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Chapter 1775: Read too Many Wuxia Novels

Then it was shooting darts, which was a little more difficult.

Only when you hit the red heart could you get a reward, and you need to hit it with at least 5 out of 10 darts.

Chu Peihan happened to hit it with 5 darts, Mu Ke hit it with 4 darts, while Yu Mixi only hit it with 2 darts, so only Chu Peihan got a reward.

Once again, Chu Peihan and her friends got many compliments from onlookers.

“Boss, come here! Hit the red heart with all 10 darts! I want the big toy bear,” said Chu Peihan and pushed Gu Ning out.

The rewards were totally different when one hit the red heart with only 5 darts and all the 10 darts.

“All the 10 darts Sounds as if its very easy.

Stop bragging.” The second Chu Peihan finished, an unkind female voice sounded.

Hearing it, everyone turned to look at the girl.

Gu Ning wasnt affected, but felt the girl was too childish.

Chu Peihan and her other friends, however, were quite displeased and glared at the girl.

The girl was the same age as them, and she came with her friends too.

There were three boys and three girls in their group.

Although they dressed in simple clothes, they were obviously international brands.

In that case, they must be a group of arrogant rich heirs.

Seeing Gu Nings friends looking at them, the girl became aggressive.

Chu Peihan argued in annoyance.

“Its none of your business whether our boss can hit the red heart with all 10 darts.”

“Of course, but I hate arrogant people.” The girl smiled with disdain.

“Arrogant Dont you think you are quite arrogant when you casually judge other people” Gu Ning mocked her.

The girl felt a little embarrassed, but refused to admit her fault.

Instead, she asked, “Do you mean you can really hit the red heart with all 10 darts”

“Its none of your business,” said Gu Ning.

“Then why dont we have a competition There is no need to hit the red heart with all the 10 darts.

Whoever can hit it with more darts wins.

What do you think” The girl challenged Gu Ning.

“A competition I like it, but I prefer one with a bet, or I have no interest,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, the girl got interested too.

It was what she wanted as well, and she asked, “Sure, what do you want to bet”

“Whoever loses will climb the mountain to the Guanyin Cave, then come down again.

The time cannot be more than half an hour.

If the loser can return within half an hour, the game is over.

If not, the loser will be punished again,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Nings proposal wasnt difficult, because she could see that the girl wasnt weak at all.

It was challenging, but wasnt hard for her.

From here to the Guanyin Cave, if one walked fast, it might take more than 40 minutes, so it was impossible for ordinary people to do that, because ordinary people had limited physical strength.

However, it wasnt a big deal for those who had a strong body or often exercised.

They only needed to walk faster and they might only feel slightly tired.

“No problem!” The girl agreed at once, because she thought it wasnt a bad idea.

Actually, they just climbed down the mountain, and she knew how much time she needed to get to the Guanyin Cave.

It wasnt very difficult for her.

She didnt care whether it was difficult for Gu Ning, because Gu Ning proposed it.

Gu Ning must be confident, or she had to suffer it later.

Right after agreeing on that, the girl asked with confusion, “What if you lose and run away”

“The competition is held between us, and other people can stay here to watch us.

Neither of us can run away, right” Gu Ning said.

She didnt feel annoyed when the girl doubted her ability, because it was too early to tell the result now.

“Oh, the loser should also have a video call along the way with her friends in case she cheats.”

“No problem,” said the girl.

She somehow admired Gu Ning for her comprehensive plan.

“Whos first” asked the girl.

“There are two vacant places.

Why dont we do it together” said Gu Ning.

“Why not!” the girl agreed.

“Fighting, Mo!” the girls friends encouraged her.

“Boss, give her a complete failure,” said Chu Peihan.

“Stop bragging! Youll have a complete failure yourself.

Youre no match for Mo!” The girls friend defended her.

“Didnt you think youre superior to other people when you were questioning our bosss ability Dont treat other people the way you dont want to be treated.

Its ridiculous to think of yourself as the center of this world.” Mu Ke also joined their argument.

He actually didnt want to argue with other people, especially girls, in public.

However, he couldnt hide himself behind his female friends backs all the time.

As a man, he should protect them, whether they were his good female friends or girlfriend.

“You…” The girls friend suddenly didnt know what to say.

“Alright, be quiet.” The girl gave her friends a glance and criticized them.

She didnt think they were wrong, but she needed them to be quiet when she started to play darts.

Once they were ready, the game began.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning threw the darts out one after another.

Surprisingly, every dart accurately hit the red heart.

It only took her 10 seconds to finish the round.

Witnessing that, everyone was stunned.

The girl who had the competition against Gu Ning kept the position of holding a dart.

She was too shocked to throw it.

After being shocked for a few seconds, the crowd burst into cheers and applause.

“Jesus, this girl is amazing! She has accurately hit the red heart with all 10 darts.”

“Right, she finished it within seconds!”

“Is she professional”

“I think shes even faster and better than a professional.

She makes me think of a kung fu master.”

“You must have read too many Wuxia novels, but I have to agree with you.

This girl indeed looks like a kung fu master.”

“Its so unbelievable.”


“I-I cant believe my eyes!” The girls friends couldnt believe what they had seen.

It was too shocking to be true!

“I wish it wasnt true, but it is.”


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