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Undoubtedly, she only wanted to win professionals approval, because only professionals in this industry could affect her career.

She still didnt care about outsiders opinions.

As long as she won professionals approval, she believed that the audience would like her.

“Great, I believe you can become a good actress!” said Lu Zhan.

After finishing the scenes in the morning, they went to have lunch and they stayed there to have take-out like everyone else.

They came here for fun, so they didnt leave right after finishing the scenes in the morning.

They could still be extras in the following scenes and all they needed to do was to change their clothes.

Normally, an extra could play a passer-by in many scenes, because the audience wouldnt see his or her face anyway.

Filming was never done in the order of the story of the script, and the crew wouldnt move around following the plot.

It wasnt efficient.

Filming was all based on the venues.

In other words, what happened in this TV series on this street would be shot together.

In that case, it would save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

For example, the film locations werent available every day, and most of them were expensive.

Because this was Hengdian World Studios, it was open for lease to all crews.

If a crew only shot a part of the show at once place and went to other places to film other parts, then came back, the process might be delayed if the place was occupied by other crews.

It would also cost the crew more expenses.

Anyway, all videos needed editing, so the shooting sequence wasnt important.

After lunch, they had a rest for half an hour before they changed their clothes.

At 6 pm, the filming was over today, so Gu Ning left with her friends.

They didnt stay to share dinner with Lu Zhan and the other people.

At this time, members of the Leng family were about to enjoy a meal together too.

Jiang Shuyuan came back today, and she needed to take a break after taking care of Leng Shaojia for a long time and being busy working.

She would visit Leng Shaojia once a day at noon or in the evening.

Leng Shaojia was in a stable condition now.

Although her waist was still painful, the pain was tolerable now and she could sleep well.

However, she looked quite haggard after being sick these days, so she needed more time to recover.

Jiang Shuyuan heard nothing about Jing Yunyao, because members of the Leng family didnt tell her.

Master Leng also forbade Leng Yuanqian from telling her about that.

As a result, Jiang Shuyuan was scared when she saw Jing Yunyao in the living room when she came back to the Leng familys old house and she blurted it out.

“Who are you”

Even though Jing Yunyao looked the same as Yunyao, Yunyao had been dead for years, so Jiang Shuyuan didnt think this woman could be Yunyao.

“Shuyuan, this is Yunyao,” said Yu Yin.

“Yunyao No way! Isnt Yunyao already dead How is it possible that…” Jiang Shuyuan exclaimed.

“Yunyao isnt dead, and she is Yunyao!” Before Jiang Shuyuan could finish, Master Leng interrupted her.

Yunyao was alive and healthy, and what Jiang Shuyuan said was indeed really offensive.

“Since she isnt dead, why didnt she come to see us during the past years Why does she suddenly come back now Is she a fake Yunyao” asked Jiang Shuyuan.

Actually, she knew that this woman could really be Yunyao since Master Leng accepted her and allowed her to join the Leng family, but she couldnt accept it.

She never liked Yunyao after all.

Besides, Yunyao was a very powerful woman, and she would greatly support Leng Shaoting once she was back, which would be a big threat to her family and her son.

It was only Jiang Shuyuans worry, because Leng Shaoting actually owned more than what the Leng family had.

In addition to Shengshi, Leng Shaoting had also made a fortune as the team leader of the Red Flame.

They risked their lives to fulfill every mission, so their rewards were definitely very high.

Moreover, they could take half of the confiscated property as their own.

Almost every drug lord or major criminal had hundreds of millions of yuan in assets, and the members of the Red Flame could share their wealth once they were caught.

However, it wasnt known to the outside world, and only their leaders knew about it, because it was highly confidential.

“Yunyao didnt come back during the past years, because she lost her memories 15 years ago.

Ningning found Yunyao and we were able to find out that shes still alive,” said Master Leng.

He didnt want Jiang Shuyuan to continue to question Yunyao.

“She lost her memories Really I cant believe it, and someone might be doing that for another purpose,” said Jiang Shuyuan without hesitation.

She was talking about Gu Ning.

In her eyes, Gu Ning brought bad luck to her family, because her family had suffered a lot ever since she showed up, and now she made Yunyao come back.

Jiang Shuyuan separated her family from the whole Leng family.

Neither Leng Shaoting nor Jing Yunyao was mad at Jiang Shuyuans suspicion, because they couldnt care less about her.

Master Leng, however, couldnt stand it and snapped at her.

“Enough! Cant you stop causing trouble every time you come back I think you better stay outside.

Believe it or not, and you should close your mouth now!”

After that, Master Leng threatened her.

“I didnt look into something, but it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist.

You better behave yourself, or you might lose your position in the Leng family!”

Hearing that, Jiang Shuyuan was frightened and closed her mouth at once.She knew that Master Leng was talking about what Leng Shaojia had done to Gu Ning.

After living peacefully these days she forgot about it slightly, but still felt scared in retrospect.

She didnt want Leng Shaoting to know about it after all.


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