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Chapter 1816: A Mysterious Old Man Gave Me

Because of the distance, not many people heard the noises from there.

Baili Zongxue heard it, but she kept standing at attention in silence before feeling the magical power.

Once she sensed the magical power, she couldnt stay quiet.

The next second, Baili Zongxue stood out of the line.

“Twenty push-ups,” said the instructor.

Hearing that, other students had sympathy for Baili Zongxue, because it would kill them if they were punished to do 20 push-ups.

However, it was a piece of cake for Baili Zongxue, so she didnt hesitate to do 20 push-ups.

Baili Zongxue moved fast and soon finished them without stopping at all.

She even kept breathing normally, which shocked everyone.

Even the instructor was greatly surprised.

Anyway, since she finished that, the punishment was over.

“Get in the line now.”

The instructor gave another order, so Baili Zongxue joined their team at once.

She didnt dare to move this time, but her mind was actually occupied by the power crystals in Gu Nings hands.

Zhou Jiahao got much better within a few seconds after taking Gu Nings power crystal, and he stopped having convulsions in half a minute.

Everyone was amazed by the scene.

In a minute, Zhou Jiahao woke up.

At the beginning, he was still in a daze, but he soon figured out that he just had a seizure.

“Jesus, is he alright now, just like that” someone exclaimed.

“Mind your language! Hes fine.

Thats good news,” someone immediately snapped at the person.

Although the person wasnt wrong and everyone was amazed by the way Zhou Jiahao went back to normal, it sounded unpleasant as if he wished that Zhou Jiahao couldnt recover.

The person had to close his mouth.

At the same time, they were curious about Gu Nings pill.

“Gu Ning, what medicine is that Its so unbelievable,” asked someone.

“Sorry, my family teacher forbids me to tell other people,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, everyone believed that the medicine must be made by a master who was out of this world and Gu Ning must have learned her kung fu skills from her master.

Since Gu Ning was unwilling to tell them, they stopped asking about it, this included Rong Jue and other instructors who were curious.

Because of that, they felt Gu Ning was far more unbelievable than they thought.

However, those who disliked Gu Ning muttered with disdain, “Shes just bragging.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

A female students voice wasnt loud, but she stood close to Rong Jue, so Rong Jue heard it and gave her a scathing glance.

Once the girl met Rong Jues eyes, she was scared and lowered her head.

It seemed no one could criticize Gu Ning.

The girl was displeased and blamed Gu Ning for everything.

Gu Ning was actually innocent, because she said nothing about it.

Zhou Jiahao gradually learned from their discussion that it was Gu Ning who had saved his life.

Therefore, he thanked Gu Ning right away.

“Thank you so much, Gu Ning.”

“Youre welcome.

Youre fine now, but you hit your head hard just now.

I think you should go to the hospital,” said Gu Ning.

Although Gu Nings power crystal had almost healed the injury on Zhou Jiahaos head and it wasnt necessary for him to go to the hospital, Gu Ning still told him to do so in case other people thought her medicine was too incredible.

In addition, Zhou Jiahao might not be relieved if he didnt go to the hospital for a check.

“Sure,” said Zhou Jiahao.

Because of what had just happened to Zhou Jiahao, he couldnt continue to have military training.

He told his head teacher about it and waited for the school doctor to take him to the hospital.

Before the school doctor came, Zhou Jiahao walked aside to wait.

Other students kept on having military training.

Two minutes later, his head teacher and the school doctor came at the same time.

It took about five minutes from Zhou Jiahaos attack till the arrival of the school doctor.

If Gu Ning hadnt given him a helping hand, something terrible could have happened to him within that time.

Afterwards, the school doctor sent Zhou Jiahao to the hospital, followed by the head teacher.

After the accident, many people admired Gu Ning more than ever.

Even though it was Gu Nings medicine that saved Zhou Jiahaos life, she also played a very important role.

When it was almost 12 pm, every class counted off before dispersing.

Once Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue left their classes, they ran towards Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, youve caused another sensation! You had a competition of fighting skills with the instructor yesterday, and you saved a students life today.

Youre quite unbelievable,” said Song Miaoge with great admiration.

“Gu Ning, how did you manage to do that I heard that you only gave the student a pill and he woke up in a minute.

He seems fine now,” asked Baili Zongxue with curiosity.

She seemed to know nothing about it, but she actually tried to learn more about the pill.

She also knew that Gu Ning wouldnt tell her, but she still needed to ask that question because she might get some clues.

She didnt think Gu Ning was aware of her real identity and purpose, so it wouldnt arouse Gu Nings suspicion.

However, Gu Ning knew everything, but pretended to know nothing.

“Um, actually I dont know what the pill is.

A mysterious old man gave it to me.

I was injured once and ran into the old man.

He gave me the same pill at that time, and I recovered soon.

He told me he had a good impression of me, so he sometimes sends me some medicines, but I dont know where he lives.

He seems to know everything about me.

In fact, all the skincare and makeup products produced by my companies are added with this medicine, so they are quite effective,” said Gu Ning.

Because Baili Zongxue asked her that question, if she said nothing at all, it would be strange and might arouse suspicion.

Baili Zongxue might believe that she was keeping a terrible secret.

If she said something, it showed that she wasnt guilty.

Even though Gu Ning said something about the medicine, she wouldnt tell the truth, so she made up a lie.

She didnt care whether Baili Zongxue believed it.

Hearing that, Song Miaoge believed it, but Baili Zongxue had doubts.

Although Baili Zongxue remained doubtful, she didnt show it on her face and seemed to be persuaded.

“Oh, he must be a master who is out of this world!” said Baili Zongxue.


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