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Chapter 1813: The Instructor Loses

The instructor didnt use his full strength either, because he didnt know Gu Nings real ability.

He was afraid that he might hurt her.

It was just a competition for fun.

There was no need for them to hurt each other.

The game between two people at a high level was quite exciting, and everyone was cheering and yelling.

People who hoped that Gu Ning could win were worried about her, but they didnt stop encouraging her in their hearts.

They didnt shout it aloud, because they were afraid that the instructor might be displeased.

Some people thought it wouldnt be a bad result to be a tie, because the instructor wouldnt be embarrassed or stack the deck against Gu Ning if it happened.

Those who couldnt wait to see Gu Ning lose, however, were unhappy with the current situation.

They kept praying that Gu Ning would lose.

Outsiders might not be able to see the skills, but Rong Jue could easily see the real level of the instructor and Gu Ning.

Therefore, his look at Gu Ning subconsciously changed.

Gu Ning was even stronger than he thought, because Hu was a top soldier in the special forces, but he seemed barely comparable to Gu Ning.

Although neither of them had used their full strength yet, he could see that Gu Ning was better than Hu.

Hu was Gu Nings instructor.

His full name was Hu Zijian, while his friends all called him Hu.

Hu Zijian also felt that Gu Ning was being gentle to him.

He was surprised and mad, because he didnt think Gu Ning took him as a match.

“Show me what you can really do!” Hu Zijian shouted to Gu Ning with dissatisfaction.

Without delay, he began to attack Gu Ning more violently.

He knew that he wouldnt hurt Gu Ning even if he used full strength.

It would be embarrassing if he lost to Gu Ning, but he wouldnt harbor a grudge against her.

He was a person of noble character after all, and he knew what he could do and what he shouldnt do.

“Sure, but sorry if I hurt you,” Gu Ning said and stopped being gentle to Hu Zijian.

She used greater strength at once, but not her full strength yet, because it was actually enough to defeat the instructor within seconds.

Gu Ning only used more strength and directly beat Hu Zijian to the ground.

In other words, Hu Zijian lost.

The scene shocked everyone, including Rong Jue.

He could see that Gu Ning was better than Hu, but didnt expect to see such a huge gap.

He was sure that Gu Ning hadnt used her full strength yet.

However, she didnt need to use her full strength to easily beat Hu.

Since Hu lost to Gu Ning within such a short time, Rong Jue had no doubt that he would quickly lose too if he had a competition with Gu Ning.

He might only take a relatively longer time to defeat.

Thinking of that, Rong Jue stared at Gu Ning with mixed emotions.

Even Hu Zijian was stunned.

He lost the competition so fast!

“Jesus, I cant believe my eyes.

Did the instructor lose”

“Yeah, he indeed lost, but its quite unbelievable.

I think its just an accident.”

“Me too.

It must be an accident.”


Many people couldnt believe the result.

Even those who felt that Gu Ning could win were amazed by her efficiency.

Some students, on the other hand, werent surprised at all.

“I knew Gu Ning would win.

She can beat dozens of security guards all on her own.”

Hearing that, others were surprised, including the instructors and Rong Jue.

“What She can beat dozens of security guards all on her own Are you sure”

“It cant be true!”

Many people refused to believe it.

“Have you beaten dozens of security guards by yourself” Rong Jue directly asked Gu Ning.

“Yes.” It wasnt a secret, because there were videos about that on the Internet, so Gu Ning admitted it without hesitation.

Although Gu Ning admitted it, many people still couldnt believe it.

“Search for the news on the Internet if you dont believe it,” said a student.

Hearing that, most students took out their phones at once to find out the truth.

Right when they were about to search for the new, Rong Jue stopped them.

“Its time for military training.

No one is allowed to play with their phones.”

Although Rong Jue was curious as well, it was time for military training.

Not only the students, but the instructors were also forbidden to use their phones.

As the chief instructor, Rong Jue could disobey the rule, but he would avoid them to use his phone.

However, Rong Jue trusted Gu Ning.

Hearing Rong Jues criticism, they had to put their phones back to their pockets.

At this time, Hu Zijian came back to his senses standing up.

He looked at Gu Ning without the slightest anger.

Instead, he admired her.

“I lost,” said Hu Zijian.

Everyone knew it, but he still said it aloud to show his attitude.

Afterwards, they continued to have military training.

Nevertheless, this time, many people sent different glances at Gu Ning.

Although Hu Zijian lost the competition to Gu Ning, his mood wasnt affected, so he stayed calm and didnt pick on Gu Ning in the following hours.

Once they continued to have military training, Rong Jue walked aside to search for more information about Gu Ning on the Internet.

The second he read the news about her, he was shocked.

Gu Ning was only 19 this year, but she had already achieved a lot.

Even he couldnt believe his eyes, but he knew the news was real.

After that, Gu Ning felt Rong Jue glancing at her once in a while.

She knew that he must have learned more about her from the Internet, so he changed his opinion about her.

Gu Ning didnt care about Rong Jues opinion about her, as long as he had no intention of hurting her.

They practiced standing at attention in the morning, then ran a kilometer before practicing marching.

A lot of students were exhausted and starving.

Those who still had a little strength ran to the canteen to fill their stomachs.

Those who were too tired to run chose to walk there slowly.

Gu Ning, however, was at ease.

She walked ahead, waiting for Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue to come over.

They would dine together later.

“Gu Ning, I heard that you just had a competition of fighting skills with the instructor You won, right I need to know every detail! Did the instructor pick on you afterwards” Song Miaoge asked worriedly.

Baili Zongxue also looked worried while staring at Gu Ning.


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