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Chapter 1868: The Most Basic Analysis

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Qu Hanjiao frowned.

After thinking for a while, she had to agree with Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing, so she gave the other students a glare before leaving with them.

Gu Ning and her friends witnessed everything.

Because it was done by Gu Ning, Gu Ning wasnt surprised at all, but Song Miaoge was totally shocked by Qu Hanjiaos fathers evil behavior.

“Gu Ning, do you think its real” Song Miaoge asked Gu Ning.

Although she couldnt believe it, it was half true since it was exposed.

“People nowadays will do anything for their own interests,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt directly tell Song Miaoge that it was real, but her words showed her opinion.

“Its too cruel,” said Song Miaoge.

She knew that this was a cruel world, and it wasnt the first time that she had ever heard of a family slaughter and someone being killed after rape, but it was done by the father of someone she knew this time.

It was difficult for her to accept it.

Something like that hadnt happened recently in the cultivation world, so Baili Zongxue also felt uncomfortable hearing the horrifying news.

Along the way, Qu Hanjiao was criticized by other students.

She was angry, but had to tolerate it.

Once Qu Hanjiao left the canteen, she hid herself in the dorm room and called Qu Linan asking him about Fu Yongliang and Ni Aijing.

Qu Linan denied it at once, so Qu Hanjiao believed it.

After that, she kept on defending Qu Linan on the Internet, swearing at those who attacked him.

Unfortunately, only a few people chose to believe Qu Linan, so Qu Hanjiao soon lost control of her emotions after being attacked by a lot of Internet users.

After that, people found out her identity.

Knowing that Qu Hanjiao was Qu Linans daughter, Internet users attacked her even harder.

Qu Hanjiao was so angry that she smashed her phone.

She couldnt win the argument against those Internet users, so she could only vent her anger in the dorm room.

Not only did she smash her phone, but she also threw her quilt away.

She almost smashed everything she could see in the dorm room.

Other students in other dorm rooms heard the noises from the dorm room where Qu Hanjiao lived, so they reported it to the dormitory staff.

After the dormitory staff came, Qu Hanjiao refused to stop and argued with the dormitory staff later.

In the end, Yuan Shuyan came and Qu Hanjiao calmed down.

The leader of the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau wasnt surprised by the argument on Weibo over their post, and they already had an idea to deal with it, so they didnt panic at all.

As the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau explained it to its supervisor, it released another announcement on its official Weibo account.

The Haicheng District Public Security Bureau: About what @Truth Only has said about us protecting the mastermind, we find its necessary to explain it.

Please watch this video.

@The Capital Public Security Bureau @The Capital Court @Truth Only @The Capital News @The Qu Organization.

The video showed the process of six suspects being interrogated in the interrogation room.

They said that they only wanted money, and there was no mastermind.

The reason why they mentioned Qu Linan was that they were threatened by the woman.

Once the video was released, the direction of public opinion changed and most Internet users began to defend Qu Linan.

“No way! They were threatened”

“In that case, Qu Linan could be innocent”

“Its possible.

Perhaps enemies of the Qu Organization deliberately defamed Qu Linan.”

“Its gross.

Theyve played such a dirty trick to achieve their goal.”


However, not many people criticized Truth Only because of that.

After all, the six suspects indeed had mentioned Qu Linan in the video, so nobody could know whether Qu Linan was innocent.

Most people still held doubts.

At the same time, some Internet users questioned the six criminals confession.

“I think the video released by Truth Only tells the truth, so the six suspects denied their relationship with Qu Linan during the interrogation.

After all, the Qu Organization is a very influential business group.

It must have protection from the government.”

“Right, if the mastermind is really Qu Linan, he must have something to control the six suspects, like their families, so Qu Linan could have threatened them to deny his role in the crime.

If they dare to betray him, their families might be in danger.”

“Since the suspects told the date when Ni Aijing was taken into the villa, why cant the police check the surveillance cameras of that day I think it should be easy to find out the truth.

Dont tell me that the surveillance cameras were broken on that day.

If they were broken right on that day, Qu Linan must be hiding something.”

“Jesus, this is a brilliant idea!”

“Well, I think this idea isnt so brilliant, but its the most basic analysis.

The criminals might think that they had been very smart and could easily keep it secret forever.”

“Right, if Qu Linan really did that, he couldnt hide the truth forever.

Other criminals might do the same thing in that situation.

However, we need solid evidence.

Even though we all know its Qu Linan, he wont be caught or punished if the surveillance cameras are broken.”

“Itll be a matter of power.

If hes an ordinary citizen, he might soon be sentenced to years in jail.”


Although Qu Linan wasnt worried that he might be affected, he paid special attention to the news on the Internet.

Seeing those Internet users analysis, he was scared and mad.

He had arranged for some people to damage the surveillance cameras around the villa on the day when the six suspects were caught in case the police went to check them under the pressure of public opinion.

Even if he had connections in the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau, the Capital Public Security Bureau might send someone to investigate the case, which would be difficult for him to deal with.

Exactly because he was worried that it might arouse suspicion if the surveillance cameras were only broken on that day, he arranged for someone to damage the surveillance cameras for a whole week around the place.

The day when he committed the crime was in the middle of the week.

Given the current situation, it was hard to stop people from being suspicious of him.

As long as there was no solid evidence to prove that he was the mastermind behind the two crimes, he would be fine.

When people stopped paying much attention to the news, he would whitewash his reputation to the best of his ability.

Truth Only remained silent for the time being.

It had no response to the news afterwards.

Some Internet users believed that it gave up, while some thought that it was preparing for the next step.

Most fans of Truth Only chose to believe it, because it meant there was really a mastermind since Truth Only sent out the video..

They only needed to wait for more evidence to prove that Qu Linan was the mastermind, which would embarrass the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau.


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