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Chapter 1753: A Remuneration of One Hundred Million Yuan

Ever since Gu Ning left, she kept calling Tang Qingyang and asked him whether he was free for a meeting.

It wasnt working hours, so Tang Qingyang was free.

Actually, even if he was at work, he was able to leave the company as long as he wasnt busy.

Tang Qingyang wasnt a common employee, but a major shareholder after all.

He was the second decision-maker of the company, so he didnt need to follow the strict rules.

As the chairman, Tang Bingsen also came only when there was business for him to deal with and he could leave whenever he wanted to.

Gu Ning told Tang Qingyang to wait for her at a café next to the Tang Organization, and that she would be there in 20 minutes.

She clearly knew the surroundings of the Tang Organization, so she directly appointed a café for their meeting.

About 15 minutes later, Gu Ning arrived, and Tang Qingyang was already waiting for her in a private room.

Ba Tianyang stayed by his side, so Ba Tianyang was there too.

Before the problem about Tang Bingsen was completely solved, Tang Qingyang was still in danger, but he was in a better situation now.

Ba Tianyang could go back to Gu Nings company in a few days.

He had left Gu Nings company for a long time, and Song Manni must be missing him.

Although Gu Ning didnt know which stage Song Mannis relationship with Ba Tianyang was in right now, she knew that there was chemistry between them.

Ba Tianyang had stayed by Tang Qingyangs side these days, and could barely see Song Manni, but they called each other.

As Tang Qingyangs bodyguard, Ba Tianyang also had his private time and space, as long as his work wasnt affected.

Even though Gu Ning said that she would be there in 20 minutes, and Tang Qingyang only waited several minutes, he felt that he had waited for her for ages.

He couldnt wait to see her right now.

He was excited the entire morning, but it didnt affect his work.

On the contrary, he had greater incentive.

Once Gu Ning came, Tang Qingyangs eyes lit up, and he focused on the file bag in her hand.

“Boss, nice to see you.” Ba Tianyang greeted Gu Ning with great respect.

“Hi,” Gu Ning said to him.

“Hi, Gu Ning, have a seat! What do you want to drink” said Tang Qingyang and pushed the menu to Gu Ning.

Although he was eager to see the contract, he didnt ask about it the second Gu Ning came, because it would be too selfish.

Gu Ning read the menu and said, “Assam tea, please.”

“Sure,” said Tang Qingyang and rang the bell at once.

He called a waiter over and ordered a cup of Assam tea.

When the waiter was gone, Gu Ning handed the file bag to Tang Qingyang.

“Alright, you can sign your name now.”

Tang Qingyang took it at once and opened it.

As his sight fell on Tang Bingsens signature, his hands were shaking with excitement.

After that, he took out a pen to sign his name at the blank of Party B.

Right when Tang Qingyang placed the contract on the table and was about to sign his name, the waiter came in with the tea.

He stopped right away and put the contract away, in case the waiter saw it.

After the waiter put the cup down and left, Tang Qingyang placed the contract on the table again and kept on signing his name.

“Alright, my task is finished, and you can deal with the rest on your own,” said Gu Ning and took out a card with her name and bank card number on it.

“Once you become the chairman, I want the remuneration to be transferred to my card.”

They had reached an agreement that the remuneration was a hundred million yuan.

She was determined to defeat Tang Bingsen whether she could have this hundred million yuan or not, so she only asked Tang Qingyang for it to set his mind at rest.

She didnt want him to feel that he owed her and feel burdened.

If Gu Ning had the intention, she could take the whole Tang Organization as her own.

In that case, she would have dozens of billions of yuan, but she didnt have that idea.

“No problem.” Tang Qingyang took the card.

He would keep his promise, and he was actually willing to pay her a billion yuan if she wanted it.

“If you need my help in the future, feel free to tell me,” said Gu Ning.

The Tang Organization was a large, complicated business group, and she was worried that Tang Qingyang was too young to run it well.

“Great,” said Tang Qingyang.

He wasnt sure whether he could handle it.

They chatted with each other for a while longer, then Gu Ning left.

When she was back in her car, she didnt drive away at once.

Instead, she called Chu Peihan and asked her what they were doing.

Chu Peihan told her that they were shopping.

Because they only had some clothes with them when they came to the capital, they needed to buy bedclothes.

Gu Ning then decided to meet them.

Since they were going to buy a lot of stuff, it would be inconvenient for them to carry it.

Gu Ning had given the key to the Land Rover she drove from City F to Chu Peihan, but the capital was too large and they were unfamiliar with it.

Neither Chu Peihan nor Mu Ke dared to drive outside, so they either took a taxi or the subway.

Although there were many big shopping malls in the capital and Fengshang Shopping Mall actually wasnt the most famous one, Chu Peihan and the others didnt hesitate to go there simply because it was owned by Gu Nings family.

Knowing that they hadnt paid yet, Gu Ning told them to wait for her.

She had a VIP card and could get a 20% discount.

She had a black card too, and everything was free within a limited amount of money, but she wasnt going to buy anything, so she didnt give it to them.

They didnt lack money at all, so they could learn to be economic.

Because Gu Ning would be there in half an hour, Chu Peihan and the others decided to wait for her in a nearby café.

When they were looking for a café, they coincidentally saw a stylish, rich woman being followed by two young men.

Chu Peihan and the others could tell that they were thieves by a glance.

All of them had a strong sense of justice and were ready to help the weak, so they decided to do something.

They liked to help the weak normally, but they never did what was beyond their abilities.

They only took action when they were able to bear the result.

Without delay, Chu Peihan and the others walked to the rich woman and Chu Peihan said to her, “Hi, aunt, I finally found you.

Uncle is waiting for us ahead.

Oh, are the two men behind you your friends”

The rich woman was confused by what Chu Peihan said to her and thought that she must have mistaken her for someone else.

However, when she heard there were two men behind her, she turned around at once.


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