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Chapter 1876: Ge Jiaying

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Actually, as a famous actress, she would be distant when it was necessary, otherwise she would make herself a joke or not be treated with respect.

They stopped chatting with each other and went ahead to choose their gowns, putting on makeup, and doing their hair.

After picking a gown, Gu Ning and Chu Peihan began to put on makeup.

After a short while, they heard an argument from the gown area.

“Didnt I tell you that that gown is my alternative Why did you let another woman take it” It was an angry female voice.

“Miss Ge, although you told us its your alternative, we cant keep it for you before you are sure.

Other customers can pick it too.

If we keep it for you, but you dont choose it in the end, Charm will suffer a loss,” said a saleswoman.

She didnt abase herself, but remained polite.

Hearing her explanation, Gu Ning was satisfied with her attitude.

Gu Ning had told them to be polite to their customers, but not to abase themselves.

They didnt owe anyone.

Facing unreasonable customers, they should be tough.

“I dont care.

I want that gown right now.

Whoever took it, tell her to choose another one,” said Ge Jiaying.

Hearing that, Su Tongnuo gave a glance at Gu Ning in the mirror.

She thought to herself that this woman really had bad luck today.

She dared to cause trouble when their boss was present; she would definitely be blacklisted.

Gu Ning didnt care about the argument over there.

Although she was the boss, there was a manager in the store, who would be responsible for that.

Right after Ge Jiaying finished saying that, she walked to the makeup area.

The second Ge Jiaying walked in, Su Tongnuo recognized her.

She was a new face in the entertainment industry, but quickly became famous after playing a role in two shows.

Actually, it was very strange in Su Tongnuos eyes, because Ge Jiaying wasnt very good at acting.

She was beautiful, but not outstanding in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, she became popular within such a short time for only one reason, and that was because she had a team behind her to help her manage her career.

As soon as Ge Jiaying walked in, she asked, “Which one of you took the gold gown”

Her tone was very unkind, as if she was robbed of her thing.

That was exactly her thought.

Although Ge Jiaying only liked the gown and wasnt sure that she wanted to take it yet, she felt that it was hers as long as she wanted it.

Once Ge Jiaying finished, Chu Peihan was surprised and said, “I took it.”

It turned out that Ge Jiaying liked the gown that Chu Peihan took.

She had to admit that Ge Jiaying had a good taste, because that gown was really beautiful.

Actually, all the gowns of Charm were very beautiful, but were in different styles.

Hearing that, Ge Jiaying walked straight to Chu Peihan, looking down her nose at her.

“That gown is my alternative.

Give it back to me.

You can choose another one,” she said, taking it for granted.

“Sorry, no,” said Chu Peihan in a cold voice.

She liked that gown very much, and it suited her.

Even if it didnt, she wouldnt give it to Ge Jiaying, because she hated her attitude.

If she gave in, she would feel humiliated.

“You…” Ge Jiaying was mad.

“Do you know who I am”

She was going to bully other people with her influence.

“I dont care.

I heard what the saleswoman said.

You only liked it, but didnt make sure that you would take it, so other customers can choose it.

What Do you think youre superior to Charm studio Do you think you can ignore their rules and do whatever you want” Chu Peihan argued aggressively.

“You…” Ge Jiaying was mad again.

To her surprise, Chu Peihan used Charm to pressure her.

In her eyes, Chu Peihan was merely nobody.

“Jiaying, forget it,” said Ge Jiayings assistant.

After all, it was Ge Jiaying who was being unreasonable here.

If she didnt stop right now, it would be more embarrassing.

Ge Jiaying was a celebrity, and she should care about her image, but she did quite the opposite thing after gaining a lot of fame.

She thought she was superior to other people.

However, she actually wasnt the most famous actress.

“I want that gown today.

So what” said Ge Jiaying in a domineering tone.

She was going to get whatever she wanted.

“I wont give it to you.

So what” Chu Peihan was mad as well.

This store was owned by Gu Ning after all, so she was unwilling to cause trouble here, but Ge Jiaying wouldnt stop.

Chu Peihan thought that Ge Jiaying must be mentally ill and really believed that she was superior to other people and could get whatever she wanted.

“How dare you refuse to give it back to me! Do you know who I am” said Ge Jiaying in anger.

She used that trick again.

Chu Peihan rolled her eyes with a resigned look, so did the others, because Ge Jiaying thought too highly of herself.

“Miss Ge, no matter who you are, all the customers are equally treated in our store.

Please dont disturb other customers.

If youre not satisfied with our service, you can go to another store,” said the studio manager in a very serious tone.

She disliked Ge Jiayings behavior to a great extent.

In addition, their boss was right here.

If she couldnt handle it well, their boss might be disappointed.

“Im the most popular new actress, Ge Jiaying, from Pegasus Entertainment.

Dont you know that my fans will attack you severely as long as I give a negative comment on Charm.

Your reputation will be damaged too, and no one will come to buy your gowns and do their hair here anymore.” Ge Jiaying threatened, playing the blame game, but she was being too self-centered, selfish, and arrogant.

If Ge Jiaying was an A-list actress, she might really have a great impact on Charm, but she was only a B-list actress who just became popular.

She didnt have much influence.

Even though she had over ten million followers on Weibo, most of them were Zombie fans made by their company.

Her real fans were about hundreds of thousands at most.

“What” Chu Peihan rolled her eyes again.

“It seems that I really should stay away from Pegasus Entertainment.”

Both Ke Lili and Ge Jiaying had a close relationship with Pegasus, but Ge Jiaying didnt have a position as high as Ke Lili, because Ke Lilis father was the deputy chairman while Ge Jiaying was only an actress.

Therefore, since Ke Lili couldnt hurt her, Ge Jiaying couldnt either.

Besides, given what Ge Jiaying had done, she was simply a dumb woman with big boobs.

“What did you say” Hearing Chu Peihans words, Ge Jiaying was struck dumb for a second..

She wondered whether Chu Peihan already had a grudge against Pegasus Entertainment.


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