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Chapter 1883: He Had to Die

“No!” Yin Shixun struggled and shouted, because his body was seriously injured.

“No Its not up to you right now.

Yin Shixun, its time to end the grudge between us,” sneered Jing Jining, then raised his hand and hit Yin Shixuns energy center with great magical energy.

Yin Shixun rounded his eyes in shock.

The next second, his energy center exploded and his cultivation was ruined.

Afterwards, he was dead.

Gu Ning planned to release the monster fox to absorb Yin Shixuns cultivation, but she gave up that idea because of Jing Jinings presence.

She regretted showing her magical power.

If she released the monster fox right now, her telepathic eye space would be exposed too.

Even though Jing Jining was in the same group as her, she should still keep her secrets.

Jing Jining looked at Gu Ning.

He wanted to ask her about the magical power around her body, but he was afraid it wasnt appropriate.

Gu Ning knew what he was thinking, but she had no intention of talking about it either, so she wouldnt mention it.

“Uncle Jing, who is he” asked Gu Ning.

She learned that he was a member of the Yin family from their conversation just now, but she didnt know more details.

“His father is the second son of the Yin family,” said Jing Jining.

“He caught me seeing Yunyao today.”

“Lets go now!” said Gu Ning.

She didnt ask about their grudge.

Since the problem was already resolved, there was no need to stay here any longer.

Gu Ning and Jing Jining climbed down the mountain and Jing Jining asked nothing about the magical power in Gu Nings body and how she managed to hide it from being discovered.

Actually, even if he asked Gu Ning about that, Gu Ning wouldnt tell him the truth.

On their way down the mountain, Gu Ning called Gao Yi telling him to pick them up.

While they were waiting for Gao Yi, Gu Ning sent Chu Peihan a message and told her that she was done and fine now.

Chu Peihan had worries after leaving, so she didnt feel fully relieved until she received Gu Nings message.

In half an hour, Gao Yi came and Gu Ning along with Jing Jining got in the car.

After the fight against the cultivator, Gu Ning was tired now, so she didnt go back to her school.

Instead, she went to Century City.

Jing Jining had seldom visited the capital, so he didnt have a fixed abode in this city.

He always stayed in the hotel.

Because he just came back today, he hadnt booked a room so Gu Ning lhelped him book a room in Shengshi Hotel.

Once she was back in her place, Gu Ning took a shower.

After having the shower, she received a call from Leng Shaoting, walking out of the bathroom.

Gu Ning told him what had happened tonight and reminded him to be careful.

Leng Shaoting was worried about Gu Nings safety as well, but he couldnt stay by her side all the time.

Therefore, he could only remind her to be careful and turn to Shangguan Yang for help whenever she needed help.

When Gu Ning was talking with Leng Shaoting on the phone, Jing Jining called Jing Yunyao too.

“Yunyao, the cultivator you discovered is Yin Shixun.

I met him afterwards,” said Jing Jining.

When they were in the restaurant today, Jing Yunyao sensed the cultivator, but she didnt know it was Yin Shixun.

Because the cultivator was at a very high level, he could easily hide himself.

Jing Yunyao was unwilling to expose herself, so she left.

Back at that time, Yin Shixun wasnt sure whether he really saw Jing Yunyao.

Once Jing Yunyao walked out, Yin Shixun followed her, but he soon lost her.

As a result, he returned to follow Jing Jining.

“And” Jing Yunyao asked in annoyance.

If Yin Shixun told the Jing family that she was still alive, Leng Shaoting might be in danger.

She wasnt afraid that the Jing family would find her.

However, because Leng Shaotings level was still comparatively low, he could be easily hurt by a cultivator at a high level.

Even though Leng Shaoting had the flood dragons help, the flood dragons level wasnt super high.

Leng Shaoting could still be in danger even with its help, so Jing Yunyao was still worried.

“I had a fight against him, but I was no match for him.

Luckily, Gu Ning passed by and sensed the waves of magical energy, so she came to help me.

We worked together to kill Yin Shixun.

I dont know whether the Yin family will find us, there is a long-standing grudge between us.

He has also tried to kill me, so he had to die to prevent him from telling other people that youre still alive,” said Jing Jining.

He didnt think that he shouldnt have killed Yin Shixun.

In fact, if Yin Shixun agreed to keep it a secret that Jing Yunyao was still alive, Jing Jining wouldnt have made up his mind to kill him.

What was worse, there was an old grudge between them.

Yin Shixun had tried to poison him once before, but he had survived that time.

He knew it was Yin Shixun who had done it, but he didnt have evidence.

He was no match for him, so he had to tolerate it for years.

Unexpectedly, he found out that Jing Yunyao was still alive today and followed him.

With Gu Nings help, he finally caught Yin Shixun so it was impossible for him to let him go.

Knowing that Yin Shixun was dead, Jing Yunyao was relieved.

“Oh, do you know why we cant feel any air of cultivation from Gu Nings body How does she manage to release and use magical power” asked Jing Jining.

He thought it was inappropriate to ask Gu Ning, so he turned to ask Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao was slightly surprised, but wasnt shocked, because she knew that Gu Ning had many secrets.

However, she didnt know many details.

Gu Ning couldnt be ordinary since she was able to tame the flood dragon.

“I dont know, but she has many secrets.

If she wants to tell us, she will talk about it.

If not, we shouldnt ask about it,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing Jing Yunyaos calm voice, Jing Jining realized that she knew much more about Gu Ning than him.

“Sure,” said Jing Jining.

He agreed with Jing Yunyao on that.

After the call with Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning went to sleep.

The next day, Gu Ning got up early and went to her school.

Because it would soon be the rush hour and there would be a traffic jam, Gu Ning didnt drive, but took the subway.

However, because of the rush hour, the subway was super crowded too.

Anyway, it wasnt so bad so she could squeeze herself inside.

From the subway station to the Capital University station, she needed to transfer to another line.

It took about 50 minutes in all, which was as long as the time she might spend on the road by car.

However, if she was caught in a traffic jam on the road, it could take longer by car.


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