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Chapter 1856: Youre Too Forgetful

“Do you want to leave” Gu Ning said in a cold voice.

She had no intention of letting them go like that.

It wasnt because they were the suspects of the family slaughter, but because she was unwilling to let them go without paying a price.

Even though she knew that they were the suspects of the family slaughter, she didnt have evidence, so she could do nothing about it.

She could say it aloud, but nobody would believe her.

Instead, people would be suspicious of her and question her about why she knew they were the murderers, which would cause her unnecessary trouble.

Besides, she didnt know the reason why the whole family was slaughtered.

If the family was evil, it deserved the punishment.

The children were innocent, but they were inevitably hurt.

Anyway, since Gu Ning found out about the crime they had committed, she would investigate the case.

If the rich businessman had done nothing wrong and she was able to collect the evidence, she wouldnt mind doing another good deed.

If it was difficult, she wouldnt waste time on that because she had her own business to deal with.

Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue stood in their way right after Gu Ning said that.

They didnt allow them to leave.

Those men were terrified, looking at Gu Ning and her friends staying alert.

“What else do you want to do”

“You caused me trouble for no reason.

Do you want to leave without an explanation” Gu Ning sneered.

Hearing that, they were surprised, but said nothing.

They definitely wouldnt tell her the reason.

Glaring at them, Gu Ning questioned in a serious tone, “Tell me, who sent you”

Although she knew it was either Yuan Shuyan or Qu Hanjiao, she still needed to make sure in order to pay the right person back.

However, those men remained silent.

“Fine, if you refuse to tell me, I can only call the police,” said Gu Ning.

The six men werent scared at all, because they had powerful support behind their back.

“Well.” Gu Ning smiled.

She was aware of that.

Even though she knew that they werent afraid of the police, she still made that call.

After all, she couldnt use violence to force them to tell her the truth in public.

Before long, the police came.

After learning the situation, the police took them away, but Gu Ning knew it would end up with nothing.

However, she could do nothing about it.

If she killed them, she would be the criminal.

Actually, she wouldnt let them get away with it like that.

After they left, Gu Ning called K and told him to pay special attention to those men.

She needed to know where they went next, who they contacted, and where they lived.

“I think itll end up with nothing,” said Song Miaoge, because she had seen it too many times.

“Its fine.

We cant kill them or disable them after all, otherwise well become the criminals,” said Gu Ning airily, but she didnt tell her friends her own plan.

“I know, but I just feel a little uncomfortable,” said Song Miaoge, feeling upset.

If it was possible, she wished that she could disable or kill them without being punished by the law.

She was reluctant to let them get away with it.

“Alright, let me buy you a good meal to cheer you up!” Gu Ning felt touched that Song Miaoge defended her.

She hugged her shoulders to comfort her.

“Youre too forgetful!” Song Miaoge said seeing Gu Ning not being affected.

However, since Gu Ning didnt care about it now, it was useless for her to be bothered by it.

After that, they went to have a meal together.

There was a large shopping mall near the school, so they directly went there.

They would shop inside after the meal.

In order to vent her annoyance, Song Miaoge ate a lot.

After having a meal, they shopped for nearly an hour, then left without buying anything because they didnt lack anything for the time being.

In the afternoon, Gu Ning needed to deal with something, while Song Miaoge had to go to visit her mother, so the three of them separated.

Baili Zongxue didnt go back to the school, but went to see Baili Zongyang.

Song Miaoges mother had mostly recovered, but she couldnt leave the hospital yet.

Master Songs friend, Master Zhao, also regained his consciousness and was able to talk now.

They always remembered Gu Nings kindness and wanted to invite her to share a meal to thank her, but Gu Ning had declined once, so they felt embarrassed to bother Master Song again.

They were unwilling to make things difficult for Master Song.

Chu Peihan and her friends had agreed in their WeChat group yesterday that they would gather together after the military training was over today.

Since Gu Ning was going to meet Chu Peihan and her other friends, it wasnt appropriate for her to go with Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue.

It was still early now and her car was stopped in the siheyuan, so she needed to go to the siheyuan first.

The Capital Film Academy and the university that Mu Ke and Yu Mixi studied in were in the same district as the Capital University and Gu Ning didnt need to go to the city center because she could tell Gao Yi or Qiao Ya to drive it over for her, but she actually wanted to cultivate for a while.

It was safer for her to do that in the siheyuan after all.

In fact, even though their universities were in the same district, a district in the capital was quite large, so the three universities were far from each other.

Even without much traffic on the road, it still took about 20 minutes to get there by car.

Gu Ning started to practice using her magical power after arriving at the siheyuan.

She needed to transport the magical power from her soul to her body.

She succeeded in moving it into her body, but failed to store it inside, and it soon went back to its original place.

After practicing for two hours, Gu Ning still failed, but she wasnt disappointed or hopeless.

Shangguan Yang had told her that it wasnt easy to make the power of the ancient jade circulate in her body.

It wasnt that difficult, but it took time and luck.

It was nearly 5 pm after two hours of practice, so Gu Ning said good-bye to Shangguan Yang.

Gu Ning rarely came, but she wouldnt share dinner with Shangguan Yang, so Shangguan Yang complained about it.

Even though he was unhappy, he wouldnt force Gu Ning to stay because she already had an appointment with her friends.

In addition, Gu Ning promised to cultivate here again in a few days.

She would ask for leave and stay with him, so Shangguan Yang was satisfied.

Haicheng District was where their universities were located.

Because they studied in the same district, they booked a table in a nearby restaurant.


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