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Chapter 1878: Merely a Formality

He was only an agent with limited power, so he had to obey the order from a director.

However, he brought Ge Jiaying here only to go through the formalities, because he knew her abilities very well.

It was impossible that she could impress Lu Zhan.

Ge Jiayings agent was worried that Ge Jiaying might lose control of her actions here, so he talked about her with Lu Zhan beforehand in case Lu Zhan was annoyed.

Ge Jiaying knew nothing about that, and she believed that she would be very noticeable at the wrap party tonight and win Lu Zhans approval.

She was so self-centered, so she always believed that she was the best.

Because Ge Jiaying came a few seconds before Gu Ning, many reporters surrounded her taking photos of her and proposed to have an interview.

Facing their photo flash, Ge Jiaying put on a decent smile that held a hint of arrogance.

It was very normal for a celebrity, because she was famous now after all.

There were few celebrities who didnt think they were superior to other people.

They had great confidence in themselves after becoming famous and they were focused on by many people.

Nevertheless, when Ge Jiaying was ready to give an interview, all the reporters suddenly left her.

Instantly, Ge Jiaying was annoyed and looked over.

“Wow, its Su Tongnuo.

Shes so beautiful!”

“Yeah, but who are the two girls beside her Theyre stunning, especially the girl in red.

She even overshadows Su Tongnuo, but Su Tongnuo doesnt seem jealous at all.”

“Smart people dont show their jealousy on their face, but no one knows what they are really thinking.”

“Youre right.”

“The girl in red looks familiar.”

“Is she a celebrity as well”


“She might just be Su Tongnuos friend.”

“Its also possible.”

All the above were discussions among those who didnt know Gu Ning.

Ge Jiaying felt displeased when other people stole her thunder, but her anger went away once she saw Su Tongnuo.

She was clearly aware that Su Tongnuo was more popular and famous than her.

Most importantly, Su Tongnuo was a major actress in An Empress of Military Blood, so it was understandable that people paid so much attention to her.

When she was in Charm studio today, Ge Jiaying focused on arguing with Chu Peihan, so she didnt notice Su Tongnuo or Gu Ning who stayed aside.

Ge Jiaying didnt know Gu Ning, but she got jealous the second she saw Gu Nings extraordinarily beautiful face.

Gu Nings face was so pretty that she even wished to ruin it.

If it was possible, she wished that that face could be hers.

Actually, Gu Ning had a very outstanding appearance even in the entertainment industry.

If Ge Jiaying had that face, she could get more benefits.

At the same time, Ge Jiaying saw Chu Peihan next to Gu Ning, and became angry at once.

Its her! Whats she doing here

No way, shes with Su Tongnuo.

Did Su Tongnuo bring her here Whats her relationship with Su Tongnuo

Is she also an actress invited by the crew of An Empress of Military Blood

Thinking of the possibility that Chu Peihan could have been invited by the crew of An Empress of Military Blood, Ge Jiaying was full of jealousy.

Besides, seeing the gown she liked was on Chu Peihans body now, Ge Jiaying almost lost control of herself aching to tear it off.

Ge Jiaying didnt dare to do that, because her reason stopped her.

She was at an important event now, so she had to maintain her good image.

Ge Jiayings agent noticed all of her reactions.

Although he said nothing, he actually hated her.

If he had another choice, he wouldnt bring her here.

After that, people who recognized Gu Ning had a totally different discussion about her.

“Jesus, is she Goddess Gu I finally saw her in real life.

Shes so beautiful.”

“She is Goddess Gu! No wonder people call her Goddess Gu.

Shes gorgeous.”

“Goddess Gu is as beautiful as she is successful.

Shes my role model.”

“I agree.”


All the reporters surrounded them in order to interview Gu Ning.

“Goddess Gu Kun, who is she” Ge Jiaying asked her agent.

Hearing everyone calling Gu Ning Goddess Gu, Ge Jiaying frowned when she saw the reporters also surrounded Gu Ning to interview her.

She had to admit that Gu Ning was very stunning and was qualified to be a goddess, but she was jealous of Gu Nings popularity.

It seemed that Gu Ning was even more influential than Su Tongnuo.

“Shes the boss of Fenghua Entertainment,” said Han Kun.

“What” Knowing that, Ge Jiaying rounded her eyes in shock.

To her astonishment, the boss of Fenghua Entertainment was a young girl.

She thought it was Lu Xiao.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning looked younger than 20.

How was it possible that she became the boss of Fenghua Entertainment at such a young age

Ge Jiaying thought to herself that Gu Ning must be a kept mistress by a rich man who opened an entertainment company for her.

She sold her body for fame and fortune, so she believed that other beautiful women did the same thing.

Anyway, it was the undeniable truth that Gu Ning was the real boss of Fenghua Entertainment.

Therefore, the girl who grabbed her gown was either an artist signed by Fenghua Entertainment or a friend of its boss.

Thinking of that, Ge Jiaying felt upset.

Han Kun focused on Ge Jiayings expressions, and knew what she was thinking in her mind, so he said, “Gu Ning became rich relying on stone gambling.

She built Jade Beauty Jewelry first.

Although shes very young, she has outstanding abilities and unbelievable connections.

Shes especially close with Tanghuang, Shengshi, and the Jinlin Organization.

All these large business groups have sent people to attend the opening ceremony of her companies.”

Only those who paid special attention to news about Gu Ning would know that.

If people only learned about Gu Ning from the basic introduction of her on the Internet, they wouldnt know her connections.

Hearing Han Kuns words, Ge Jiaying was shocked.

What Gu Ning is also the owner of Jade Beauty Jewelry, and she even has a close relationship with several large business groups

Since Jade Beauty Jewelry is owned by Gu Ning, Kouzi,l and Charm are hers too.

Ge Jiaying knew that Jade Beauty Jewelry, Kouzi, and Charm had the same boss, but she didnt know who the boss was.

She had bought gowns and done her hair in Charm studio many times before, so she knew that all the makeup products and jewelry Charm studio used were from Kouzi and Jade Beauty Jewelry, because they belonged to the same boss.


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