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Chapter 1838: Dongfang Qi Meets Wu Shunhua

As for how she began to start up her companies, it began with a coincidence.

She had saved a jewelry company owner who was framed and went bankrupt.

Because he was indeed a capable manager, she hired him to manage the company for her.

Afterwards, because she had learned a lot of skills from her master, including stone gambling, and she had great luck, she had successfully cut out many pieces of valuable jade.

With the money, she opened a jewelry store, which was managed by the person who was rescued by her.

The reality had proved that she had a good vision.

At the early stage of her start-ups, she did nothing and the jewelry store developed into a company under the management of that person.

There were now more than a dozen jewelry branches now.

It was true that there were now more than a dozen Jade Beauty Jewelry stores now, and it was still developing.

The same thing happened to her other companies.

Although Gu Ning gave most of the credit to those who managed the companies for her, everyone still admired Gu Ning, because employing the right people was also an indispensable ability.

“Gu Ning, if you leave all your companies to them for management, arent you afraid that they will betray you” a classmate asked, which was also what other students were curious and worried about.

Although most of them had received a favor from Gu Ning, business was so complicated.

It wasnt uncommon that good friends and siblings betrayed and turned against each other for money.

“There is no company where everything is done by the boss himself.

People have limited energy.

No boss can manage or do everything on his own.

We must hire people to work for us.

We need to have a careful observation before hiring a manager.

We only need reliable, able, and qualified managers.

Once we hire a good manager, we should trust each other.

I believe there are many kind and upright people in this world.

If everyone is calculating and tends to betray each other, there would not be so many successful companies in the world,” Gu Ning said.

“Many good friends or siblings indeed would betray each other for money, but people are quite different from one another.

We shouldnt lose trust and confidence just because of that.”

Hearing that, everyone agreed.

Gu Ning continued, “If my subordinates are loyal to me, Ill treat them with sincerity.

If any of them wanted to betray me, I wont hesitate to punish them.”

Hearing that, everyone believed that Gu Ning had the ability to fulfill her word, because they had all seen how great Gu Nings skills were.

Although they didnt know exactly how good Gu Ning was, from what they saw, at least there were not many people who could surpass her.

After the evening class, Gu Ning went straight back to the dormitory.

Seeing that Song Miaoge was only in a slightly bad mood and there were no other problems, she felt relieved.

The next day, Song Miaoge felt much better.

Although she was still worried about her mother, her mother was all right after all, so she had to cheer up and do her own thing.

Accordingly, at 5 am, Song Miaoge got up.

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue then continued to train her.

Song Miaoges mother woke up that morning.

Knowing that she could escape the danger to her life and wake up so quickly because of Song Miaoges classmate, Jiang Jiarong was very grateful and said that she should thank Gu Ning in person.

Because Song Miaoge was in military training at this time, the Song family didnt tell Song Miaoge the good news until noon.

Song Miaoge was very happy to learn that her mother already woke up, but her grandfather told her to come to see her mother after the military training in the afternoon, so Song Miaoge didnt ask for leave.

If it was possible, Master Song hoped that Gu Ning could come with Song Miaoge, because Jiang Jiarong decided to thank Gu Ning in person.

Song Miaoge then talked to Gu Ning about that.

Gu Ning didnt think it was necessary, but she agreed to go with Song Miaoge.

In the afternoon, Baili Zongxues older brother called her out, so she didnt go with Song Miaoge and Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and Song Miaoge were going to the hospital in the afternoon, so they naturally needed to ask for leave in the evening.

Their instructor agreed without hesitation.

After the military training was over in the afternoon, Gu Ning and Song Miaoge went out without going back to the dormitory to change their clothes.

As soon as they left school, Gu Ning sensed the air of a cultivator, and the first person Gu Ning thought of was Dongfang Qi.

Speaking of Dongfang Qi, she didnt see him these days.

She knew the reason was that she was always with Baili Zongxue these days.

If Dongfang Qi came too close, Baili Zongxue would also discover him.

Although Gu Ning thought it might be Dongfang Qi, it might not be, because Dongfang Qi wasnt the only cultivator who was spying on her.

Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua might suddenly come back after all!

Therefore, Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see who the cultivator was.

Without surprise, it wasnt Dongfang Qi, but Wu Shunhua.

Since he came here, he must know that Gu Ning was studying in this university.

Anyway, she was so famous that it was very easy to find out where she was through the Internet.

Gu Ning didnt care about that, so she focused on her life again.

Gu Ning had no intention of avoiding Wu Shunhua, but the air of the cultivator disappeared after she walked away for a while.

Coincidentally Wu Shunhua met Dongfang Qi who was also spying on Gu Ning.

Dongfang Qi saw that Gu Ning was with Baili Zongxue all day, so he stayed far away and had even lost them a few times.

This time, Gu Ning finally didnt have Baili Zongxue by her side, but surprisingly he met Wu Shunhua.

“We should have a talk!” Wu Shunhua said.

He wanted to know why Dongfang Qi followed Gu Ning.

“Sure.” Dongfang Qi had the same idea, so he agreed.

Then Dongfang Qi and Wu Shunhua went to a coffee shop and found a corner to sit.

“Why are you following Gu Ning”

Dongfang Qi and Wu Shunhua asked each other at the same time.

Dongfang Qi was worried that Wu Shunhua might also have found out about the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern, while Wu Shunhua was worried that Dongfang Qi could have learned about the fact that the medicines from Colaine contained magical power.

Few people in the Dongfang family were aware of that, because they didnt tell anyone else except the patriarch of their family.

Because members in the Dongfang family all had their own purposes.

They all aimed to strengthen themselves, then compete for the position of patriarch.

Dongfang Qis father was the younger son of the patriarch, while Dongfang Ziyus father was the older son, so they were competitors.

It was impossible for Dongfang Ziyu to share the news with Dongfang Qi.

If Dongfang Qi learned about it, he would definitely come to investigate it.

If he found out anything useful, he could have a great advantage.

After both of them asked the same question, they were silent again.

Although they asked each other the question, they knew that it was impossible for either of them to tell the truth.


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