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Chapter 1786: An Obvious Lie

Since this cultivator came here, Gu Ning thought he must have come for her and he could have figured out her identity, but she didnt know how much he knew about her now.

It was true that the cultivator had done his homework and he was amazed by Gu Nings achievements too.

He originally thought she was only an ordinary girl, but she was actually extraordinary.

At such a young age, she already became a billionaire and was also a kung fu master.

However, no matter how good Gu Ning was at fighting, the cultivator didnt think she was a match for him.

Gu Ning was unusually strong because her competitors were mortals.

Therefore, the cultivator was more careful when he followed Gu Ning this time, but he didnt think she would find him.

He didnt know Gu Nings real abilities, so he refused to believe that he would be exposed.

Gu Ning ignored the cultivator for the time being and let him follow her.

They were in public after all, so he couldnt hurt her.

She could feel him around her and she would know whether he was there or left.

She wasnt afraid that he might secretly attack her.

On both sides of the school passage, there were welcome points of various departments.

Because the senior students hadnt come to school yet, the people at these welcome points were all members and cadres of the student union.

If freshmen didnt know how to enroll, they could turn to these students or seniors for help.

Most of the male seniors were only interested in beautiful female freshmen and they used this great chance for the purpose of getting a girlfriend.

Although Gu Ning and her friends came to the Capital University for the first time, they were not worried that they could not find the enrollment place, so they didnt ask anyone and slowly walked inside.

Chu Peihan and Gu Nings other friends came with her mainly to see what the Capital University was like.

If there was a guide, they might not be able to enjoy themselves.

The Capital University was the top university in their country, so there were many famous buildings and views.

Although Gu Ning came here for the first time, this was a place for her to study for three years, so she naturally got to know it first before coming here.

Accordingly, she introduced it to her friends of her own accord.

Gu Ning and her friends walked inside without asking for anyones help, but they still attracted a lot of attention from several male seniors of the student union because of their outstanding appearances.

“They must be freshmen, right”

“Yeah, they seem to be.”

“Come on, we cant miss this great chance to help such beautiful girls.”

“Is it possible that theyve already enrolled yesterday.

They only have one suitcase.”

“Its possible, but its hard to tell.

Perhaps their friends came with them.”

“Right, lets go ask them.”

Saying that, two male senior students walked to Gu Ning and her friends.

“Hi, are you freshmen who came to enroll” a boy asked.

Both of them were handsome and outgoing, or they wouldnt have agreed to try to strike up a conversation with Gu Ning and her friends.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

Hearing that, they were excited.

“Why dont we lead you there” another boy said.

“Thanks, but we can go there on our own.” Gu Ning declined.

The two senior students were a little disappointed, but they didnt give it up.

“It doesnt matter.

We can also introduce our school to you along the way.”

“Thanks, Ive learned enough about it,” Gu Ning politely said.

After being declined twice, the two senior students felt embarrassed to insist, in case they left a bad impression on Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning declined twice, she had a very kind attitude, so the two senior students werent annoyed.

Just as they were about to say something again, they were interrupted by an unkind girl before they could say it aloud.

“What are you doing here With so many new students coming in and so few people to help, how could you still have time to chat here”

The girl was Yuan Shuyan, and Gu Ning had run into her last night.

In fact, Gu Ning had already noticed her before she opened her mouth, because Yuan Shuyan kept looking at them with an unkind look.

When she knew it was Yuan Shuyan, Gu Ning was still a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, they were accepted by the same university.

Yuan Shuyan was also very surprised to see them again, and they turned out to be the freshmen.

Thinking of what had happened last night, Yuan Shuyan was still mad, so she decided to find fault with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and her friends werent dumb, and they understood what Yuan Shuyan was doing.

“Hi, Deputy Minister Yuan.” The two boys immediately put on a serious face with a trace of respect.

Yuan Shuyan was the deputy minister of the Department of Arts, and her family was the famous Yuan family in the capital.

However, she wasnt its direct descendant, she was just a collateral relative.

Even though she wasnt an important member of the Yuan family, her family background was still very influential, so many people stood in awe of her.

They werent afraid of her title of the deputy minister of the Department of Arts, but her identity as a member of the Yuan family.

“Who told you we were chatting” Chu Peihan argued with dissatisfaction.

“Werent you What were you doing if you werent chatting Im not blind!” Yuan Shuyan said, believing that they were just wasting time chatting.

“You are not only blind, but also sick.

The two seniors kindly asked us if we need help, we dont need it, so we declined.

The conversation didnt even last a minute.

How come it becomes a meaningless talk Youre deliberately finding fault here!” Chu Peihan accused.

Hearing Chu Peihan retorted in that way, Gu Ning didnt stop her, because she didnt have much tolerance for people who deliberately came to find fault either.

If they didnt fight back, they might be regarded as the weak.

There were already many people in the school, and Chu Peihans voice wasnt low.

Her roar soon aroused the attention of other people.

Chu Peihans words immediately annoyed Yuan Shuyan.

As everyone turned to look at them, Yuan Shuyan felt even more embarrassed, and became angrier.

“How dare you say that Im blind and sick Do you know who I am Im the deputy minister of the Department of Arts.

You should show some respect! I just wanted to remind you that the seniors are very busy and dont waste their time.

Am I wrong”

She was blaming Chu Peihan for everything to protect her reputation and image.

In that case, Chu Peihan became the bad person in peoples eyes.

It was really not a good thing when these freshmen had an argument with the deputy minister of the Department of Arts on the first day of enrollment.

“Youre lying in public! Admit it that youre still mad at us for what happened last night and so youre trying to make things difficult for us now.

Nobodys an idiot here.

If you hadnt jumped out all of a sudden, we would have left already.

We wouldnt have wasted any of your time.

Youre the one whos wasting everyones time here!” Chu Peihan said and didnt hesitate to expose their grudge.


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