a few of them could be successful, while most of them had to suffer more to achieve something.

Gu Ning could become a billionaire within such a short time mainly by exploiting.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, she quickly made a fortune by running a business of jade and make-up.

Even if Gu Ning was 10 times richer than Nie Chenyang, her status in the capital was much lower than Nie Chenyang because the Nie family was very influential.

Although he didnt rely on the Nie family to become successful, he was one of its members, so he was closely connected with his family in outsiders eyes.

That was also the reason why Gu Ning was unwilling to expose her close relationship with the Tang family, because it would only make people think that she relied on the Tang family to achieve everything she owned today.

She would be displeased if her own effort was ignored.

“President Nie, are you inviting me to join the Chamber of Commerce” asked Gu Ning with confidence, but didnt look arrogant.

Nie Chenyang put on an elegant smile.

“Right, do I have the honor to have you be a member of our club, Gu Ning”

Although he didnt think that Gu Ning would turn him down, he was still nervous, because Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

Nie Chenyang was born in a top family and was good at studying as well as business, so he was very proud, but not arrogant.

He wouldnt disdain anyone for no reason.

Instead, he knew the rules of the society very well.

“President Nie, since you came to invite me in person, I of course shouldnt turn you down.

Im afraid I need to tell you in advance that I might not be able to show up at every meeting or event held by the club,” said Gu Ning.

She knew she wouldnt be forced to be present, but she still thought it was better to make it clear beforehand.

Seeing that Gu Ning agreed, the smile became broader on Nie Chenyangs face.

“We wont force you all to come.

You can choose to come when youre free.”

“Thats great,” Gu Ning said.

“Well, Im glad that youre one of us now,” said Nie Chenyang, reaching out to shake hands with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning also reached out her hand to shake hands with him.

Pan Tongyue was utterly displeased right now.

To her surprise, Nie Chenyang would come to invite Gu Ning to join them in person.

She was aware of Gu Nings companies, but she tried to criticize Gu Ning just now, so she didnt think much about it.

So right now, she felt quite embarrassed.

Other people were also surprised that Nie Chenyang came to invite Gu Ning to join the Chamber of Commerce in person, but they clearly knew that Gu Ning relied on her own abilities to be accepted.

After that, Gu Ning and Nie Chenyang exchanged their numbers.

Nie Chenyang also gave Gu Ning a form before telling her the location of their office.

After she filled the form, she could hand it to the office before that Friday.

Every new member needed to fill in a form with his or her basic information and the information about his or her companies.


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