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“Are you Gu Ning” the old man directly asked Gu Ning.


Although it was a question, it seemed he already had the affirmative answer and was simply waiting to hear the answer from Gu Nings mouth.


The old man had heard most of Gu Nings achievements, and he admired her very much.


“Yes, I am,” Gu Ning said.


“Did you accompany your friend for enrollment” the old man asked again.

Actually, he was aware that Gu Ning was already accepted by the Capital University.


“Yes,” said Gu Ning, then she politely asked, “May I know your name”


“I am a professor in the Acting Department of Capital Film Academy, Gu Guangmiao.” The old man introduced himself.


“Nice to meet you, Professor Gu,” Gu Ning greeted him when she heard his voice.

Chu Peihan and her other friends also greeted him.


“Then who of you is here to enroll” Gu Guangmiao asked.


“Its me, Professor Gu,” said Chu Peihan.


“Whats your name” asked Gu Guangmiao.


“My names Chu Peihan,” said Chu Peihan.


“Chu Peihan I think Ive heard this name before.

By the way, whats your level at the art test and how many points did you get into the school with” Gu Guangmiao asked.


Hearing that, Gu Ning and her other friends were a little surprised.

They thought that Professor Gu had probably heard of Chu Peihans name because she had an outstanding performance in the tests.


It was true.

Precisely because of Chu Peihans outstanding performance in the tests, Gu Guangmiao had heard of her name from other teachers discussion, but he didnt pay much attention to it.

As a result, he didnt have a deep impression of her.


“My art test score is A, and the culture score is 653 points,” Chu Peihan calmly said.

She didnt show much pride and complacency because of such excellent results.


“Very good! Youre among the top students of this year,” Gu Guangmiao said with satisfaction.


“Thank you for your compliment, Professor Gu.” Chu Peihan smiled.

She was very happy to get the compliment from a greatly respected professor in their film academy.


“Oh, have you ever played any roles before” Gu Guangmiao asked again.


“Ive played an unimportant role in Infinite Horror.

The roles name is Feifei.

I was one of the students in the archeology team,” said Chu Peihan.


“Oh, youre the girl named Feifei in Infinite Horror! Ive watched the film.

Your acting isnt bad,” Gu Guangmiao said with surprise and he felt more satisfied with Chu Peihans performance.


Chu Peihan was happy to win Professor Gus approval again, but she didnt show much of her real feelings on her face.

“Thanks, Professor Gu, its my honor to have your approval.

Ill do my best to become a great actress.”


If Chu Peihan knew Gu Guangmiaos status and prestige, she would definitely feel much happier than she was right now.


“Great, I believe you can do it.

Well, I shouldnt be wasting more of your time.

You can go now!” Gu Guangmiao said.


“See you, Professor Gu.” They said good-bye to Gu Guangmiao and left together.


Once Gu Ning and her friends left, a male teacher walked to Professor Gu.

“Professor Gu, is she your relative”


It wasnt a secret that Gu Guangmiao normally had no interest in talking to students of his own accord, so this teacher thought they must be relatives.


“Not really, shes a freshman.

The girl in white named Gu Ning.

Shes a genius.

She was admitted to the Capital University in advance with a full score in the National College Entrance Examination this year.

She also has great abilities.

She started her own business at a very young age and is now a billionaire.

Ive read a lot of news about her, so I greeted her when I saw her just now,” Gu Guangmiao said.


“What Shes Gu Ning She started her own business at a very young age and is now a billionaire”


Hearing that, the male teacher was shocked.

He knew that the top scorer of this years entrance exam was Gu Ning, but he didnt know that she was super rich.


“Right!” said Gu Guangmiao.


Gu Ning and her friends hadnt walked far when their way was blocked by two girls, but they werent aggressive.

Instead, they were quite excited.


“Sorry to interrupt you.

Are you Professor Gus relative” a girl asked Chu Peihan.


“Im not.” Chu Peihan felt it was strange.

She had just talked with Professor Gu for a short while.

Why did they take her as his relative


“No way! If not, why did he talk to you for so long” another girl said and refused to believe it.

She thought that Chu Peihan was lying to their faces.


Chu Peihan rolled her eyes.

“Cant Professor Gu talk to other people in addition to his relatives”


They were a bunch of strange people in Chu Peihans eyes.


Gu Ning, however, realized that Professor Gu might be very special in this school, because everyone looked astonished when Professor Gu went to talk with them of his own accord.


“We all know that Professor Gu has a very strange character and he never talks to students of his own accord, unless its in his classes,” the girl said.

“If youre not Professor Gus relative, your parents must know him.”


Anyway, they believed that Chu Peihan must be Professor Gus acquaintance.


Chu Peihan finally figured out their meaning.

They simply believed that she had a relationship with Professor Gu and got into this school through that.


Chu Peihan was utterly displeased and sneered, “Were not Professor Gus relatives, and this is our first time meeting him.

Believe it or not, we need to go now!”


After that, Chu Peihan pulled Gu Ning and walked away, followed by Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.


The two girls didnt stop them, but one of them snorted with disdain after they walked away, “I dont buy her words.

She must know Professor Gu.

It isnt a big deal.

Even if she knows Professor Gu, she might not become his disciple.”


This girl was obviously jealous of Chu Peihan.


Gu Ning heard the girls words, and immediately learned that Professor Gu wasnt simple at all.

Without delay, she took out her phone and searched for information about him on the Internet.


Normally, a famous professor of a prestigious university had a page of basic introduction on the Internet.


After reading the information about him, Gu Ning was surprised.

To her astonishment, Gu Guangmiao held great reputation and prestige.


“Chu Peihan, youre quite lucky today!” said Gu Ning with a smile.

She felt happy for Chu Peihan because Gu Guangmiao had complimented her.


“What are you talking about” Chu Peihan was confused.


“Read it for yourself!” Gu Ning directly handed her phone to Chu Peihan, and Chu Peihan took it at once.


After reading the information about Gu Guangmiao, Chu Peihan was thrilled.

“Jesus, Professor Gu is such an important figure in the film industry! Im indeed so lucky today!”


Although Professor Gu had just complimented her, Chu Peihan felt she was quite lucky.


“Well, if Professor Gu is willing to accept you as his disciple, itll be the best.

If not, its also a good thing to get his advice,” said Gu Ning.


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