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Chapter 173 Let Her Go Right Now

“So what They forced me to do so,” Gu Ning said calmly.

“How naive you are! Do you think you will be safe once you walk into the police station” another policeman asked in an arrogant way.

“Its not up to you.

In City F, a leader of the Administrative Examination and Approval Section of the Education Bureau is nothing,” Gu Ning replied with confidence.

It seemed like she was more powerful than Xia Mingshan.

“Nevertheless, its more than enough to deal with a poor girl like you,” the policeman said with disdain Even though Gu Ning was so confident, he still believed that she was merely a poor girl.

The two other policemen had a different opinion.

A poor girl wouldnt dare to ignore the influence of Xia Mingshan, and attack the police.

Was this girl not as ordinary as the female teacher told them

“How can you be so sure that Im a poor ordinary girl Have you done the investigation yourself” Gu Ning teased.

She didnt understand why these people were so certain she was weak.

In the past, she was indeed a poor ordinary girl, but now, let alone her either rich or powerful friends, she as the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate was influential enough to protect herself.

Of course, she had no intention to use her identity as the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate.

There was no need to do so.

Hearing that, those policemen were anxious.

Isnt she a poor ordinary girl

“Arent you a poor ordinary girl” one policeman asked unconsciously.

“Well find out later,” Gu Ning said.

All of a sudden, the three policemen felt uneasy, but they still had to do what they should do.

Gu Ning picked up her phone calling someone.

This time, none of the policemen dared to say a word.

Seeing that the caller was Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting immediately answered with amazement.

However, when he heard what Gu Ning had been through, he was upset and annoyed.

Gu Ning asked, “Didnt you tell me you can help me I beat someone at the No.

4 Middle School, and I was arrested by a nearby police station.

Can you get me out If you cant, Ill call…” Before Gu Ning could finish, she was interrupted by Leng Shaoting.

“I can, wait a second.

Ill come to you.”

“Great, Ill wait for you,” Gu Ning answered before she hung up.

Ill wait for you Leng Shaoting felt like his heart was touched heavily.

He immediately walked out, and forgot that he was wearing a pair of slippers.

Once he was outside, he called someone.

He didnt realize he was in a pair of slippers until he got into the car, but there was no time to change, so he directly drove to the police station at a high speed.

The policemen looked at Gu Ning with mixed emotions.

Is this girl really influential Several minutes later, they arrived at the police station.

Gu Ning was guided into a trial room, but no one walked in to question her.

Outside, the three policemen were discussing in a low voice.

“What should we do now”

“I think we should wait! What if she really called someone who is more powerful than Xia Mingshan”

“I agree.

Although Xia Mingshan is man of some power, he is indeed not an official in City F!”

At that time, a middle-aged policeman walked over.

Noticing that the three young policemen were standing outside talking, his face changed.

“What are you doing out here Go and question the criminal right now! Dont let her go, for Leader Xias sake!”

“Leader Wang, this girl seems influential.

She just called someone to bring her out of here.

We want to wait until the person arrives.

We can make the decision according to the persons identity,” one policeman answered.

The middle-aged policeman hesitated for a second, then asked, “Didnt the female teacher tell us that she is merely a poor ordinary girl”

“Nevertheless, she despised Leader Xia! And she is so confident and aggressive.

I dont think that a real poor ordinary girl would do that,” another policeman replied.

“Youre right.

Then lets wait for a while,” Leader Wang ordered.

He wanted to please Xia Mingshan, but he also didnt want to annoy someone that he shouldnt annoy.

He could lose his job for that.

At that time, the phone in the police station rang.

After a few seconds, a policewoman came to them and told Leader Wang to answer the call.

It was from the director of the Public Security Bureau, Liang Youbo.

Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

The director of the Public Security Bureau Was it because of the female student that they just arrested They felt that they were in trouble now.

Leader Wang immediately ran to answer the call.

“Hi, Director Liang, Im Wang Renkang, the vice leader of the police station in Baoshan area.

What may I do to help”

The minute Wang Renkang finished, a male voice sounded with slight anxiety, “Did you just arrest a female student named Gu Ning in the No.

4 Middle School”

Hearing that, Wang Renkang knew that something must be wrong.

Although he didnt know whether the girl was Gu Ning, he was certain that it must be her, because she was the only one that they had just arrested in the No.

4 Middle School.

Wang Renkang truly didnt expect that the female student was so influential that the director called for her in person.

Wang Renkang wiped the sweat from his forehead.

His voice was trembling a little.

“Ye-yes, Director.”

“No matter why you arrested her, let her go right now! Be polite.

Do you understand” Liang Youbo ordered directly.

“Sure-sure,” Wang Renkang answered.

He felt lucky that he hadnt annoyed Gu Ning just because of Xia Mingshan.

Compared with Director Liangs order, their relationship was nothing.

After he hung up, Wang Renkang walked back to the trial room in a hurry.

The three young policemen looked at him asking carefully, “Leader Wang, how is it”

“The Director ordered that we should let her go right now, no matter why we arrested her.

Be polite!” Wang Renkang replied.

Hearing that, they couldnt help but take a long breath in.

Although the three young policemen felt lucky that they hadnt treated Gu Ning violently in the car, they were worried about the words that they had said to Gu Ning.

Wang Renkang wasnt in the mood to care about them now.

He went to the trial room in person to please Gu Ning.

In the trial room, Gu Ning sat there feeling bored.

She heard everything they were talking about outside.

She had to admit that Leng Shaoting was very influential if even the director of the Public Security Bureau had to do him a favor.


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