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Chapter 1762: Kneel, Kowtow, and Apologize

“Be quick, we dont have time to waste on you!” Chu Peihan lost patience.

Mingzhe was scared by her and got out of the car right away.

Because of his big movements, the injuries around his body were pulled open and became very painful, but he had to tolerate it.

Mingzhe clenched his fists tight, and his body was also tightened.

He looked at Gu Ning unwillingly, but didnt dare to do anything to hurt her.

“Do it now, or do you need me to help you” Chu Peihan threatened him.

Mingzhe stiffened in fear, and had to kneel down before Gu Ning, then he kowtowed and apologized to her.

He felt humiliated more than ever now, but he asked for it himself.

In fact, Gu Ning hadnt done the right thing, because it wasnt her business at the very beginning.

However, it didnt matter whether it was wrong or right or was her business or not.

She had a strong sense of justice, and was willing to help the weak.

Everyone was surprised by the scene, but didnt think it was too much, because they all heard what Zhang Zikai said.

It was obvious that Mingzhe set the bet.

Therefore, Mingzhe was paying for his own behavior.

If Gu Ning lost the game, they didnt think that Mingzhe would let her go.

If he had the idea to let Gu Ning go, he wouldnt have proposed such a dangerous game and the humiliating punishment.

As a result, they thought that Mingzhe was really a coward who tried to take advantage of a girl.

Although Gu Ning was even better than men, Mingzhe obviously didnt know that.

If he had known it, he wouldnt have dared to try to take advantage of her.

Mingzhe quickly finished the punishment, then stood up and left.

Watching Mingzhe leaving, Gu Ning didnt bother to stop him, but warned him.

“If you want to challenge me again, youre always welcome, but the punishment wont be so simple next time.”

Mingzhe stiffened.

Even though he was unwilling to give up and hated Gu Ning to death now, he didnt dare to take revenge for the time being.

He learned that he shouldnt mess with Gu Ning after todays lesson.

“Well, if he dares to challenge you again, he must be a stupid idiot,” said Chu Peihan.

“Hard to tell.

Some people are really mean and evil and wont stop trying to pay others back till they succeed.

Although hes scared by our boss now and will be quiet for a while, I think hell do something again once he gets a chance,” said Mu Ke.

He didnt mean that Mingzhe was the kind of person he just described, but they knew very little about him, so they couldnt make sure that he wouldnt cause Gu Ning trouble again.

Mingzhe was Zhang Zikais relative.

Although he was merely her distant relative, they were relatives after all and they had known each other for years.

However, she still didnt know much about Mingzhe.

If she knew him very well, Shao Zihan wouldnt have been hurt by such a terrible man.

Precisely because of what Shao Zihan had been through, she suddenly realized that she always had a wrong impression of Mingzhe.

Therefore, Zhang Zikai didnt dare to deny what Mu Ke said right now.

“I dont care.

It isnt a big deal,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt take Mingzhe as her real enemy.

If Mingzhe dared to cause her more trouble, she wouldnt have a fair game with him like today again.

Instead, she would directly teach him a lesson with her fists.

She didnt have much patience for him after all.

“Right, anyway, I dont think hes a match for our boss,” said Chu Peihan.

Mingzhe couldnt be less important in Chu Peihans eyes, let alone in Gu Nings eyes.

Besides, she wasnt as patient as Gu Ning who agreed to have a game with him.

She would choose to beat him till he yielded.

Chu Peihan said again, “Boss, lets go to have night snacks now! They bet on you just then and weve won a lot of money.

Can they join us”

The boys werent affected by todays result at all.

Gu Ning didnt lose anyway, so they were in a pretty good mood.

Hearing that, Gu Ning turned to look at Cao Yang and his friends who looked at her with anticipation.

Gu Ning beamed, “Why not!”

They were going to share night snacks, which wasnt a big deal.

In addition, they were all from rich families, so it wouldnt do her any harm if she spent some time with them.

If they werent people of the factions against the Leng family and were reliable, Gu Ning wouldnt mind having a relationship with them.

If they were the Leng familys opponents, she wouldnt contact them again after today.

It wasnt appropriate for her to ask about that right now, so she decided to do that later.

With Gu Nings agreement, Cao Yang and his friends were excited.

“Lets go to the food street in the southern district!” said Gu Ning.

All of them had cars, so it wouldnt be a problem if the place was a little further away.

The capital was a very large city with dozens of famous food streets of different sizes.

There was a long food street in almost every district, and it was also very famous, but only the one in the city center represented the delicious food in the capital.

“Sure!” Cao Yang and his friends agreed.

In fact, Cao Yang and one of his friends lived in the southern district too, while the other two boys lived in the northern district.

Their homes werent far away from the food street, and it only took about half an hour to get there by car.

Even if it was far away, they didnt care about it.

“Great, then lets go now!” said Gu Ning, then she turned to look at Zhang Zikai.

“Why dont you join us”

“Of course,” said Zhang Zikai.

After that, they got back in their own cars.

Cao Yang and his friends came in two cars and they left together.

Other people were jealous of them because they could make friends with Gu Ning, who was an incredible driver, and they even went to enjoy night snacks together.

Lu Jun was more jealous of them than anyone else right now.

Lu Jun and Cao Yang grew up together and their parents were familiar with each other too.

However, they had a bad relationship and were always competing against one another.

Lu Jun wanted to do everything better than Cao Yang, but the reality was quite the opposite.

Cao Yang was always more outstanding than him, so he never liked Cao Yang.

“Oh, theyre going to the food street in the southern district.

Why dont we go there too, and we can eat aside,” said someone.

“Forget it, didnt you hear what the girl said We bet on Du Hao and they dislike us.”

“It isnt our fault.”

“Youre right, but dont you feel embarrassed I do, so I wont follow them.

Even though we didnt know what the punishment would be, we made the wrong choice.”


As a result, none of them followed.


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