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Chapter 1852: Youre Cheap

Qu Hanjiao subconsciously said Gu Nings name, which exposed the fact that she knew Gu Ning and deliberately picked on her.

After being criticized by Hu Zijian and facing his serious look, Qu Hanjiao was scared and realized she shouldnt have blurted that out.

Even though she had that idea in her mind, she shouldnt say it aloud.

“Instructor, I have something to say.”

At this time, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

She decided not to tolerate it any longer.

The students of Class A were annoyed by Qu Hanjiaos words as well.

They didnt believe that Gu Ning had an affair with the instructor, because the instructor admired and respected Gu Ning.

He also believed that Gu Ning didnt move at all.

“Say it,” said Hu Zijian.

“Can I deal with it by myself” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Hu Zijian.

After that, Gu Ning walked out of the line and coldly stared at Qu Hanjiao, which scared her.

However, Qu Hanjiao didnt think that Gu Ning dared to hurt her, so she gave Gu Ning a provoking glance.

Gu Ning walked to Qu Hanjiao and heavily slapped her face without hesitation.

The slap was so loud that everyone was surprised.

Because Gu Ning used a lot of strength, a clear palm print was left on Qu Hanjiaos cheek and it swelled at once.

To their surprise, Gu Ning would give her a slap right away.

Qu Hanjiao was also shocked, but the great pain drew her back to reality.

She glared at Gu Ning.

“How dare you slap me Ill kill you!”

Saying that, Qu Hanjiao raised her hand trying to slap Gu Ning, but Gu Ning caught her wrist first.

She held it tightly so that Qu Hanjiao couldnt get rid of her.

Afterwards, Qu Hanjiao raised her other hand to hit Gu Ning, but Gu Ning directly threw her away.

Qu Hanjiao then fell to the ground with a scary scream of pain.

She burst into tears the next second and the other classes heard it too.

They were curious about what was going on here, but they were practicing military poses now, so they didnt dare to move.

Only several instructors gave several glances.

Because they still needed to manage their classes, they didnt walk over to have a look.

Normally, the instructor of the class would handle it.

Seeing that, Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing ran over at once to support Qu Hanjiao up.

“Gu Ning, how could you slap her Youre so evil!” Yuan Shuyan questioned Gu Ning in anger.

It seemed that she was standing up for Qu Hanjiao, but she was actually quite pleased that she finally had a chance to cause Gu Ning trouble.

In fact, Yuan Shuyan was happy to seize this chance to make things difficult for Gu Ning and she didnt care about Qu Hanjiaos injury at all.

She actually didnt hear Qu Hanjiaos comment on Gu Nings relationship with Hu Zijian just now, so she rushed to blame Gu Ning.

Rong Jue walked over as well after seeing Gu Ning slap a girl.

If it wasnt serious, he wouldnt be involved, because every instructor of each class was able to solve the problem.

However, if it was a serious fight, he had to come to stop it.

“Im evil” Gu Ning looked at Yuan Shuyan with mockery.

“Do you always thank the person who has humiliated you If so, I have to say, Senior Yuan, youre cheap.”

Gu Ning didnt bother to be polite at this moment, because they deliberately caused her trouble first.

There was no reason for her to be kind to them right now.

“Gu Ning, how dare you swear at me!” Yuan Shuyan was mad.

Yuan Shuyan was always proud and spoiled ever since she was little, so she couldnt accept any embarrassment, especially when someone said that she was cheap in public! It was impossible for her not to be angry.

Because she was annoyed by Gu Ning, she ignored the fact that Qu Hanjiao had humiliated Gu Ning first.

Other people didnt think Gu Nings words were wrong, because it was Qu Hanjiaos fault.

No one could tolerate Qu Hanjiaos behavior.

“Whats going on here”

Before Gu Ning could reply to Yuan Shuyan, Rong Jue came.

“Instructor Rong, Gu Ning just slapped Qu Hanjiao and swore at Yuan Shuyan.” Ge Qingqing immediately told on Gu Ning, as if Qu Hanjiao and Yuan Shuyan were innocent while Gu Ning was the bad person.

Rong Jue was aware that Gu Ning had slapped Qu Hanjiao, but he needed to figure out the reason now.

“Captain, this student has humiliated…” said Hu Zijian.

“I need to know the whole story.” Rong Jue interrupted him.

“Because I reported that she moved during the military pose practice, she…” said Qu Hanjiao.

“I didnt ask you.” Rong Jue gave Qu Hanjiao a cold glance.

Qu Hanjiao was scared and didnt dare to say another word.

Yuan Shuyan wanted to say something to Ge Qingqing, but closed her mouth in fear of Rong Jue.

“Sure.” Hu Zijian continued, “This student just came over and reported that Gu Ning moved during the military pose practice.

She said the third freshman on the right of the second row back then.

She didnt say Gu Nings name at the beginning.

I caught satisfaction flashing in her eyes when she reported Gu Ning.

Analyzed from the perspective of psychology, its often out of calculation and malice…”

“I didnt.” Qu Hanjiao was scared.

It was obvious that this instructor had already seen through her, so she tried to interrupt him.

Nevertheless, before she could finish, Rong Jue gave her another cold glance.

Qu Hanjiao was frightened and stopped right away.

Hu Zijian added, “I asked this student how Gu Ning moved.

She hesitated for a while, which meant she didnt see Gu Ning move at all.

In fact, Gu Ning indeed didnt move.

I asked this student why she didnt know how Gu Ning moved since she saw it, and she clearly panicked then.

However, she was unwilling to give up and claimed that Gu Ning moved her right hand.”

Qu Hanjiao was embarrassed, shaking in horror.

To her surprise, the instructor knew everything.

Actually, soldiers werent careless.

Quite the opposite, they paid a lot of attention to details, especially extraordinary soldiers.

Rong Jues team was a special force.

Although it wasnt comparable to the Red Flame that Leng Shaoting belonged to, it wasnt an ordinary team after all.

It carried out tasks of medium level.

Only prestigious universities like the Capital University were able to invite them to perform the military training.

Common universities could only invite ordinary soldiers.

Special forces like them needed to learn many things, psychology included.


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