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Chapter 1772: More Valuable Objects

Although it still looked a little different, nobody would notice it without paying special attention to it.

Even if it was exposed, the passage was already filled with soil, so people might just think that the lawn had been deliberately destroyed.

Before leaving, Gu Ning removed the black cloth from the surveillance cameras, or the staff here might feel strange if the videos recorded nothing.

She didnt cause much trouble tonight, so it wasnt a big deal, and the staff wouldnt watch all the surveillance videos for no reason.

When Gu Ning was back in Century City, it was already 1:30 am, so she cleaned herself up and went to bed at once.

The next morning, Gu Ning didnt go for a run, but packed up the antiques and went to Xiangyun Antique-store.

She directly emptied a wooden box, then selected most of the items with average prices and 5 items of medium value.

There were about 20 large and small objects in all.

Afterwards, she packed them in one box.

An ancient wooden box was quite big, and was about 26 inches in size, so it could accommodate a lot of things.

However, all the things Gu Ning loaded were wrapped in foam bags, which would reduce the space for placing things, because it was necessary to prevent collision damage.

Because they needed to go to the antique street today, Gu Ning and her friends went out early in the morning, and they had breakfast in the hotel while picking up Mu Ke.

Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi were very curious when they saw Gu Ning coming out holding a wooden box.

Chu Peihan asked, “Boss, what is this!”

“Antiques, well go through the antique street along our way to Qianling Mountain, so I decided to take some objects to the shop along the way,” Gu Ning said.

“Wow, I havent visited your antique store yet.

This is a great chance!” Chu Peihan was excited.

Because the box was filled with antiques, even though Chu Peihan wanted to help Gu Ning, she was afraid that she would damage them.

Since they were antiques, they must be very valuable.

Gu Ning drove the Hummer she bought in City Ge, and placed the box in the trunk before they set off.

They arrived at Shengshi Hotel later and met Mu Ke, then they had breakfast.

Before they left the hotel, Gu Ning called Chen Darong and asked him whether he was in the store.

She would go to see him with some objects later.

The business of Xiangyun Antique-store had expanded, so Chen Darong, as the top manager of it, naturally didnt have much spare time to stay in the store.

However, as long as he had enough time, Chen Darong would visit the store.

Once he heard that Gu Ning would come with some valuable antiques, Chen Darong went there earlier than usual.

He ached to see them.

It was very early now and it was only 8:30 am, but it was still the rush hour.

Therefore, Gu Ning and her friends still spent a lot of time on the road and arrived at the antique street at 9:20 am.

At this time, the shops on the antique street hadnt been fully opened, and only two-thirds were open.

Because there werent usually many people on the antique street in the morning and most visitors came after lunch, the shops along the street always opened late.

Many of them only opened after 10 am.

Even the street vendors just showed up in a small number.

The second Gu Ning arrived at the antique street, she used her Jade Eyes to scan all the objects placed on the stands at the sides to see whether she could find any valuable ones.

She hadnt visited the antique street for a long time, so she saw many new objects.

Since there were many new objects, it was more likely for her to find valuable ones.

Within a short while, Gu Ning indeed saw an object with magical power.

Although it wasnt highly valuable, it was worth some money.

She could make money by buying it, so there was no reason for her to give it up.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning didnt go to buy it by herself.

Instead, she told Mu Ke to do it for her.

Because she was a regular visitor here and many people were familiar with her face, she was afraid that the owner of the stand might recognize her if she went to ask for the price of that object.

If so, the owner would realize that the object was valuable and keep it as his own.

Mu Ke went to buy the object at once, and he only spent three thousand yuan on it.

The owner of the stand thought he was a rich idiot because he didnt bother to bargain at all, but actually, the object was worth over seventy thousand yuan.

After buying it, they walked ahead together.

“Oh, isnt this Boss Gu Been a while! Look at this big box.

Do you have more valuable objects”

When they walked by an antique store, its owner saw Gu Ning and recognized her.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

The owner was very envious of Gu Ning, because Xiangyun Antique-store had the most valuable authentic antiques along this antique street.

It was the most popular shop too.

Before Gu Ning took over Xiangyun Antique-store, it was already the most famous brand on this antique street and it gained much greater fame after Gu Ning took over.

It became even more popular with more valuable authentic antiques.

Nobody knew how it managed to get so many valuable authentic antiques.

Even though it wasnt a secret that most of the valuable authentic antiques were from illegal sources, no one dared to report it to the government.

It was an open secret in this industry, and most antique sellers got their goods from illegal sources, so no one was willing to reveal it.

In addition, Xiangyun Antique-store had the support of several important figures too.

It was too powerful to compete against.

Along the way, many owners of different antique stores politely greeted Gu Ning.

Even though many of them were jealous of Xiangyun Antique-store, they knew they shouldnt mess with Gu Ning.

Anyway, they had to maintain politeness to her on the surface at least.

Gu Ning also kindly greeted them.

As long as they could get along with each other, she wouldnt bother to have more enemies.

She would only fight back against those who aimed to cause her trouble.

Because Chen Darong knew Gu Ning would come with many valuable objects, he stood at the door at an earlier time, waiting for her with anticipation.

Seeing Gu Ning walking over in the distance, he ran out to welcome her.

“Nice to see you, boss!”

Chen Darong wanted to help Gu Ning carry the box too, but he was afraid to damage it as well.

“Mu Ke, give it to Uncle Chen,” said Gu Ning, then Mu Ke gave Chen Darong the object he just bought.

At the same time, Gu Ning said, “Uncle Chen, this is what I just found by the street.

Its not very valuable, but is real.”


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