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Chapter 1822: A Super Cool Car

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

During the vacation after the National College Entrance Examination, she didnt go to train, because she was unwilling to go to the university with a tanned face and limbs.

Besides, she needed to do the military training after the new semester began.

What if she got darker She hated to be dark.


Although Kouzi had gained a lot of fame, it was most popular with girls in their early twenties, because the majority of the females learned to put on makeup at this age group and they got more familiar with make-up products as well.

Girls at the age of 18 or so were still very young, so not many of them had the habit of wearing make-up.

High school students normally werent allowed to wear make-up, and most make-up products were suitable for females over 20.

A 18-year-old girls facial skin was still immature for makeup, and the chemicals in it might damage the skin, so not many young girls dared to put on makeup.

Therefore, these female freshmen knew very little about makeup products, except for those international brands whose ads were everywhere.

Kouzi was popular, but wasnt as famous as international brands, so not many people had heard of it.

International brands had been popular for dozens of years after all, while Kouzi had only joined the market for a few months.

Actually, Kouzi was the first brand in history that was able to gain so much fame within such a short time.

Hearing Song Miaoges answer, someone said, “Kouzi Ive never heard of this brand before.

It must be a brand on a small scale.”

“I believe so.

Either way, its a good brand as long as its useful.”

“Ive heard of Kouzi.

Its not a brand on a small scale actually.

Its quite famous.

Although its new, its become popular within a short time.

Ive also heard of the great effects of its products.

They arent cheap, but I dont have the habit of wearing makeup, so Ive never bought them before.”


“Since you know about it, why dont you use it”

“I didnt know that I would be tanned during the military training, so I didnt prepare any sunscreen for it.

By the way, Im tanned now, so I must go buy one.”

“Me too! I dont want to be dark.

Its ugly.

Ill hate myself.”


“Ill go buy one as well! Why dont we go buy it together after the training is over later”


Many girls agreed to buy Kouzi sunscreen once the morning training was over.

It didnt only happen in the Capital University, many other universities had it happen as well.

Because many students didnt get tanned with the help of Kouzi sunscreen, the news quickly spread abroad.

Within a day or two, Kouzi sunscreen became very popular among freshmen.

It was out of stock in many stores, and many students even failed to buy it.

Those who failed to buy it in the stores went to shop on the Internet, so the sunscreen was soon out of stock on the official website of Kouzi as well.

Store owners immediately contacted Kouzi, trying to purchase more goods, but the phone line was always busy.

Because the sunscreen was unusually popular this time, many store owners asked for a lot of it at a time.

As a result, not all of them were able to purchase enough goods.

Precisely because of that, many unqualified factories began to make fake products overnight.

They even sent staffers to sell the fake sunscreen in all kinds of universities.

Some students didnt think much about it and bought it right away, while some were afraid it might be fake, so they decided to wait till it was in stock at cosmetics counters.

Since it became popular, Gao Shiyan and Lu Xiaoxiao heard about it too, but they failed to buy it at counters.

Instead, they bought the fake sunscreen when they met the salesmen on campus.

Gu Ning didnt meet those salesmen, so she didnt learn the news after it went abroad, but the sunscreen was soon in stock at counters and on the official website after a day.

Since some people dared to make fake products, it would surely cause a sensation, but a piece of good news came before the sensation happened.

On the afternoon of the sixth day of the military training, the instructor gave them a half-day holiday, so Song Miaoge asked Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue out to go shopping and buy clothes.

Song Miaoge didnt bring many clothes with her when she came to the university, because she was too lazy to carry a heavy suitcase.

In addition, girls always preferred new clothing to old clothing at home.

Gu Ning was free for the time being, so she agreed.

Baili Zongxue only knew them in the capital, so she would have nothing else to do if she didnt go out with them.

Therefore, she also went shopping with the girls.

Moreover, she wanted to shop, hang out, and enjoy her real student life too!

Although Baili Zongxues mental age was over 30, she had never relaxed because of cultivation for a long time, so she ached to relax sometimes.

Because they were going out, they wouldnt dine in the canteen.

After dispersing, they directly went to change clothes in their dorm rooms before walking out.

Gu Nings car was stopped in the parking lot outside their school, so Gu Ning would drive them out.

“Wow, Gu Ning, your car is so cool!”

The second Song Miaoge saw Gu Nings Hummer, she exclaimed.

Song Miaoge was a girl, but she spent a lot of time with male soldiers in the military camp, so she was a tough girl who loved cars, especially cool cars.

She believed only cool cars could match her coolness, but unfortunately her family refused to buy a car for her because she was only a college student.

Her family would only buy a car for her after her graduation.

Anyway, she couldnt afford it on her own, so she had to listen to her family.

“Gu Ning, Im surprised that you, a young girl, drive such a cool car! I thought your car was one of those beautiful private cars!” Baili Zongxue was slightly surprised.

“I think a cool car suits Gu Ning well! Havent you witnessed it When Gu Ning beat so many men by herself, she wasnt like a weak girl at all.

Shes the coolest girl Ive ever seen!” said Song Miaoge.

Gu Ning was the coolest girl in this world in her eyes.

“Youre right.” Baili Zongxue agreed.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

After that, they got in the car and left together.

“Where are we going now” asked Gu Ning.

“To the commercial district of course.

All the large shopping malls are there.

The food street is right next to it as well.

We can have a lot of delicious food too,” said Song Miaoge.

She got excited once they talked about food.

Song Miaoge was a typical foodie.

She didnt care whether they could buy beautiful new clothes, but she must eat delicious food.

“Great, so well directly have lunch there, right” asked Gu Ning.


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