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“Oh, really Tell me what your father can do to shut me out of the entertainment industry,” said Chu Peihan with mockery.

She was challenging Ke Lili.

She didnt believe that Pegasus Entertainment could do whatever it wanted in the entertainment industry.


Some people might be afraid of Pegasus Entertainment.

As long as it gave the order, there would be many who didnt dare to invite her to play a role.


At the same time, some people didnt care about it.


In addition to Huatian Entertainment, Fenghua Entertainment wouldnt be scared either.


If Gu Ning learned that her friend was going to be shut out of the industry, she would be the first one who stood out for Chu Peihan.


After all, Gu Ning dared to hire Lu Zhan who had been shut out by an important figure before, so she wouldnt be afraid of Pegasus Entertainment.


If Pegasus Entertainment dared to do anything to hurt Chu Peihan, Gu Ning would certainly punish it severely.




Seeing that Chu Peihan wasnt afraid of Pegasus Entertainment, Ke Lili was mad.

She also wondered whether Chu Peihan was from a rich or powerful family too.


Otherwise, she should be afraid of Pegasus Entertainment!


It was also possible that Chu Peihan was pretending to be calm, and she actually knew nothing about Pegasus Entertainment.


“Why are you so confident How dare you disdain Pegasus Entertainment” asked Ke Lili.

She could only deal with Chu Peihan better after knowing her background.


It was a minor conflict, but Ke Lili deliberately made it big and took Chu Peihan as her enemy.


Jealousy made people ugly.


“Do you plan to bully the weak and stay away from the strong Whatever you want to do, just do it now! If you cant do anything, stay quiet and stop causing me trouble,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt bother to tell Ke Lili her background, because she hated to take advantage of other people with that.

She would only fight back by all means if anyone deliberately offended her.


“You…” Ke Lili was mad.

“Great, lets go and see.

I hope you wont regret it.”


Since Chu Peihan refused to tell, Ke Lili didnt say or do anything.

She could only give herself an out by threatening Chu Peihan.


After that, Ke Lili slammed the door and walked out, followed by another girl.

The girl was Ke Lilis lackey and she relied on Ke Lili to get into the entertainment industry, so she didnt dare to leave her alone.


Chu Peihan wasnt affected and began to organize her stuff.



Yu Mixi kindly greeted her roommates at their first meeting.

They also had an appointment to dine together this afternoon.


Yu Mixi asked them whether she could go with her boyfriend.


“Yu Mixi, no way! You just came here and you already have a boyfriend”


Yu Mixis roommates were surprised once they heard that.


“Well, we went to the same high school and were accepted by the same university,” said Yu Mixi.


Knowing that, her roommates understood that they were a very loving couple.


They didnt mind if Yu Mixi came with her boyfriend, and they also wanted to see what her boyfriend was like.


Yu Mixi then told Mu Ke about that.

Coincidentally, Mu Ke and his roommates also agreed to dine together and he proposed to bring his girlfriend as well.

Mu Kes roommates agreed too.


However, there was a disagreement now.

After discussion, Mu Ke and his roommates decided to buy a meal for Yu Mixi and her roommates.

The boys would split the bill.


Although the girls felt a little embarrassed, they still agreed in the end.


Anyway, there were three things all the college students had to do in their universities, which were to skip classes, fail exams, and have a date.


The girls also hoped to enjoy a romantic relationship in the university, and it was also a great chance for them to spend some time with the boys.


It was just one of their thoughts, it wasnt the only purpose of them having the meal together with the boys.

They just enrolled for the school, so they didnt have a clear purpose yet.



Gu Ning didnt go to her school today.

She planned to go there tomorrow.


In the afternoon, Gu Ning told Shangguan Yang that she would visit him for dinner.


She mainly aimed to study the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.



Since Tang Bingsen wasnt the chairman of the Tang Organization right now, his secretary didnt need to stay by his side.

The two mercenaries also left, so Tang Bingsens housekeeper was taking care of him now.


The housekeeper was loyal to Tang Bingsen, so he didnt leave Tang Bingsen when he was in trouble, but most of the other servants in the Tang family already quit.


They werent afraid the Tang family wouldnt be able to pay them salaries, but they were worried about being dragged into a dangerous situation.

After all, Tang Bingsen became sick and poor because his enemy had taken revenge on him.


Tang Bingsen was getting sicker and sicker.

After knowing that Tang Qingyang had taken over the Tang Organization, he had another heart attack and almost died.


Although he survived in the end, he stayed unconscious longer than he was awake each day.

Even the hospital made it clear that his life might be in danger at any time.


Besides, Tang Bingsen was in a very bad condition and couldnt travel a long journey.

As a result, even if Ji Yijing wanted to take Tang Bingsen abroad for treatment, it wasnt likely.


Tang Yaxin was in the same condition, so Ji Yijing almost had a breakdown.


What was worse, that afternoon, the wedding company managed by Ji Yijing also encountered trouble.

Its warehouse suddenly caught fire and the data suddenly went wrong.

She faced a large amount of liquidated damages from clients and lost funds of up to thirty million yuan.


Although the Tang Organization was already taken over by Tang Qingyang, thirty million yuan was still a small amount of money for the Tang family.

However, unfortunately, Ji Yijings suspected hit-and-run incident was exposed and she was put under investigation by the police.

Therefore, she couldnt deal with the problem of her company.


Facing the series of serious problems, Ji Yijing felt too stressed and passed out.


It had nothing to do with Gu Ning, because the Tang family had many enemies.

It used to be very influential, so its enemies didnt dare to do anything.

However, the Tang family was different now, so its enemies seized this great chance to punish Tang Bingsens family.


Although it wasnt Gu Nings business, Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to pay special attention to it, so they kept reporting the latest news to Gu Ning, so she was aware of everything.


Tang Qingyang arranged for someone to spy on Tang Bingsen too.

He made up an excuse that he sent someone to take care of Tang Bingsen, but actually he was learning what Tang Bingsen was doing these days.


To the outside world, no one knew that he had schemed Tang Bingsen, so he had to play his role well.


For now, Tang Bingsen and Tang Yaxin were struggling to survive.

If they were blessed, they might live for a few more months.


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