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Chapter 177 That Female Student Is You

Gu Ning couldnt help smiling with happiness.

Good night.

At that time, Leng Shaoting had just locked his car door and was walking to an elevator.

He immediately checked his phone when he received the message back from Gu Ning.

There was a faint smile on his lips.

If Xu jinchen and others saw that, they would be greatly surprised.

They would even doubt that the sun rose from the west.

Because they had known Leng Shaoting from at least five years to over 10 years, but they had never seen him being so happy.

He always wore a cold face, and seemed aloof.

Leng Shaotings personality had a lot to do with his family, so those who knew his background only had sympathy for him.

Therefore, each one of the Red Flame supported Leng Shaoting.

When Gu Ning got home, Gu Qings family was there too, but they looked worried.

Jiang Xinyue was sitting on the sofa with her head lowered remaining quiet.

Gu Ning immediately understood what was going on.

Gu Ning hadnt helped Jiang Xinyue remove her injury to keep it as proof.

Now her family had found out about it.

Jiang Xinyue had probably already told them everything.

Gu Ning opened her mouth and was ready to tell them the truth in person, but Gu Qing interrupted her.

“Ningning, I know youre a good child who is able to make decisions on your own.

Can you help me with something” Gu Ning stood up from the sofa looking at Gu Ning for help.

Gu Ning was struck dumb.


“Sure, please tell me what happened” Gu Ning curbed her confusion for now.

“Xinyue was slapped by some of her schoolmates today, but she refused to tell us the reason.

We then called her head teacher.

Her teacher told us that the girl who slapped Xinyue is the daughter of Xia Mingshan.

Another student who had helped Xinyue was taken into the police station afterwards.

I seriously dont know how to deal with it.

Can you give me some advice” Gu Qings voice was trembling.

Gu Qing had almost fainted when she had heard that.

Her heart ached that Jiang Xinyue had been slapped.

She also felt sorry

for the student who had helped Jiang Xinyue and had been taken away by the policemen.

She was afraid of Xia Mingshan too.

All in all, both Gu Qing and Gu Man were very anxious throughout the day, but they didnt have the ability nor wisdom to handle it, so they could only wait until Gu Ning got home.

Jiang Xinyues head teacher wasnt clear about the details and the result.

Thus he didnt tell Gu Qing that Gu Ning was the student who had helped Jiang Xinyue, and that Gu Ning had soon been released.

Gu Ning was shocked that Jiang Xinyue had kept her mouth closed.

Indeed, because Gu Ning had told her not to tell their families, Jiang Xinyue hadnt say anything about Gu Nings


If their families found out that Gu Ning had been involved in it, they would have been more worried.

In fact, right now they were truly more concerned about the student who had helped Jiang Xinyue and had been taken away by the policemen.

It was because of Jiang Xinyue that she had been caught.

They all felt guilty.

Gu Ning was happy to know that Jiang Xinyue was able to keep her promise.

It proved that Jiang Xinyue was someone that she could trust.

“Dont worry.

If you cant handle it, I understand,” Gu Qing added.

She didnt want to burden Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had helped them a lot already.

If they had been able to deal with it themselves, they wouldnt have bothered Gu Ning.

Gu Ning sighed secretly.

She knew that she couldnt hide it any longer, so she told them the truth, “Aunt, uncle, please relax.

The problem has already been solved by me…”

Everyone was shocked to know that Gu Ning was the student who had helped Jiang Xinyue and had been arrested by the policemen.

“What The female student is you” Gu Qing couldnt believe it.

“Ningning, how-how can you be so bold Are you alright” Gu Man dashed to Gu Ning.

She checked Gu Nings body to see if she was injured or not.

“Mom, Im fine.

Ive been practicing kung fu recently.

Several men cant even beat me down! Although I did beat those students, it was their fault.

I dont need to take much responsibility for it.

I have a friend who is a military officer.

He called someone in the Public Security Bureau, and those policemen let me go right away.

And you dont need to worry about that Leader Xia.

He is nothing compared to my friend,” Gu Ning comforted them.

Gu Man and others were fully confused by her complicated explanation, but since Gu Ning said they would be fine, they believed it.

As for her friend who was a military officer, Gu Man and others were very curious about how they met each other.

They cared about Gu Nings safety after all.

However, they didnt ask the question in the end.

Instead, they chose to believe that Gu Ning could handle her life.

After a short silence, Gu Man suddenly said to Gu Ning, “Ningning, weve read the VIPs material in our beauty salon today.

Your eldest aunt is a VIP in Kamei too.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was a little surprised.

“Its no big deal.

We just continue to do what we should do,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt think that they needed to hide or anything.

Gu Man and Gu Qing wouldnt stay in the beauty salon all day, so it wasnt highly likely that they would meet.

Even if they met, it wasnt a bad thing to let Lin Lijuan know that they were the bosses now.

The next day was a rainy day.

Gu Ning couldnt run to her school, so she didnt leave her home that early.

Around 6 am, Gu Ning walked out with an umbrella.

Leng Shaoting was already waiting for her outside of zone G.

He knew that Gu Ning was accustomed to running to her school, but she couldnt do it on a rainy day, so he went to drive her to school.

The minute Gu Ning got outside, she notice a familiar car stopped at the roadside.

Leng Shaoting was standing beside it holding an umbrella.

Gu Ning was touched.

Leng Shaoting immediately opened the car door for Gu Ning.

“Its a rainy day.

Let me take you to school.”

Gu Ning didnt hesitate, but walked straight over to get in the



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