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Chapter 1814: Shes Super Rich

Because Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue stood far from Gu Ning, they could still see each other, but there were crowds in the middle so they failed to see what exactly had happened.

They didnt until everyone was talking about it.

“Its not serious.

The instructor found out that Ive received professional training, so we had a competition for fun,” said Gu Ning.

Knowing that, Baili Zongxue and Song Miaoge were relieved.

Both of them were aware of Gu Nings abilities, so they werent surprised by the result.

Actually, if Gu Ning lost, they might have their jaws drop instead.

“Which canteen should we go to” asked Song Miaoge.

“How about No.

3 canteen” said Gu Ning.


1 and No.

2 canteens were ordinary, while No.

3 was a high-end canteen providing simple meals, rice bowls, clay pot rice, fried dishes, hot pot, and so on.

Therefore, only rich students could afford to dine in No.

3 canteen for a long time.

An average college students monthly allowance was between 1,500 and 2,000 yuan, which wasnt enough to dine in No.

3 canteen every day, just occasionally, because it had to cover their food, drinks, and clothes.

Students with higher monthly allowance, like four or five thousand yuan, could dine in a high-end canteen every day, but there werent many of them.

Gu Ning went to dine in No.

3 canteen, not because she disdained the food served in ordinary canteens, but because she preferred to enjoy a better meal since she could afford it.

After all, the food in an ordinary canteen wasnt comparable to that in a high-end canteen.

After Gu Ning and her friends walked away, all the instructors also went to have a meal in the canteen.

They dined in No.

3 canteen as well, but they only went to the appointed restaurant.

As instructors, they could enjoy a good meal.

“Hu, whats the name of the girl who had the competition with you just now” an instructor asked.

“Gu Ning,” said Hu Zijian.

He somehow felt a little strange upon thinking of the result.

“Shes amazing! Even you failed to defeat her,” another instructor said.

He wasnt disdaining Hu Zijian, but simply thought that Gu Ning was too strong.

Moreover, they were basically at the same level.

If Hu Zijian couldnt win the competition against Gu Ning, they couldnt do it either.

“Right, I think she might be a match for our boss!” said an instructor.

He was talking about Rong Jue.

“Shes better than me,” said Rong Jue with certainty.

Rong Jue didnt think it was embarrassing to admit that he wasnt as good as a girl, because he never believed that women were weaker than men.

In the military circle, there were many female officers at a high level as well.


Knowing that, everyone was shocked.

They couldnt believe Gu Ning was even better than their boss.

“She could easily beat Hu within seconds, but I cant,” said Rong Jue.

“Really I dont think so.

They fought with each other for a while,” someone said with doubt.

“Because she was gentle to me at the beginning.

Perhaps she didnt want me to completely fail.

Right after I told her to show me her real abilities, she beat me within seconds,” said Hu Zijian.

It was embarrassing to admit it, but Hu Zijian didnt hate or hold a grudge against Gu Ning.

On the contrary, he had respect towards her.

Hearing that, the others nodded and admired Gu Ning even more.

“This girl must have been training ever since she was little.

She cant be born in an ordinary family,” said an instructor.

People who were born in extraordinary families would be put into a complicated situation so that they needed to learn to protect themselves.

Although it wasnt definite, it was highly possible.

“Could she be born in a military family Her pose for standing at attention is quite standard.”

“Is her family a powerful gang in the underworld”

“Or is she a rich heiress”

They kept guessing about Gu Nings family background.

“Her information is on the Internet.

She comes from City F.

She started a business last year, but now shes a billionaire.

No one knows how rich she is,” said Rong Jue.

“What A billionaire No way!”

“She just started a business last year”

“She must be a rich heiress.”

“Well, I think shes super rich as well right now.”


Everyone was amazed.

As soldiers, most of them had moral standards, so they didnt think Gu Ning had played dirty tricks to win a fortune.

Not everyone had to play dirty tricks to become successful, and ones own abilities mattered the most.

“I thought we might persuade her to join the army, but it seems impossible now,” said Hu Zijian.

He really had that idea.

Not only Hu Zijian, but Rong Jue who is the captain, also had the same idea.

However, after learning more about Gu Nings background, he realized it was impossible.

Right when Gu Ning and her friends arrived at the canteen, they saw Gao Shiyan who supported her waist with her hand looking uncomfortable and Lu Xiaoxiao.

There were two other girls with them, and they came to dine in this high-end canteen as well.

They were all rich kids, so it was quite normal that they came to dine here.

In fact, there were many students in this high-end canteen.

The moment Gao Shiyan saw Gu Ning, she was instinctively scared, but was unwilling to show her real feelings in front of Gu Ning.

She didnt think Gu Ning would beat her again if she stayed away from her.

Therefore, Gao Shiyan only gave Gu Ning a glare before walking away.

Gu Ning had no interest in arguing with Gao Shiyan, so she ignored her from the beginning to the end.

They went to a simple restaurant and ordered clay pot rice each.

None of them would pay the bill, because they paid for their own orders.

After having the meal, they went to have a nap in the dorm room.

The military training would begin at 2:30 pm, and it was only 1 pm when they went back to the dorm room, so they could have a nap for an hour.

They planned to go out at 2 pm later.

In the afternoon, they practiced standing at attention for another half an hour.

Most of the students were suffering, but nobody dared to say anything.

Afterwards, they had a break of 10 minutes.

Even though 10 minutes wasnt a short time, it passed by very quickly in the students eyes.

After that, they began to practice a quick march.

Finally, todays training was over, but they had to gather together at the square for singing later that night.

Knowing that, many students were upset.

They were too tired to sing! It was absolutely torture.


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