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Chapter 171 Gu Nings Anger II

Jiang Xinyue had no sympathy for them, but was afraid that Gu Ning and her would get in trouble if those girls were severely injured.


Theyll be fine and so will we.

Trust me,” Gu Ning looked at Jiang Xinyue and comforted her gently.

Jiang Xinyue believed Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning said that they would be fine, she believed they would be fine.

Gu Ning had only kicked them once, and she was still annoyed, but they were already badly injured, so she didnt continue to beat them.

Before long, a younger male and a female teacher arrived.

Although they hadnt witnessed it themselves, a student had told them that a girl kicked three female students several meters away.

One passed out; ones leg was broken and ones front teeth were missing, which was shocking.

The two young teachers couldnt believe that a single girl was able to kick away a person at a time, and cause such a great deal of damage So they thought that it must be an exaggeration.

However, when they saw the three female students condition, they had to accept the truth.

The female teacher went to the student who had fainted, calling in panic, “Jiaojiao, Jiaojiao…”

The student had no reaction.

She immediately called an ambulance, while the male teacher asked, “Who did this”

“It was me,” Gu Ning admitted with alacrity.

She didnt seem afraid at all.

The male teachers sight fell on Gu Ning.

He recognized that Gu Ning wasnt a student here, but was from the No.

3 High School.

He was irritated, questioning, “Youre a student from the No.

3 High School.

Why did you come here and beat our students”

Gu Ning met his angry look showing no fear at all.

“Because they slapped another student first.”

The male teacher frowned a little.

“Who did they slap” “My cousin,” Gu Ning answered pointing to Jiang Xinyue.

The male teacher looked to Jiang Xinyue, and the latter moved in fear.

Her half swollen face was still bare in the air.

However, there were only two overlapped palm marks on Jiang Xinyues face, while the three female students were lying severely injured on the ground.

Thus the male teacher tended to protect Xia Jiaojiao and the other two girls.

“I think she

looks fine, but youve beaten them heavily.

Its too much!”

“What She looks fine after having been slapped twice” Gu Ning sounded threatening.

Her cold look was like a sharp icy knife aiming at the male teacher, who immediately felt frozen.

Gu Ning then pointed at the three girls arguing in anger, “These girls, especially the one named Xia Jiaojiao, slapped my cousin just because a boy who she likes wrote a letter to my cousin.

How could she do that Who gave her the right to do that The point is my cousin didnt take the letter.

This morning, the boy came to apologize to my cousin for what she had been through.

And then! These girls slapped my cousin once more.

Why can they slap my cousin, and I cant fight back for my cousin Do you think I can stand here watching my cousin being slapped and stay quiet If you were me, would

you be quiet”

Gu Ning was aggressive with her words, and the male teacher felt overwhelmed.

This girl was so strong and powerful! She was even more terrible than the principal.

Luckily, the male teacher was a reasonable man.

He felt ashamed after Gu Nings argument.

“Nevertheless, no matter what, its the fact that youve injured them.

Ive already called the police, and you cant get away with it!” The female teacher wouldnt let Gu Ning go, although she also felt the pressure from her.

Xia Jiaojiao and the two female students shouldnt have slapped Jiang Xinyue, but Gu Ning also had to take responsibility for what she had done.

Actually, Gu Ning just needed to pay the administration fee if they could make her do it, but the female teacher of course intended to let Gu Ning pay more than just money.

Jiang Xinyue, instead, was scared that the teacher had called the police.

Gu Ning held her hand giving her power and comforted her.

“I know that I should take responsibility for what Ive done, but what they have done to my cousin is intentional injury, which is more serious,” Gu Ning said in a meaningful way.

She wasnt worried at all.

“So, what can you do” The female teacher apparently didnt believe that Gu Ning had the ability to stand against her.

Because she knew Jiang Xinyues background, she didnt think that Gu Ning could bear the result.

From the female teachers attitude, Gu Ning sensed that there must be at least one girl among the three who was from a powerful or rich family, but so what, Gu Ning wasnt weak either.

If they wanted to use their network to gain an advantage, Gu Ning would do the same.

“Interesting! Then lets see!” Gu Ning didnt care at all.

Instead, she sounded provocative.

In the female teachers eyes Gu Nings confidence amounted to naiveness.

However, the male teacher didnt know Jiang Xinyues background.

Seeing Gu Ning being so calm and confident, he assumed that she must be powerful.

Nevertheless, no matter what, he didnt want to be involved further.

Within two minutes, there were a lot of people gather around, including several teachers.

Everyone was shocked by the fact that Gu Ning had kicked Xia Jiaojiao and the other two girls several meters away, but few of them criticized Gu Ning.

Just as Gu Ning had explained, although she had to take responsibility for what she had done, Xia Jiaojiaos behavior was an intentional injury.

A few minutes later, the principal arrived as well.

The principal was named Du Haiping, and was a snobbish and selfish man.

Xia Jiaojiaos father was the leader of the Administrative Examination and Approval Section of the Education Bureau, Xia Mingshan.

It would be of great help if he could maintain a good relationship with Xia Jiaojiaos father.

If not, his career would end soon.

Du Haiping didnt have powerful support after all, so he had to please the rich and the authorities.

That being the case, he obviously completely stood for Xia Jiaojiao.


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