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Chapter 1744: I Can Help You Become Immortal

“You…” The monster fox was too shocked to say anything now.

It couldnt believe that a mortal could understand its language, because it was quite incredible.

“Alright, lets get down to business now,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt want to waste more time arguing with this monster fox.

“What business can we talk about” the monster fox said with disdain.

“About your life.

Now, you have two choices.

First, surrender and work for me,” said Gu Ning, but the monster fox interrupted her before she could finish.

“No way! Its impossible that Ill surrender and work for you!” Gu Nings words annoyed the monster fox.

The monster fox believed that it was superior to mortals, and it felt humiliated when Gu Ning wanted it to work for her.

“Well, if youre unwilling to do that, then youre left only one choice now.

We can have a battle.

If you win, you can do whatever you want to me, but youll die if you lose,” said Gu Ning.

“I dont think you have the ability to defeat me,” said the monster fox arrogantly.

It took Gu Ning very lightly at this moment, and totally forgot the situation it was in now.

“Are you sure” Gu Ning sneered.

She looked at the monster fox with mockery.

“Did you forget how you suddenly appeared here and how I caught your tail all of a sudden Youre still under my control now.”

Hearing that, the monster fox was shocked, then it realized that it suddenly showed up here because of this strange mortal, and its tail was caught by her now.

It couldnt get rid of her at all!

In an instant, the monster fox gave up.

However, it was the only existing monster fox, immortal fox in its own eyes, in the fox group now, and it would be super humiliating if it surrendered itself to a mortal.

The monster fox really took itself as an immortal fox, which proved that it ached to become immortal.

However, if it didnt agree, it could die.

“Why did I suddenly appear here” asked the monster fox.

It was most curious about that, because it happened too quickly before it could realize it.

“Its a secret, and I cant tell you,” said Gu Ning.

“To be honest with you, a month has passed since you met me last time, and this is thousands of miles away from Kunlun Mountain.”


Hearing that, the monster fox rounded its eyes in shock.

It was hard for it to believe, because it felt that it only happened within a second, but a month had already passed! Besides, this place was also thousands of miles away from Kunlun Mountain.

It even thought that it could be a dream and Gu Ning was lying to its face.

Although it found it was quite unbelievable, it knew that everything around had changed in a second.

In addition, the weather was much warmer here, so it couldnt be around Kunlun Mountain.

In that case, Gu Ning indeed had great ability to make it move to a far place in a second.

The monster fox hesitated to surrender or to have the battle.

It was unwilling to surrender, but it was afraid of Gu Ning because of her mysterious ability.

“If you surrender to me, well be in the same group.

Since were in the same group, I wont treat you badly, and I can help you become immortal,” said Gu Ning.

She was tempting the monster fox, but it was also the truth, because she had endless magical power.

Hearing that, the monster fox looked excited.

It would be the best if it could become immortal, but it became suspicious the next second and questioned Gu Ning, “How can you help me become immortal Although youre different from other mortals, youre a mortal after all.

I dont think youre able to break the rules in this world.

I dont trust you.”

Facing the question, Gu Ning wasnt displeased, but smiled and asked, “Havent you noticed that your injury is healed”

The monster fox then realized that its injury was indeed healed.

Did she heal my injury Thinking of that, the monster fox asked, “Did you do that for me”

Although it asked that question, it already had the answer, because there was no one else and it couldnt heal itself.

However, it found it quite incredible, so it wanted to hear the answer from Gu Nings mouth.

“Of course,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing Gu Nings answer, the monster fox was astonished again, because it meant that she indeed had unbelievable abilities.

Anyway, although Gu Ning healed its injury, it didnt mean that she was able to help it to become immortal, which was much more difficult after all.

Therefore, it said, “Even though you can heal my injury, it doesnt mean that youre able to help me become immortal.”

Gu Ning knew it as well.

She could heal its injury, but might not be able to help it to become immortal.

In fact, she told it that she had healed its injury simply to attract its attention.

Gu Ning smiled and let the monster fox go.

She wasnt afraid that it might escape, because the monster fox was already attracted to the condition she laid down and it wasnt very likely that it would run away.

Moreover, even though it still had the idea to run away, it wouldnt be able to do that because of the flood dragons existence.

The monster fox subconsciously wanted to escape when it was released, but it didnt, because it was indeed attracted to the condition set by Gu Ning.

Although it didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to help it to become immortal, it still had hope.

After all, it really ached to become immortal, so it was unwilling to miss any chance.

If Gu Ning was able to help it to become immortal, it wouldnt be a big deal when it surrendered itself to her for a while.

It would be able to do anything it wanted once it became immortal.

A fox was indeed very cunning, but it actually depended on Gu Ning whether it could leave then.

The monster fox wouldnt become immortal before the flood dragon did, so it would be controlled by the flood dragon all the time.

There was nowhere for it to escape.

As for the flood dragon, Gu Ning believed that she had its loyalty.

Even if the flood dragon was transformed into a real dragon, it wouldnt leave her, unless she was dead, which was what the flood dragon told her.

Actually, Gu Ning already had her plan.

She would send the flood dragon to protect Leng Shaoting.

Because Leng Shaoting had a Qiankun Bag now, he could put the flood dragon in it.

She had talked about it with the flood dragon, but not with Leng Shaoting yet.

The flood dragon agreed.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were a family after all, so it wouldnt make any difference who it stayed with.


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