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She joined the super-rich family in the same way as Ji Yijing, and both of them used to be a mistress.

Besides, Mrs.

Tongs husband had a plain face and he was in his late fifties now, nearly 20 years older than Mrs.


If it hadnt been for such a huge gap, Mrs.

Tongs husband wouldnt have married her.


The store manager changed her expression when Mrs.

Tong said that to her face.

Although their bosss family had some influence in the capital, it was barely comparable to the Tang family.


Tong, I honestly dont know why you have to make things difficult for us today.

We welcome every customer, but you deliberately caused trouble for us.

What do you want” The store manager was annoyed, but still didnt dare to show her emotions on her face.


Tong was unreasonable.

“Im mad! So what” Mrs.

Tong said.

She didnt think she had done anything wrong, and she never thought about the result of her behavior.

“Fine, youre mad, right And you have the Tang familys support, right Great, turn to it for help, and lets see what will happen! I can protect this store,” said Yu Yin in a serious tone all of a sudden.

She couldnt stand Mrs.

Tongs behavior anymore.

Since Mrs.

Tong wanted to bully other people with her connections, Yu Yin wouldnt be afraid to do the same thing.

She had never done that before, but she couldnt submit to the humiliation today.

“You…” Mrs.

Tong was angry, but surprised too, because it seemed that Yu Yin had some connections too.

If Yu Yin was more influential than her, it would be a terrible mistake if she offended her.

At this time, Mrs.

Tong started to think carefully about it.

However, she was still unwilling to give up right now, because she would lose face.

In addition, she thought that Yu Yin might just be bragging.

Therefore, in order to save her face, Mrs.

Tong refused to change her mind.

“Great, lets wait and see!” said Mrs.

Tong and called Ji Yijing at once.

However, Ji Yijings phone was turned off.


Tong felt embarrassed and began to blame Ji Yijing for turning her phone off at this moment.

In fact, Ji Yijing was innocent.

Anyway, Mrs.

Tong didnt dare to criticize Ji Yijing.

On the contrary, she had to please her, because she relied on Ji Yijing to stabilize her position.

Even though her husband was nearly 60, rich men loved playing around.

Therefore, if it hadnt been for Ji Yijing, she would have been removed from the position of Mrs.


She knew Ji Yijings character very well.

If she annoyed Ji Yijing, Ji Yijing would directly ignore her and she might lose a lot afterwards.

As for her husbands affairs, she could only turn a blind eye on it, as long as she had enough money to spend and her son could inherit the Tong familys wealth.

“Well, I cant get through to her, so I can let you leave today, but I wont let you get away with it.” Mrs.

Tong didnt know what else she could do when she couldnt get through to Ji Yijing.


Tong turned to Ji Yijing for help, instead of her own husband because Lin Jiayu had powerful support too.

In addition, many of Lin Jiayus friends were super-rich ladies, so she was afraid that the Tong family might not be able to help her with it.

However, given Ji Yijings status, it would be much easier.

What she didnt know was that Jing Yunyao and Yu Yin actually were much more influential than Ji Yijing.

“Oh, tell Mrs.

Tang that the woman who competed with you for the dresses is Yu Yin and her husbands family is the Leng family,” said Yu Yin.

Because this clothing store was innocent and it was their own personal grudge, Yu Yin didnt want Lin Jiayu to be affected.

Although she didnt think smart people should agree to help Mrs.

Tong with such a stupid thing, she wasnt familiar with members of the Tang family.

Ordinary people might not know the influence of Yu Yin and the Leng family, but everyone in high society was aware of it.

After all, no one was willing to mess with the Leng family.

Normally, people in high society were familiar with each other, and members of the Leng family often showed up at different parties, so they werent strange faces.

In that case, even if Mrs.

Tong hadnt heard of Yu Yin, Ji Yijing must have.

If Ji Yijing didnt know it, she would do some research, because there was only one Leng family in high society.

The surname of Leng wasnt common anyway.

“Lets see!” Mrs.

Tong snorted with disdain, then walked straight to the changing room.

Actually, Mrs.

Tong felt a little anxious right now, because Yu Yin wasnt afraid of the Tang family at all, so it was possible that Yu Yin was even more influential than the Tang family.


Tong decided to do some research to learn more about the woman named Yu Yin.

If Yu Yin really had a high status, it should be easy to learn some information about her.

In a short while, Mrs.

Tong changed her clothes and walked out.

Although she really liked this dress she just tried on, she was unwilling to buy it when she was chased out of this store.

This shopping mall was very large, and she could go to shop in other stores.

In fact, even if she wanted to buy it, the owner of this store might not be willing to sell it to her.

“Dont worry, I can take the responsibility, it has nothing to do with you and your store,” said Yu Yin to the store manager when Mrs.

Tong was gone.

“Thanks,” said the store manager.

Given what had just happened, she knew that Yu Yin wasnt afraid of the Tang family.

She had met Yu Yin a few times before, and she knew that Yu Yin didnt like bragging.

Even if Yu Yin wasnt influential, she had a good friend who was the wife of a senior official.

As long as her friend was willing to stand out, the Tang family wouldnt bother to make it serious.

Therefore, she chose to believe Yu Yin.


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