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Even though it only cost eighteen thousand yuan, she still thought it was expensive, because it was only a summer dress.

Although it was nothing for Leng Shaoting, she had never bought such an expensive dress before, so she felt reluctant to pay for it.


Yu Yin opened her mouth and wanted to persuade Jing Yunyao to buy it.

However, before she could say anything, an unkind female voice interrupted her.

“It only costs eighteen thousand yuan I think its very cheap.

If you cant afford it, then dont try it on.

Its embarrassing if you cant buy it after trying it on.”

It was a woman about 40 years old, who was pretty and had a good build.

All of her clothes and accessories were designer brands, so it was obvious that she was rich.

The woman looked at Jing Yunyao and Yu Yin with disdain.

She didnt know Yu Yins identity, otherwise she wouldnt dare to make fun of them.

The Leng family was the most powerful family in the capital, and it was ridiculous that it couldnt afford a dress which only cost eighteen thousand yuan.

“You…” Yu Yin was mad.

She was very gentle normally, but it didnt mean that she was weak.

In fact, she was quite protective of those she cared about.

Therefore, once someone dared to pick on her family members or close friends, she would become aggressive in an instant.

Nevertheless, Jing Yunyao stopped Yu Yin.

Jing Yunyao turned to the woman and said in a cold tone, “I only said that this dress is expensive, but I didnt say that I cant afford it.

Dont you have any manners”

“You…” The woman felt humiliated and got mad.

“Since you can afford it, pay the bill!”

“Its none of your business whether I buy it or not,” said Jing Yunyao.

“If you cant afford it, take it off, I want it,” said the woman.

She did that not because she liked this dress, but simply because she wanted to humiliate Jing Yunyao.

Her hatred towards Jing Yunyao was quite strange, because Jing Yunyao had done nothing to annoy her, but she deliberately made things difficult for Jing Yunyao.

In fact, the woman did it for a reason.

She was jealous of Jing Yunyao because Jing Yunyao was prettier than her.

As a result, when Jing Yunyao said that the dress was too expensive, she ached to laugh at Jing Yunyao.

“This dress is on my body now, and I have the right to make the choice first.

If you want it, wait till I make the final decision!” Jing Yunyao wasnt weak at all.

She remained kind in front of members of the Leng family, but there was no need for her to be nice to those who were unkind to her.

“This maam is right.


Tong, if you want this dress, please wait until this maam decides to give it up,” said a saleswoman.

She didnt choose to side with Jing Yunyao on purpose, it was the rule in their store.

If a customer put on a dress, other customers had to wait till the customer decided not to buy it.

Therefore, even if Mrs.

Tong wanted this dress, she had to wait until Jing Yunyao decided not to buy it.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Tong was full of anger.

She couldnt accept it when she was told to choose among the clothes which were left behind by other people.

“I dont want the clothing she has tried on!” Mrs.

Tong said with dislike at once.

She totally forgot that she just said that she wanted the dress on Jing Yunyaos body.

Anyway, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble, so no one bothered to waste more time on that argument.


Tong stopped competing against Jing Yunyao, and went to look at other clothes.

However, it wasnt over yet.

Yu Yin told Jing Yunyao to keep on shopping for more clothes, because different people had different tastes and Jing Yunyao might not like the clothes she liked.

Jing Yunyao decided to buy the dress that she was wearing after having the argument against Mrs.

Tong, but she thought it was enough and didnt want to shop for more clothes.

However, Yu Yin kept encouraging her to buy more, so she went to look at other clothing.

At the same time, Mrs.

Tong wouldnt move her eyes away from Jing Yunyao.

It seemed that she was unwilling to give up like that.

“Excuse me, can I…” Jing Yunyao noticed a dress on a mannequin, and she turned to a saleswoman for help, because she wanted to try on it.

However, before she could finish, Mrs.

Tongs voice sounded again, and she pointed at the same dress, then said, “I need to try on that dress.”


Because Mrs.

Tong said that aloud first, the saleswoman was placed in a dilemma now.

“Its fine.

I can look at other dresses.” Jing Yunyao didnt want the saleswoman to be put in a difficult position, so she decided to give that dress up.

Seeing that Jing Yunyao failed, Mrs.

Tong gave her a glance of pride.

Yu Yin, however, was furious, but couldnt say anything at this moment.

Afterwards, Mrs.

Tong went to try on that dress.

Because Mrs.

Tong was pretty with a good build, the dress looked good on her too, but she wasnt comparable to Jing Yunyao.

As a result, in addition to the saleswoman who served her, no one else complimented her.

When Mrs.

Tong walked out in that dress, Jing Yunyao also tried on another dress which looked almost the same as the one on Mrs.


They were in the same collection and both were creamy-white, but they were slightly different at the shoulders.

Although they looked almost the same, the difference was still very obvious.

Jing Yunyao had no intention to overshadow Mrs.

Tong, but she really liked this dress.

Everyone was amazed again by her beauty when she walked out, and she was much more attractive than Mrs.


“Shes stunning and every dress looks good on her.”

“Right, Im envious of her.”


When everyone was complimenting Jing Yunyao, Mrs.

Tong was annoyed because she didnt have the same treatment.

“What do you want to do Why did you put on the same dress as me” Mrs.

Tong questioned Jing Yunyao.

She had to admit that Jing Yunyao looked more attractive in that dress than her.

If she could be prettier than Jing Yunyao, her attitude would be quite different.

“Its ridiculous.

My sister-in-law saw the dress you are wearing first, but you grabbed it away.

My sister-in-law said nothing about it and let you try it on.

Why cant she try on another dress which is almost the same Youre so unreasonable!” Yu Yin argued.

“And this store is open to every customer.

All the clothes are available to be tried on by any customers.

Do you own this store”

“You…” Mrs.

Tong knew her behavior wasnt right, so she didnt know how to retort all of a sudden.

However, she couldnt swallow the anger, so she said, “Although this store isnt owned by my family, its owned by my friends family.

I can give her a simple call and youll all be blacklisted.”


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