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Yu Mixi and Mu Ke felt a little tired, but it didnt affect their speed.

After climbing to the top of the mountain, it was already 3 hours later, because they didnt climb the mountain all the time and they also walked around in various grottoes and took photos.

Because they stopped once in a while, Yu Mixi and Mu Ke who werent as strong as Gu Ning and Chu Peihan didnt feel too tired.

If they were easily tired from climbing this mountain, then their exercise would have been wasted during this time.

They were much stronger physically than ordinary people after all.

“The air at the top is so fresh! I was a little tired just now, but now I suddenly feel refreshed after breathing in the air.”

As soon as she reached the top of the mountain, Chu Peihan opened her arms, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath of the air.

She had a great sense of satisfaction.

“Right!” Mu Ke and Yu Mixi agreed and took a deep breath too.

The magical power at Qianling Mountain was very pure.

Although it wasnt comparable to that at Kunlun Mountain, Gu Ning knew it was also a good place for cultivation in addition to Kunlun Mountain.

Unfortunately, Leng Shaoting couldnt come here for his cultivation.

Because the cultivation world was within the formation here, cultivators would come and go frequently even though they didnt know its exact location.

Therefore, if Leng Shaoting came, he would be easily discovered.

Then they walked to the fence, and overlooked the panoramic view of the entire capital.

“Wow, its breathtaking!”

“Exactly, we can see the whole capital city!”

Chu Peihan and her friends were greatly impressed, so was Gu Ning.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning sensed the air of a cultivator.

She was just thinking about cultivators, and now she encountered one.

What a coincidence!

The next second, Gu Ning felt someone was looking at her, and she was sure that the person must be the cultivator.

She didnt know whether it was just a coincidence or the cultivator followed her on purpose.

Gu Ning didnt turn to meet the cultivators eyes, in case the cultivator found out that she already noticed him or her.

As a result, she pretended to be appreciating the view and glanced at the direction of the cultivator at the same time.

She recognized the cultivator by a quick glance.

It was the same man who had followed her in the palace for the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

Gu Ning the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern in her telepathic eye space, and hadnt opened the box yet.

She was busy these days, so she planned to take it out when she went to see Shangguan Yang after the enrollment.

Although the cultivator saw Gu Ning, he failed to feel the existence of the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

He knew people normally wouldnt carry such a valuable jade everywhere, so he decided to follow Gu Ning till he found the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

In fact, he wasnt sure whether Gu Ning still had the jade, but he suddenly lost the trace of it.

He couldnt find it in the museum, so he believed that it was highly likely that Gu Ning still had it.

No matter what, he was determined to find it.

He was unwilling to give it up right now.

This cultivator had damaged her car, and Gu Ning had the idea to teach him a lesson, but not now, because it wasnt the right time.

As a result, she ignored him for the time being.

After looking around at the top of the mountain for over half an hour, Gu Ning and her friends went down.

They were going to take a cable car.

Although they werent tired and could walk, they wanted to experience the feeling of taking a cable car.

Seeing them leaving to take a cable car, the cultivator followed them at once.

Many visitors were waiting in a line for the cable cars, so they waited for 5 minutes.

A cable car could accommodate six people, but not every cable car was fully occupied.

Some only had five people, while some only had three people inside.

When it was the turn of Gu Ning and her friends, they sat together in the same cable car.

The cultivator deliberately kept a distance away from them and took the cable car behind them.

He wanted to take the same cable car with them, but there were three girls in their group.

He was worried that they might take him as a bad guy.

It was the first time that they had taken a cable car, so Chu Peihan and her friends felt a little nervous at the beginning.

It was very high after all and there was only glass around them.

There were iron plates under their feet and above their head, but they could still clearly see everything around them.

It wasnt easy to stay calm.

In a few minutes, they gradually calmed down.

The cable cars had adequate security measures, so they would be safe as long as they sat well.

The cable line was long, and it took them nearly 20 minutes to get to the foot of the mountain.

When they got out of the cable car, the cultivator followed Gu Ning as usual, but he walked far behind her in case he was exposed.

The cultivator didnt know Gu Nings abilities, and he thought that she was merely an ordinary girl.

However, even though Gu Ning was just an ordinary girl, he still didnt dare to be too close.

After getting out of the cable car, Gu Ning and her friends found many interesting games, like shooting the balloons, throwing rings, darts, and so on.

There were corresponding rewards, such as toy bears, cats, and dogs.

Chu Peihan and her friends were mature, but they were only 18 this year, so they were still like kids and were attracted to these small games.

Without hesitation, they ran to play them.

Gu Ning, instead, watched aside.

Each person had 10 bullets to shoot balloons.

If one could successfully shoot 10 balloons, he or she would get a reward.

Chu Peihan and Mu Ke successfully did that, so they got a reward.

Yu Mixi only shot 8 balloons, so she failed to get a reward, but Mu Ke gave his reward to her.

He was a young man, and wasnt interested in toy bears.

Throwing rings was an easy game.

No matter what you could get with the ring, you could have it.

Compared to other games, it was easier to get rewards, so Yu Mixi got a few.

Actually, not many people could get the small objects placed separately on the ground by throwing rings.

There were some who couldnt win one at all.

Therefore, many onlookers were envious of Chu Peihan and her friends when they kept winning rewards.


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