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Gu Ning arrived at the siheyuan before 6 pm.

Shangguan Yang knew that Gu Ning didnt just come to have a meal with him.

What he felt hard to face now was that Gu Ning wanted to become a cultivator although she was a mortal.


It was really too dangerous.


When Gu Ning came, the dishes were placed on the table, so they enjoyed the meal before talking about the business.


After having dinner, Gu Ning asked to have a private talk with Shangguan Yang, so they went to the study room together.


“What do you want to talk about with me” Shangguan Yang asked.

Although he guessed it might have something to do with her hope to become a cultivator as a mortal, he still wanted to hear the answer from her mouth.


“Grandpa Shangguan, do you know the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern” asked Gu Ning.


“Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern Of course, have you heard of it too” Shangguan Yang was surprised.


Gu Ning didnt answer Shangguan Yangs question, but asked, “Grandpa Shangguan, can you tell me its effects”


Shangguan Yang didnt bother to keep it secret and told Gu Ning, “Its always said since ancient times that it was a piece of jade that gathers essence.

If a cultivator obtains it, itll also be a great help to cultivation.”


“How about mortals” asked Gu Ning.


“For mortals, it is of no use.

At most, it can improve ones health,” Shangguan Yang said.


“Grandpa Shangguan, actually I saw it in the Palace Museum a few days ago.

To be specific, it led the way for me to find it,” said Gu Ning.


Hearing that, Shangguan Yang was astonished.

“What You saw it in the Palace Museum It led the way for you to find it”


He thought the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern had already disappeared and he bet Gu Ning must have read about it in a book.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning really had seen it in real life.

The jade also led the way for her to find it.


It aroused Shangguan Yangs interest.


“Yes, so I bought it.

Shaoting and his mother were there too, but they dont know its use.

Right after I walked away with it, a cultivator noticed me and followed me.

He showed up for the jade.

During this time, the cultivator wont stop following me, so I thought it might have a special meaning for cultivators,” said Gu Ning.


Shangguan Yang didnt think it was surprising that Leng Shaoting and his mother knew nothing about the jade, because not many people were aware of its existence.


“Since the jade led the way for you itself, it happened for a reason,” said Shangguan Yang.


“I have the same idea, so I dont dare to open the box, because Im afraid something bad might happen.

I need your advice,” said Gu Ning.


However, upon thinking of her secret, Gu Ning hesitated to tell Shangguan Yang about it.

If she wanted to solve this problem, it seemed she must share her secret with Shangguan Yang.


Shangguan Yang could see Gu Ning had worries, so he said, “If you want to learn more about it, you naturally should share your secrets with me.

Well, if you still want to keep some of them away from me, I wont ask further about them.”


Gu Ning thought for a while, then said, “Grandpa Shangguan, I ran into a fortune-teller before.

He said Ive been through a tribulation.

I should have been killed, but it didnt happen afterwards.

Grandpa Shangguan, do you see any differences about me from other mortals”


Shangguan Yang was a cultivator, not a fortune-teller, but it didnt mean he couldnt see anything special about Gu Ning.


Because his level was very high, he was able to read mortals fate.


Hearing what Gu Ning said, Shangguan Yang put on a serious expression.

“Right, I do see some difference about you.

A year ago, you were caught by a tribulation.

Your soul was killed, but your body survived.

It meant there were two souls in your body back then.

One of them died, while the other survived.

It isnt strange for cultivators, because most cultivators have been through tribulations.”


Exactly because of that, he never had asked Gu Ning, a mortal, why she had unbelievable abilities.


Knowing that, Gu Ning realized she had been too worried.

It turned out to be very normal in Shangguan Yangs eyes.


Therefore, Gu Ning became relaxed.


“If so, Grandpa Shangguan, I think I can tell you the truth now.

Im not the original Gu Ning.

Im another person, but I was reincarnated and my soul went into Gu Nings body,” said Gu Ning.


Shangguan Yang was amazed.

Although he could see that Gu Ning had two souls in the same body, he didnt know another persons soul entered her body after being killed.

He had never seen such a thing before!


He thought Gu Ning was simply reincarnated after death and her soul happened to have unbelievable abilities.


All of a sudden, Shangguan Yang thought of something and rounded his eyes in shock.

“Does the jade give you any more feelings”


“It makes me feel excited, and I somehow feel were connected,” said Gu Ning.


“No way! Were you reincarnated because of the ancient Blood of the Phoenix” said Shangguan Yang.

He couldnt believe it, but it was highly possible.


Gu Ning was shocked, because Shangguan Yang hit the point.

She was reincarnated precisely because of the ancient Blood of the Phoenix.


“Theres an ancient jade named theBlood of the Phoenix.

Its made of the blood of a phoenix and the soul of the earth.

It has magical power, which enables you to live forever or be reborn.”


It was what she could hear from her mind after her reincarnation.


Seeing Gu Nings reaction, Shangguan Yang was sure he was right.

He took a long breath, then said, “In fact, the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern was originally an ordinary piece of jade, but it absorbed a drop of blood of the Blood of the Phoenix by accident.

It then turned to be a magic object.

The Blood of the Phoenix was made of the blood of a phoenix and the soul of the earth.

It contains unbelievable power, which can make a dead person alive again and change ones fate.”


In that case, the special feelings the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern gave her was because of the drop of blood of the Blood of the Phoenix it had absorbed.


“Right, I was reincarnated because of the Blood of the Phoenix.” Since Shangguan Yang was aware of the ancient Blood of the Phoenix, Gu Ning became honest and straightforward.


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