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Chapter 1872: Theyre Annoying

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“Yingying, Im not in a good mood.

Lets go to drink!” said Shen Zhilin.

She was unwilling to tell her good friend, Chen Yingying, about Gu Nings relationship with Leng Shaoting.

“Sure!” Since Shen Zhilin was reluctant to tell her, Chen Yingying stopped asking further.

Shen Zhilin wanted to drink, so she would go with her.

After that, Shen Zhilin and Chen Yingying went to drink in a bar.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting couldnt care less about Shen Zhilin, and they went back to the house after watching the movie.

Once they were back in the house, Leng Shaoting lost control of his desire and had sex with Gu Ning.

Shen Zhilin was in a bad mood, so she drank a lot.

Chen Yingying failed to persuade her to stop drinking so much.

In the bar, good-looking women and men were trying to strike up a conversation with each other.

Because Shen Zhilin was a pretty woman, there were men attracted to her as well.

Shen Zhilin often came to relax herself in bars, but she always controlled her behavior.

However, today was an exception.

She left her principles aside and chatted with a strange man with great enthusiasm.

When the man proposed to book a room in the end, she even agreed.

Chen Yingying tried to stop her, but failed, so she let her go.

They were adults and should take responsibility for their behavior.

Shen Zhilin had drunk a lot, but didnt lose her consciousness, so she knew what she was doing.

Anyway, it was impossible for her and Leng Shaoting to be together, so there was nothing she should be worried about.

She had to admit that she totally changed because of Leng Shaoting.

She gave up her principles for him, but she didnt care.

The moment Shen Zhilin and the man went to the hotel, they began to have sex.

When she woke up the next day, Shen Zhilin regretted it but it was too late.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to the siheyuan in the morning.

Because they needed to deal with something else, they didnt cultivate today.

They shared lunch with Shangguan Yang, and after having a rest for a while, they left at 2 pm and went back to Mountain River Garden.

They stayed in the Mountain River Garden for a while, then took Jing Yunyao to visit Master Leng in the Leng familys old house.

Because it was Saturday, most of the members of the Leng family were present.

Seeing Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning, and Jing Yunyao, the Leng family was happy and welcomed them with enthusiasm, except for Leng Yuanqians family, especially Jiang Shuyuan.

She didnt even bother to greet them and felt displeased to see them.

She wanted to turn around and walk back to her room, but Leng Yuanqian stopped her, because it would annoy Master Leng.

Jiang Shuyuan was unwilling to stay, but didnt dare to cause any trouble, so she only put on an annoyed expression.

Facing that, Jing Yunyao couldnt care less, as long as Jiang Shuyuan didnt offend her.

Leng Shaoming was also back today, and it was the first time he had seen Jing Yunyao.

Even though he was aware that Jing Yunyao was still alive and also came back, he was still shocked seeing her with his own eyes right now.

It had been 16 years, but his older aunt still looked so young.

It seemed that she was younger than 40.

“Hi, Aunt Yunyao, Im Shaoming.

Nice to see you.” Leng Shaoming actually didnt welcome Jing Yunyao, but still politely greeted her.

“Nice to see you too, Shaoming,” said Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao also knew that Leng Yuanqians family disliked Leng Shaoting.

She disliked them as well, but didnt show her feelings on her face.

As long as they didnt offend them, she wouldnt mind acting nice to them.

If they dared to cause them trouble, she wouldnt hesitate to teach them a lesson.

“You must be Gu Ning, right” Leng Shaoming saw Gu Ning for the first time too.

Although he disliked Gu Ning, he remained polite to her.

It was the first time that Leng Shaoming had seen Gu Ning in real life, but he had paid attention to the news about her on the Internet, so he admired her for what she had done.

Unfortunately, she was Leng Shaotings girlfriend, so he had no good impression of her.

Thinking of what Leng Shaojia had done to Gu Ning, Leng Shaoming felt slightly guilty facing Gu Ning.

“Hi, Im Gu Ning.” Gu Ning disliked Leng Shaoming, but she was kind to him.

Before they cut their relationship with each other, it was necessary to be polite to one another.

It was a matter of manners.

Jiang Shuyuan hated greeting them.

Seeing Leng Shaoming exchanging greetings with them, she was displeased, but said nothing about it.

Afterwards, Master Leng pulled Leng Shaoting, Jing Yunyao, and Gu Ning to have a chat together.

Leng Yuanzhen and his wife joined them.

They chatted with each other harmoniously, which made Jiang Shuyuans family feel as if they were outsiders.

It was an unpleasant feeling.

In fact, it wasnt Master Lengs fault, because they disliked talking with Master Leng.

It was hard for Master Leng to be enthusiastic about them and spend time with them.

Leng Yuanqian talked less, Jiang Shuyuan had no patience, while Leng Shaoming was too afraid of Master Leng and Leng Shaojia had no interest, so they werent close to Master Leng.

It was impossible for them to be like a loving family.

Although Leng Shaoting was also a man of few words, he grew up by Master Lengs side.

He wasnt afraid of Master Leng and tended to say anything he wanted to say.

In that case, it was easier for him to build a close relationship with Master Leng.

After chatting for a while, Master Leng asked Leng Shaoting to have a private talk in the study.

Leng Shaoting told Master Leng that he ran into Shen Yanfeng and Yuan Wenrui during his meal with Gu Ning yesterday.

He also heard their conversation.

Therefore, he and Gu Ning were going to damage their deal tonight.

Master Leng agreed.

After Master Leng and Leng Shaoting went to the study, Jiang Shuyuan lost her patience and went straight back home.

She was reluctant to spend more time with Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao didnt bother to pay much attention to Jiang Shuyuan from the beginning to the end.

Leng Yuanqian hated staying in the living room, so he made an excuse and went to his study.

Leng Shaoming also used the excuse that he needed to tidy up his room and left.

Right after Leng Shaoming was back in his room, Jiang Shuyuan walked in.

She sat down on the chair and complained.

“Theyre annoying!”

“Live with it.

Dont annoy grandfather.

Anyway, this place is also their home, so its very normal that they come back once in a while,” said Leng Shaoming.

He disliked seeing them as well, but he remained much calmer than Jiang Shuyuan.

He only felt slightly uncomfortable.

“I just hate to see them.”

Jiang Shuyuan understood Leng Shaomings words, but she couldnt hide her real feelings towards them.

“Your grandfather treats us unfairly.

He looks so happy when theyre back, but he doesnt show much enthusiasm seeing you.”

What made Jiang Shuyuan more displeased was that Master Leng cared a lot more about Leng Shaoting than Leng Shaoming.


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