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After four or five minutes of walking, they came to a turning point.

Suddenly a ghost fell from the above with its head down.

It was only half a meter away from Chu Peihan and Hao Ran.

Chu Peihan screamed in fear and her heart shrank sharply.

Although she wasnt very afraid of those still monsters and ghosts, she was still frightened by the abrupt scare.


Hao Ran was also scared, but he didnt scream out.

The others were already frightened by the ghosts around, and they were scared again by Chu Peihans scream.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Zikai asked, feeling nervous.

“A ghost just fell from above my head,” said Chu Peihan.

She was still scared in retrospect.

Hearing that, Zhang Zikai wanted to look up to the roof to see whether there was a ghost, but she was too scared to do that.

After that, she turned to look to the side, but accidentally met the pair of eyes of a ghost, which was staring straight at her.

She was frightened and withdrew her sight at once.

In fact, along the way, Zhang Zikai and Shao Zihan didnt dare to look around and they focused on Gu Nings body most of the time.

Wherever Gu Ning went, they followed her.

Yu Mixi did the same thing.

She seldom looked around and walked with her eyes closed most of the time.

Anyway, Mu Ke was hugging her in his arms, and there was no need for her to look at the way ahead of them.

Zhang Tianping was in a better condition than Yu Mixi and the others, but he was still quite nervous.

He was at the end of the line after all, and he was afraid that anything horrible would suddenly jump out to hurt him at his back.

It indeed happened.

After they walked ahead for 10 meters, someone, or a ghost, patted his shoulder.

Zhang Tianping was scared and almost jumped away.

The next second, he realized that the ghost was fake, so he gradually calmed down and turned around to give it a glance, then continued to walk ahead.

The “ghost” almost removed its hand.

The staffer who disguised himself as a ghost didnt see Zhang Tianping scream out loud, and Zhang Tianping even turned to give him a glance.

He was surprised by Zhang Tianpings strong heart.

He had done that many times before, and most of the previous visitors had screamed out.

All of a sudden, the staffer felt a little frustrated.

Almost at this moment, Gu Ning found the source of Yin which became more and more obvious.

She was right, and there was indeed a real ghost.

It was a male ghost, and it was flowing towards Gu Nings direction.

It was in black clothing with an extremely pale face, which looked quite scary.

However, Gu Ning had seen ghosts many times, so she wasnt afraid of it.

The male ghost flew towards them in a hurry, and Gu Ning guessed that it might have smelt her air of a girl who was born in a lunar year.

Although normally ghosts couldnt touch mortals, they could directly absorb the energy of a girl who was born in a lunar year with magic.

Gu Ning wasnt worried about it, because she could put it into her telepathic eye space once it touched her and she would deal with it later when she was alone.

Along the way, Zhang Zikai and other people were screaming out loud.

Even Chu Peihan and Hao Ran were greatly scared too.

They were only scared by the staffs sudden small movements, and they werent frightened by the still monsters and ghosts.

At the same time, they felt disgusted and wanted to vomit.

“Jesus, this stuff is disgusting.” Chu Peihan complained.

“I almost had a heart attack, but you only feel disgusted.

You have a very strong heart!” Zhang Zikai was amazed.

“You can look at our boss.

Shes calm all the time and doesnt look scared at all.” Chu Peihan turned around and glanced at Gu Ning.

Chu Peihan admired Gu Ning because of that.

It seemed that everything was very normal in her eyes.

Actually, Gu Ning hadnt seen such bloody and disgusting stuff before, but she had watched them from movies.

Moreover, she knew they were all fake, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Zhang Zikai followed behind Gu Ning, so she couldnt see her expression.

After hearing what Chu Peihan said, she stuck her head to look at Gu Ning, and Gu Ning indeed had no reaction at all.

Zhang Zikai was astonished and asked, “Gu Ning, arent you afraid at all”

“Im not afraid, but indeed feel disgusted,” said Gu Ning.

“Jesus, youre the one who has the strongest heart here!” Zhang Zikai said.

When they went to the top of the stairs on the second floor, Gu Ning saw the male ghost.

It was in the middle of the stairs, looking straight at her with a greedy and excited expression.

It was hard for it to find a girl who was born in a lunar year.

Although Gu Ning wasnt a virgin now, she was still very helpful for it.

Gu Ning could see it, but pretended that she didnt see it and walked ahead with her friends.

Just when Gu Ning approached the male ghost, the male ghosts hand came to her, and there was a spinning black air as big as a ball in its hand.

As long as she was touched by it, her energy would be absorbed away quickly.

However, right when the male ghost felt satisfied and was about to absorb Gu Nings energy, it felt that its soul was pulled away the second it touched Gu Ning.

Before it could realize what had happened, it was put into the telepathic eye space by Gu Ning.

During this time, it seemed that nothing had happened, and everyone continued to move forward.

The middle part of the haunted house was the most terrifying part, and it even scared Hao Ran and Chu Peihan who were quite brave.

Gu Ning also felt surprised, but wasnt scared.

In about 20 minutes, Gu Ning and her friends walked to the exit.

“Jesus, were finally out.

Its great torture inside.” Once they walked out, Zhang Zikai felt that she was alive again and felt lucky that she survived.

“I cant stand now,” said Shao Zihan then sat down on the chair at the door.

In Gu Nings eyes, 20 minutes werent long, but it was as long as a day for Zhang Zikai.

Chu Peihan and other people also felt it was a long time, but it wasnt as long as a day.

They sat down together afterwards and kept adjusting their breath.

It wasnt a serious problem, so Gu Ning didnt use her magical power to help them relax.

“Wow, its much scarier than I thought!” Hao Ran said.

He had gone to many haunted houses before, but they werent so scary.


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