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Chapter 1890: Im in a Bad Mood Now

Hearing that, everyone realized that Song Siyao had a grudge against Gu Ning and that Gu Ning had beaten her once before.

At the same time, they also believed that Song Siyao must have done something unacceptable, to make Gu Ning beat her.

Given Song Siyaos arrogant behavior, it was easy to see that she was a typical spoiled rich heiress.

“Really Im very curious to know how youll chase me out of the Capital University, but I dont have time to waste arguing with you right now.

If you want to be beaten again, try it,” said Gu Ning in a threatening tone.

“You…” Threatened by Gu Ning, Song Siyao was furious, but she was afraid that Gu Ning would really beat her after seeing Gu Nings expression.

After all, Gu Ning had done that once before.

During these days, she had also heard a lot about Gu Ning, so she was aware of her influence and level of martial arts.

As a result, she was unwilling to mess with Gu Ning.

The next second, Gu Ning ignored her and turned to Yuan Shuyan.

“Senior Yuan, I mean every word Im telling you now.

If you still refuse to believe me, there is nothing else I can do.

Im in a very bad mood now.

So Im afraid Ill lose control if you keep on bothering me.”

It couldnt be a clearer threat.

If Yuan Shuyan wouldnt stop bothering her right now, she might really beat her.

“Gu Ning, youre too aggressive!” Threatened by Gu Ning, Yuan Shuyan was furious, but she didnt dare to do anything to Gu Ning because Gu Ning was much stronger than her.

However, in her eyes, Gu Ning was too arrogant as an ordinary girl.

Was it simply because she knew Leng Shaoxi and Zhang Zikai

“Aggressive I have never caused other people trouble of my own accord.

I was the victim every time,” said Gu Ning impatiently, because she was already losing her patience.

“You…” Yuan Shuyan was struck dumb, because she had indeed never seen Gu Ning cause other people trouble of her own accord.

Although she originally believed that Gu Ning had bad-mouthed her in front of Rong Zechen, Gu Ning made it very clear that she already had a fiancé, which made Yuan Shuyan change her mind.

“Senior Yuan, if youre determined to search for justice, go to talk about it with Senior Rong! I ran into him outside the canteen just now.

I also asked him about it.

He apologized to me, so you can ask for an apology from him instead of me as well if you want,” said Gu Ning.


Yuan Shuyan still wanted to say something, but she had to stop at this moment.

After Gu Nings explanation, people would start to criticize her if she continued to blame Gu Ning for it.

Besides, Yuan Shuyan was really afraid that Gu Ning might beat her.

After all, Gu Ning had done that to Qu Hanjiao.


In the end, Yuan Shuyan snorted with reluctance before leaving.

Once Yuan Shuyan was gone, the other people also left, but Song Siyao stayed.

“What Do you want to cause me any trouble Great, Im in a bad mood now, and I need a chance to release my anger,” said Gu Ning in a cold voice, focusing on Song Siyao.

It seemed that she was going to beat her at any moment.

“You…” Seeing that, Song Siyao immediately backed off in fear.

Nevertheless, it was too humiliating for her to give in to Gu Ning, so she still argued.

“Gu Ning, dont you dare hurt me! My father is the mayor of the capital.”

“Do you think you can do whatever you want just because your father is the mayor” Gu Ning asked mockingly without the slightest worry.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised that Song Siyaos father was the mayor of the capital, because she was aware that Song Siyaos family was powerful.

However, the mayor of the capital was only an official at the provincial and ministerial level.

In the capital, this position could only be regarded as a middle-to-upper-level, and there were far more state-level officials who were superior to that.

“Y-You, lets go and see! Ill certainly make you regret it!” Seeing that Gu Ning wasnt afraid of her fathers position in the government at all, Song Siyao panicked.

Anyway, Gu Ning dared to threaten Yuan Shuyan.

Since she lost her courage, she could only try to threaten Gu Ning before leaving.

Other students all rounded their eyes in shock when they learned that Song Siyao turned out to be the daughter of their mayor.

Most importantly, Gu Ning wasnt afraid of that at all.

It actually was understandable.

Gu Ning dared to threaten Yuan Shuyan, the daughter of the Yuan family, so it was impossible that she would be scared of the daughter of the mayor.

Although Yuan Shuyan was only the daughter of the collateral branch of the Yuan family, the Yuan family supported her.

Therefore, she was naturally more important than the daughter of a mayor.

Everyone was curious about the reason why Gu Ning was able to be so confident that she even dared to offend those heirs of power.

Right when Gu Ning and her friends began to enjoy their meal, Leng Shaoxi called her after reading the post in their school forum.

Gu Ning briefly explained it to Leng Shaoxi, then Leng Shaoxi directly told her to stay away with Rong Zechen.

It wasnt because Leng Shaoxi wanted to interfere in Gu Nings business, but because she was annoyed by Rong Zechens behavior.

Therefore, Gu Ning didnt feel uncomfortable when Leng Shaoxi told her to stay away from him.

In fact, she never had the idea of being close to him.

She would say hello to him in the past, but she decided not to do that again in the future.

Leng Shaoxi also asked Gu Ning whether she needed help, but Gu Ning declined.

It wasnt a big deal, and it would soon pass.

Within a short time, the drama between Gu Ning, Rong Zechen, and Yuan Shuyan became known to everyone in their school.

The majority of the students sided with Gu Ning and Yuan Shuyan, and some of them even apologized to them, because they were victims.

However, not many people criticized Rong Zechen, because he chose to do it for Gu Ning.

In short, it was a misunderstanding, so people soon forgot about it.

Once Zhang Zikai learned that Gu Nings dorm room had a vacant bed, she proposed to move in to live with them, and Gu Ning agreed.

Although Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue just met Zhang Zikai, they agreed since Zhang Zikai was a good friend of Gu Ning.

Actually, after spending some time with Zhang Zikai, they liked her character too.

Before Zhang Zikai moved into another dorm room, she had to get agreement from her head teacher.

Given Zhang Zikais family background, her head teacher wouldnt disagree, so she called her head teacher during the meal and got the agreement right away.

In the afternoon, Song Miaoge didnt train, instead they went to help Zhang Zikai move into their dorm room.

Zhang Zikai was injured now, so she couldnt move alone.

Although Zhang Zikai had taken a power crystal given by Gu Ning and her arm became much better, she needed to wait a day or two to remove the bandages.

Zhang Zikais dorm room was on the same floor in the same building as Gu Nings, but there were six dorm rooms in between.

Before long, Gu Ning and her friends successfully helped Zhang Zikai move into their dorm room.

The vacant bed was at the bottom, which was very suitable for the injured Zhang Zikai.


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