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Chapter 1839: Dont Need Money

“Well,” After being silent for a while, Dongfang Qi broke the silence and said, “I think it is unnecessary for us to ask this question, because none of us would tell the truth.

Its better if we just dont bother each other.”

Wu Shunhua squinted at Dongfang Qi.

“Oh! If I follow and spy on Gu Ning without anyone else knowing, Id think your idea is very good, but the patriarch knows what Im doing.

Uncle Qi, how about you Does the patriarch know what youre doing”

Hearing that, Dongfang Qi was surprised.

He didnt expect that the patriarch knew that Wu Shunhua was following and spying on Gu Ning.

In that case, it would be difficult for him to continue to do what he was doing right now, because secretly following and spying on Gu Ning was his own actions.

If the patriarch learned about it, it would be hard for him to explain it.

Thinking of that, Dongfang Qi said, “Im following and spying on Gu Ning for personal reasons.”

“Really” Wu Shunhua asked.

He obviously didnt believe it.

All of a sudden, Dongfang Qi squinted his eyes realizing something wasnt right.

“Wait, do you mean this girl named Gu Ning has some secrets causing the patriarch to also pay special attention to her”

Seeing Dongfang Qis reaction, Wu Shunhua suddenly felt that it was wrong to discuss this matter with him here, because it seemed that he really didnt know that there was magical power in the medicines produced by Gu Nings company.

Actually, Dongfang Qi didnt know at all! He had collected a lot of information about Gu Ning and knew that Colaine was under her name, but he didnt know that there was magical power in the medicines produced by it.

“No matter what secrets there are, following and spying on Gu Ning is the patriarchs idea.

No matter what purpose you have for doing so, I dont think the patriarch will be happy about what youre doing,” Wu Shun Hua said.

Hearing that, Dongfang Qi was displeased.

“Are you going to tell the patriarch that Im following and spying on Gu Ning”

“I dont have to do that, but you must stop following and spying on Gu Ning.

Otherwise Ill be punished for not reporting it to the patriarch,” Wu Shunhua said.

Although he said that, it actually wasnt up to him.

He would talk to Dongfang Ziyu about it first.

Dongfang Qi didnt believe most of Wu Shunhuas words, but he couldnt stop Wu Shunhua from reporting it to the patriarch, so now he could only agree to not follow and spy on Gu Ning any longer.

Gu Ning and Song Miaoge went to the hospital to visit Jiang Jiarong, who repeatedly thanked Gu Ning.

Jiang Jiarong was recovering quickly, which surprised everyone.

Knowing that it was Gu Nings credit, the Song family was very polite to Gu Ning now.

This time when Gu Ning came over, Master Song directly told her that she could turn to the Song family for help whenever she needed them in the future.

They would spare no effort to help her.

If so, Gu Ning accepted his kindness.

After thinking for a while, Master Song asked, “Miss Gu, can we have a private talk”

“Grandpa Song, please just call me Gu Ning.” Gu Ning said, “This way, please.”

“Sure, Gu Ning, please,” Master Song said, then the two went out.

They went to a place with no one else around.

Master Song looked at Gu Ning, hesitating to open his mouth.

Master Song was never indecisive, but now he didnt know how to talk about it.

Seeing the embarrassment of Master Song, Gu Ning said at once, “Grandpa Song, Im all ears.”

“Gu Ning, can you tell me what kind of illnesses your medicine is effective for” Master Song asked.

“This medicine is effective for all kinds of illnesses and pain,” Gu Ning said.

Once Master Song asked that question aloud, Gu Ning figured out his purpose.

“Um, I know that this pill is rare and precious, but I have an old friend who accidentally fell some time ago.

He bumped his head and had surgery.

Unfortunately, because of his age, he has been unable to recover, so hes still in danger now.

Now Ive found that you have such a good medicine, so can you sell me two pills I dont want to see my old friend suffer.

If youre unwilling to sell them, its totally fine,” Master Song said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning gave him a smile.

Without hesitation, she took out a porcelain bottle from her pocket (telepathic eye space) and handed it to Master Song.

“Here are three pills.

Please tell your old friend to take one first, then another one three days later.

If he gets better after taking two pills, there will be no need to take the third one.

Grandpa Song, you can keep the third pill with you in case you need it in the future.”

Master Song got excited seeing Gu Ning giving him three pills without hesitation.

He took the medicine bottle from Gu Ning with his hands trembling a little.

“Thank you, thank you so much! Gu Ning, how much are they Ill transfer the money to you,” Master Song asked.

“No need,” Gu Ning declined with a smile.

“Why You must take the money!” Master Song was taken aback when he heard Gu Nings answer.

He didnt think it was acceptable.

“Although I dont know the specific value of this medicine, its definitely not cheap.

Youve saved my older daughter-in-laws life.

I cant ask for more pills from you for free!”

The Song family wasnt greedy.

On the contrary, they were very gracious.

Gu Ning had already done them a great favor, and they hadnt returned it yet, so they shouldnt owe her another favor.

“Although this pill is indeed very expensive, I charge different prices when I sell it to different people.

It can be sold at the price of dozens of thousands of yuan, hundreds of thousands of yuan, or even a million yuan a pill, but it can also be free.

I never charge my relatives and friends for it.

As for those who need help but have no money, or those who I voluntarily help, I never ask them for money.

Song Miaoge is my friend.

You are her grandfather.

Since youre my friends family member, I shouldnt charge you.

Grandpa Song, since you need my help now, I wont hesitate to help you.

Even though you want me to help your old friend recover, Im willing to do so because your relationship must be close.

I dont have many pills, but three arent many,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning mentioned the prices of the pill on purpose.

She didnt want his money, but she thought it was necessary to let them know the value of her favor and kindness.

She wasnt calculating, nor was she looking for anything in return, but she simply wanted other people to cherish her favor.

Hearing the prices of the pill mentioned by Gu Ning, Master Song was really surprised.

To his astonishment, this medicine could be sold at the price of a million yuan a pill.

Actually, even if it was only sold at the price of hundreds of thousands of yuan each, it was quite a high price.

Master Song thought no matter how expensive it was, it would not exceed one hundred thousand yuan a pill!

Anyway, this medicine was so effective that the rich would pay for it even if it cost hundreds of thousands of yuan a pill.


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