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Chapter 1894: Disable Sun Xiangming

“Whos Sun Xiangming” asked Gu Ning.

“Sun Xiangming is the chairman of Qiancaoji Medicinal Materials Company.

Because he wanted to be involved in the production of medicines, he tried to cooperate with Colaine.

After being rejected by Ning Changkai, he turned to me through his connections.

I also turned him down, so he used coercion and bribery.

Although his company is only a third-rate pharmaceutical company in the industry, Sun Xiangming is a relative of the Chang family, a top family in the capital, so he disdains us.

I refused to help him, so he became angry.

I also warned him not to cause us trouble, but obviously he didnt take it seriously,” Chen Cangyi said.

Although he said it in a flat voice, there was coldness in his eyes.

Chen Cangyi was undoubtedly angry at the fact that Sun Xiangming hired a bunch of gangsters to hurt them.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, they could have been badly injured.

They might not have been killed, but they could have been disabled.

Gu Ning coldly stared at the man next to her feet and asked, “Whats your name”

“M-My name is Qian Dongliang,” said the man.

“What did Sun Xiangming want you to do to them” asked Gu Ning.

“Sun Xiangming ordered us to disable them,” said Qian Dongliang.

Hearing that, Gu Ning looked angrier.

“Great, very well, if so, go disable Sun Xiangming and pay for a new car of the same model, then I can let you go.

You dont need to pay for the medical fee for their injuries.”

It wasnt because Gu Ning was tolerant, but because K and Chen Cangyi werent seriously injured.

Moreover, they had taken Gu Nings power crystal, so they would be fine the next day.

“Um…” Qian Dongliang hesitated.

He could pay for a new car.

Although it wasnt cheap, he could afford it.

It cost about five hundred thousand yuan, so the eight of them could pay about eighty thousand yuan each, which would be enough.

They were bodyguards, but they had saved a lot of money by secretly solving problems for other people.

However, Sun Xiangming had a good relationship with Tian who was their supervisor.

If they went to disable Sun Xiangming, they wouldnt be able to explain it to Tian.

That was the reason why they felt cornered.

“What Arent you willing to do that” Gu Ning gave the man a cold glare.

Qian Dongliang trembled in fear.

“N-No, we can pay for a new car, but Sun Xiangming has a good relationship with Tian whos our supervisor, so were afraid…”

“Whats his position in the Kirin Gang” asked Gu Ning.

“Tian is the manager of the Security Department of Kirin Security Company,” said Qian Dongliang.

In Gu Nings eyes, the manager of the Security Department of Kirin Security Company was merely nobody, so she didnt think that he had great power.

“Tell Tian what happened today.

If he dares to doubt it or stop you from doing what I told you to do, tell him to be prepared for the result.

I can give you three days.

Within three days, I need to see a new car and hear the news that Sun Xiangming is disabled.

Otherwise, youll be the ones who are punished in the end.” Gu Ning threatened with a serious expression.

Gu Ning put it very bluntly, so they didnt dare to argue with her and agreed.

After that, Gu Ning asked for Qian Dongliangs number before letting them go.

Although they were all injured with either a broken hand or leg, they were physically strong, so they could still move.

Because none of them had two broken hands or legs, they were able to drive the car with the cooperation of two people.

At least, they should stay away from Gu Ning right now.

Gu Ning wasnt afraid that they might run away, because they already knew her relationship with the Kirin Gang.

She believed that they didnt dare to escape or refuse to obey her order.

As for what Qian Dongliang told her, Gu Ning didnt doubt it, but she still needed to do an investigation later.

After taking Gu Nings power crystal, K and Chen Cangyi felt much better and were able to move now.

Chen Cangyi left his damaged car to his secretary, so he could leave with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning drove them to their house.

“K, investigate to make sure whether its really Sun Xiangming and whether Qian Dongliang is really working for Kirin Security Company,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” K said.

After driving K and Chen Cangyi back to their house, it was very late, so Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue went to sleep in their own homes.

They lived in the same block anyway, and would go to their school tomorrow morning.

Once they made that decision, Gu Ning told Baili Zongxue to share the news with Zhang Zikai and Song Miaoge in their WeChat group so that they wouldnt be worried.

After Zhang Zikai moved into their dorm room, she joined their WeChat group, so now there were four of them in it.

Learning that Gu Ning was done, Zhang Zikai and Song Miaoge were relieved.

K immediately investigated what they had been through today, and soon got the result.

Qian Dongliang was indeed working for Kirin Security Company.

K learned that by hacking the database of Kirin Security Company, so he was able to read Qian Dongliangs information and see his photos.

Sun Xiangming had indeed turned to Tian for help and Tian ordered Qian Dongliang and the others to beat K and Chen Cangyi.

Therefore, they only needed to wait for Qian Dongliang to send them a new car and the news that Sun Xiangming was disabled.

Qian Dongliang went to the hospital.

After dealing with his wounds, Qian Dongliang called Tian and told him what had happened.

Tian remained silent after hearing what he had to say.

If Qian Dongliang told the truth, he didnt dare to stop them.

In fact, he didnt have a very close relationship with Sun Xiangming.

They were merely fair-weather friends, so he was unwilling to risk his life for Sun Xiangming, even though he wasnt sure whether Gu Nings words were true.

If what Gu Ning said was true, he might be in great danger if he stopped her.

Tian wasnt dumb, so he chose not to stop them after thinking carefully.

Because Qian Dongliang and the other men were seriously injured, they couldnt go to disable Sun Xiangming.

Therefore, they arranged for other people to do it.

Without hesitation, Tian went to deal with it, because they only had three days.

He told those people who were assigned the task to disable Sun Xiangming not to expose their identities.

They shouldnt let Sun Xiangming know that it was his order.

He had already betrayed Sun Xiangming when he decided not to stop Gu Ning, but he still didnt want him to learn the truth in order to avoid more trouble.

Early the next morning, Baili Zongxue went to meet Gu Ning before they went to their school together.


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