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Chapter 1892: Chen Cangyi and K Are in Trouble

Besides, she saw that the eight men were strong and had big muscles from the vision, so they had obviously trained martial arts for a long time.

“Gu Ning, whats wrong”

Gu Nings sudden movement immediately attracted Song Miaoge and her other friends attention.

They asked her with concern when it seemed that something went wrong.

“My friends encountered trouble.

I need to go out right now,” said Gu Ning, then quickly changed her clothing.

“May I help” asked Baili Zongxue.

They didnt bother to ask Gu Ning how she knew that her friend encountered trouble, because they believed that Gu Nings friend must have sent her a message.

“Great, Zongxue, you can go with me.” Gu Ning agreed.

Although she alone could solve the problem, it wasnt bad if she could have a helper.

After that, Baili Zongxue changed her clothes at once.

“Can I go with you” asked Song Miaoge.

“No, you can stay with Zikai in our dorm room.” Gu Ning declined.

Since she said that, Song Miaoge didnt insist.

After all, both Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue were unusually strong.

They could handle it properly.

“Be careful!” said Zhang Zikai with concern.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

At this time, the gate of their dormitory was already closed, so they couldnt get out through the gate.

However, they had done preparation for leaving their dormitory late at night, so Gu Ning took out ropes from the drawer, fixed it on it, then tied the other end directly to her waist before sliding down from the window.

In case other students saw them through their windows, they pressed their bodies against the wall next to the windows when they slid down.

Before they went down, Gu Ning also used her Jade Eyes to see whether there were other people by the windows.

Luckily, no one was standing by the windows and the lights were all turned off in their dormitory.

There were mountains behind their dormitory, so it was completely dark around.

As a result, nobody could see them when they slid down.

When they reached the ground, Song Miaoge helped them take the ropes back.

She would put the ropes down again when they were back.

Once Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue got out of their dormitory, they quickly ran outside of their school.

They didnt choose the wide road, but ran to a dark area and got out by climbing over the wall.

Both of them ran extremely fast, as if a wind blew by.

Even if someone saw them in the surveillance cameras, he could only see two dark shadows flashing by.

At most, he could tell from their hair that they were girls.

There was nothing else he could find out.

However, they only ran at the fastest speed of humans.

Because neither of them wanted the other to know their secrets, Gu Ning didnt use her magical power while Baili Zongxue didnt use her magical energy.

On the road, Gu Nings phone rang and the caller was K.

Gu Ning picked it up right away.

K told her that some people were following him and Chen Cangyi.

Because Gu Ning had already learned that from her vision, she wasnt surprised.

“Wait a second, Im on my way.

Ill be there in 20 minutes,” said Gu Ning before hanging up.

Before long, they reached the parking lot and left in a car.

Although there was a lot of traffic on the road, Gu Ning easily overtook the vehicles one after another.

In addition, Gu Ning had good luck today.

She didnt run into any red lights, so she was able to spend less time on the road.

Normally, it should take half an hour, but Gu Ning only spent nearly 15 minutes on the road.

The road here was slightly remote without much traffic.

Finally, K and Chen Cangyis car was forced to stop, then eight people got out of the two cars.

They all wore face masks and baseball caps in order to not be caught by the surveillance cameras.

Moreover, the license plate of their car was already changed, so the police wouldnt be able to find them.

They were well-prepared for it!

“Cangyi, what should we do now They have a lot of people with iron rods.” K frowned, turning pale.

Although they could fight, they werent good at it at all.

They might not lose if they faced ordinary men, but those men were obviously much stronger than them.

What was worse, they all had an iron rod in their hands.

They were at disadvantage in such a situation.

They couldnt fight against them, or they would be badly injured.

The only thing they could do now was to stay in the car till Gu Ning came, because Gu Ning told them that she would arrive in 20 minutes.

It had been 15 minutes after K called her, so she should be here at any moment.

“Lets wait for a while.

We can stay in the car to waste as much time as possible.

Our boss could be here at any moment,” said Chen Cangyi.

K had the same idea.

Those men surrounded K and Chen Cangyis car, but they didnt hit it at once.

Instead, they knocked on the car door, telling them to get out.

Since K and Chen Cangyi decided to waste time in the car, they refused to get out.

Therefore, after half a minute, those men lost their patience and began to hit the car once they realized that K and Chen Cangyi had no intention of getting out.

With loud sounds, the car windows were smashed into pieces.

In the car, K and Chen Cangyi covered their heads to protect themselves, but their hands were cut by the broken glass.

They didnt wait there to be beaten.

The two of them also had tools in their hands.

One held a wrench, while the other had a hammer.

K took them out of the trunk after he noticed that a group of men were following them.

The second the glass shattered, many iron rods were thrust in, and K and Chen Cangyi immediately counterattacked with their tools.

They could protect themselves from being beaten to some extent, but they were still hurt because they had too many enemies.

Afterwards, Chen Cangyi was hit by a stick on the arm and K was knocked on the shoulder.

Actually, a man was going to hit K on the head with the iron rod, but K avoided it coincidentally, so it hit his shoulder.

Right at this moment, they heard the sound of an abrupt halt and a Hummer stopped next to them.

It attracted everyones attention, so they all stopped to look at the car.

When the car stopped there, they realized that someone was going to interfere in their affair.

The next second, two young girls showed up and the group of men showed obvious disdain.

Therefore, they ignored Gu Nings unusual air of power.

Even though they noticed it, they were only slightly surprised and wouldnt take it seriously.

After all, Gu Ning was merely a young girl in their eyes, so none of them were willing to attach importance to her.

Seeing Gu Ning, K and Chen Cangyi felt relieved.

Given Gu Nings ability, they believed that she could easily solve the problem.

They didnt know who the other girl next to Gu Ning was, but she couldnt be weak since she came here with Gu Ning.

Once Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue got out of the car, they began to fight.

Although Gu Ning was aware that they held iron rods, she didnt bother to get prepared before coming here, because it wasnt necessary and she didnt have much time.

Besides, she could directly grab the iron rods from their hands.


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