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Chapter 170 Gu Nings Anger I

Each consumer could have a 10% discount on the day of the opening ceremony.

A 10% discount wasnt small.

If you paid one million yuan, you could have a hundred thousand yuan off, which was quiet a lot when it came to jade.

The advertisement for Jade Beauty Jewelry didnt have much effect on ordinary people and those who disliked jade, but it caused a sensation in the jewelry and jade industry.

The main reason was the Kings Green.

The level ofjade used by Jade Beauty Jewelry was also astonishing.

It was a high-end brand, mainly producing jewelry made of at least medium-high-level jade.

There wasnt an abundant amount ofjade in City G, so it was hard to find high-level jade.

Jade Beauty Jewelry must be super rich and powerful to acquire so much high-level jade!

Many jade experts and businessmen had an intense interest in the Kings Green.

They all wanted to be the first group of people to have a look at it.

Many of them also planned to buy it for their collection.

Although they had seen many kinds ofjade, and didnt lack it, most of their collection was common or medium-level jade.

Let alone the Kings Green, few people had seen it, and fewer owned it.

Even if you had enough money, you probably wouldnt have a chance to buy one.

Jade Beauty Jewelry opened its official Weibo account, which was written on its advertisement post.

Thus many subscribed to follow the brand within a short time.

Yesterday afternoon, Gu Ning called Master Fu, Master Yan and Master Bai separately, telling them that she had cut out the Kings Green, and was going to show it at the opening ceremony.

All the jewelry was available for reservation on that day too.

She would guide them to have a look first when she went to City G.

Each master was thrilled to hear the news.

They all urged Gu Ning to come to City G as soon as possible.

Both Master Fu and Master Bai wanted to buy the Kings Green, but Gu Ning declined.

If they wanted it, they could make a reservation for it at the opening ceremony.

Gu Ning was a businesswoman right now, and profit was her first priority.

The two masters were businessmen as well.

They understood Gu Nings decision, and didnt insist.

At the same time, Master Bai and Master Fu planned to reserve a wide jade ring made of the Kings Green.

They did that because they cherished the Kings Green, and to help Gu Nings business as well.

Master Yan was more interested in antiques than jade, so he wasnt involved in the competition.

He mainly wanted to have a look.

However, Master Fu and Master Bai were both looking forward to Gu Nings arrival.

It was a torture for them to have to wait.

Although Gu Ning had told them beforehand, Master Fu and Master Bai were excited to see the advertisement, because they were able to see the Kings Green.

Nevertheless, it was only a picture of it.

They still had to wait for a while longer to see it in real life.

Li Zhenyu also called Qin Yifan after he heard of the news.

Qin Yifan was shocked.

He intended to have a look at the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry as well.

Gu Ning left her school at noon, but Gu Ning was always absent, so her friends complained that she wasnt a qualified boss.

Gu Ning truly had something serious to deal with, and they couldnt stop her from doing it.

Actually, Gu Ning also felt embarrassed.

She had been so busy recently, and didnt have much time to train them.

The No.

3 High School wasnt far away from the No.

4 Middle School.

It only took Gu Ning 10 minutes to run there.

Gu Ning climbed over a wall to get in to the No.

4 Middle School directly.

Their school uniforms were in the same color, but in different design, so no one would notice that Gu Ning was from another school unless they took a closer look.

When Gu Ning arrived, she called Jiang Xinyue.

Jiang Xinyue answered it, but didnt say a word.

However, Gu Ning was able to hear the voices through the phone.

“Jiang Xinyue, Ive warned you to stay away from Cheng Hang.

How dare you ignore it!”

“I didnt.

Its he who came to apologize to me for what you did to me yesterday,” Jiang Xinyue said.

“Apologize Why You deserved it!”

That was insane! Gu Ning was immediately aggravated.

Very well, she had thought that it would waste her time to find them, but unexpectedly, they were right there.

However, Gu Ning could only hear their voices.

She had no idea of their location.

Luckily, Gu Ning had acute hearing.

She recognized the sounds around Jiang Xinyue through the phone.

It was a sound created when trees swayed and the leaves rubbed against one another.

It had to be a place where there were many trees.

Gu Ning immediately thought of the woods.

She had gone to the No.

4 Middle School when she was younger, so she was familiar with it.

There was a lane in the woods.

Therefore, Gu Ning immediately ran to the lane.

She ran very fast, even quicker than a professional athlete.

Everyone on the way was shocked.

However, when they finally got their mind back and wanted to record it with their phones, Gu Ning was already gone.

Voices continued to sound from the other side of the phone.

“Since you wont listen to us, I need to teach you the lesson again.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was nervous.

She was afraid that Jiang Xinyue would be hurt.

Indeed, she soon heard a loud slap sound followed by Jiang Xinyues agonized scream.

Gu Nings anger was burning now.

Damn it!

She had planned to punish them lightly, but now it seemed like she had to make them regret what they had done to Jiang Xinyue.

When Gu Ning finally got there, Jiang Xinyue had already been slapped twice.

Gu Ning dashed forward at once.

She kicked the three female students surrounding Jiang Xinyue several meters away with great force.

Gu Ning didnt think that she should be kind at all.

The three female students didnt even have a chance to react.

One knocked into the tree and fell down onto the ground, then fainted.

Ones calf hit a stone and it was broken right away.

She couldnt move, but was crying in severe pain.

Ones face smashed into the ground.

Her jaw swelled.

Her front teeth disappeared and blood continuously poured out of her mouth.

She wasnt even able to cry.

Jiang Xinyue was stunned by the scene before her eyes.

There were students in twos and threes in the wood.

They were all shocked by Gu Nings strength.

Although they felt sorry for what Jiang Xinyue had suffered, no one dared to help her.

However, now seeing that people were hurt, someone immediately went to tell the teacher.

Gu Ning noticed, but she didnt care.

She couldnt run away right now, and couldnt leave Jiang Xinyue alone either! She would deal with the mess that she had caused.

“Sister…” Jiang Xinyues voice was trembling.


Although Jiang Xinyue was greatly surprised by Gu Nings power, she was frightened by the result.


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