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Chapter 1877: Woman Like her Cant Stay in the Entertainment Industry

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“I said I dont care about your relationship with Pegasus Entertainment.

Even if youre signed by it, Im not afraid at all.

If you wont stop bothering us, Ill directly kick you out,” said Chu Peihan in an extremely unkind tone, losing her patience.

“You…” Ge Jiaying was mad.

She already showed her background and tried to use Pegasus Entertainment to pressure Chu Peihan, but Chu Peihan still dared to argue with her.

It seemed that Ge Jiaying really thought too highly of herself, or had too much confidence in Pegasus Entertainment.

She believed that other people should respect her because she was signed by Pegasus Entertainment.

Although Pegasus Entertainment held an important position in the entertainment industry, there were many other entertainment companies which were more influential in the entertainment industry.

Besides, Pegasus Entertainment wasnt outstanding in business.

For junior workers in Pegasus Entertainment, it indeed was very powerful.

Unfortunately, Ge Jiaying chose the wrong person.

“Miss Ge, since Charm studio cant satisfy your needs, please leave now.

As for what youre going to say about us on Weibo, I suggest you protect your image.

There are surveillance cameras in our studio, so the truth cant be distorted,” said the studio manager.

Ge Jiaying wasnt the only one who knew how to threaten here, but it might not be necessary.

However, she was really shameless.

“You…” Ge Jiaying was furious.

She didnt expect that the manager of Charm studio dared to threaten her, which made her feel embarrassed.

Right when Ge Jiaying was about to say something, her assistant interrupted her.

“Jiaying, why dont we go to another store.

If it becomes a big problem, itll be difficult for us to explain it to Kun.

Were running out of time now.”

Ge Jiayings assistant was worried that she might cause big trouble here, which wouldnt do her any good.

Most importantly, if Ge Jiaying really caused a serious problem, she would be blamed too.

She wouldnt be able to face the agent.

Hearing the name of her agent, Ge Jiayings anger went away, because she was slightly afraid of her agent.

However, Ge Jiaying felt embarrassed that her assistant interrupted her all of a sudden, so she gave her assistant a glare.

Her assistant shrank in fear and didnt dare to say another word.

It wasnt early now and she still needed to attend a party at 6 pm, so Ge Jiaying had to give up with reluctance.

“Fine, I can let you go today.

Charm isnt my best choice anyway.

Lets go!” said Ge Jiaying with disdain, as if she didnt choose Charm instead of being chased away by Charm.

After that, Ge Jiaying left with her assistant.

“A woman like her cant stay in the entertainment industry! She isnt qualified at all.

How ironic that shes the most popular new actress this year!” Chu Peihan complained once Ge Jiaying was gone.

She really had a bad impression of Ge Jiaying.

“Ge Jiaying indeed is the most popular new actress this year, and she has only played a role in two shows till now.

Both of the two roles are supporting roles, but she was able to gain a lot of fame with them.

“Actually, those who can get fame in the entertainment industry basically rely on their abilities or publicity stunts.

Ge Jiaying is a great example of the second way.

Her company has spent a lot of money and energy on her.

Ge Jiayings public image is a pure young girl, but obviously it isnt her real character.

Therefore, if she cant learn to behave herself, shell be ruined sooner or later,” said Su Tongnuo.

She only dared to say that in front of Gu Ning and Chu Peihan.

She could never talk about that with outsiders.

“Hows her acting” asked Chu Peihan.

“To be honest, not good,” said Su Tongnuo.

“If so, her acting skills arent outstanding, but their company is still making every effort to help her gain fame.

She must have connections in the company or has accepted unspoken rules.” Chu Peihan snorted with disgust.

She hated those who relied on connections, publicity stunts or yielded to unspoken rules to get famous.

Actually, there were many people of that kind in the entertainment industry.

Although Chu Peihan also had connections in the industry, she wouldnt accept unspoken rules or do publicity stunts.

In addition, she needed enough abilities to make full use of her connections.

At 4:30 pm, the three of them were all done, so they left together.

Chu Peihan sat in Gu Nings car, while Su Tongnuo sat in her own car.

In the Huangdeng Hotel, at 5:30 pm.

Fenghua Entertainment only made one famous work, Infinite Horror, till now, but it had already gained a lot of face.

An Empress of Military Blood also attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

Therefore, at the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood, a large group of entertainment reporters came.

Many directors and producers who had a good relationship with Lu Zhan were present too, so the party was full of activity.

It began at 6 pm, but many guests were already present at 5:30 pm.

Only several important actors were a little late, but they would normally be punctual.

In fact, there werent many important actors, and they were mainly the leading actors of An Empress of Military Blood.

Gu Ning and her friends arrived at 5:50 pm.

Once they walked into the banquet hall, countless cameras turned to them to take photos.

Coincidentally, Ge Jiaying attended the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood as well, and she came only seconds before Gu Ning and her friends.

Therefore, as Ge Jiaying got out of the car, Gu Ning saw her.

Although she only saw her back, she recognized her.

Gu Ning was a little surprised that Ge Jiaying would come to the wrap party of An Empress of Military Blood.

However, Gu Ning had no intention of continuing to argue with her over what had happened today.

If Ge Jiaying dared to cause her trouble again at the party tonight, she wouldnt hesitate to teach her a lesson.

Chu Peihan and Su Tongnuo also saw Ge Jiayings back, but failed to recognize her.

Although Ge Jiaying was signed by Pegasus Entertainment, it didnt mean that she couldnt attend a party held by Fenghua Entertainment.

They were competitors, but also had cooperation.

Actors not only took part in shows made by their own companies, but would also join shows produced by other companies.

As long as there were suitable roles, they would compete for them.

Ge Jiaying came this time mainly for Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan was a famous director with many good shows and films.

In his shows or films, many actors could get a lot of attention and fame, so there were a lot of actors who tried to meet him and impress him in order to play a role in his shows.

Ge Jiaying was invited because her agent was familiar with Lu Zhan to some extent.

Ge Jiayings agent was invited by Lu Zhan.

Actually, Ge Jiayings agent originally planned to come with another actor, but Ge Jiaying had a special relationship with a director of Pegasus Entertainment, so the agent had to agree to come with her.


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