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Gu Ning frowned, and knew what they wanted to do from their expressions before they said anything.

They simply wanted to blame her for everything.

“Whats wrong with you How can you run away after making my son fall” The woman criticized Gu Ning in anger, and didnt look guilty at all.

Hearing her criticisms, people around them turned to look at Gu Ning with annoyance.

Gu Ning was displeased and questioned the woman.

“When did I make your son fall Its your son who ran around here and fell on his own.

It has nothing to do with me!”

“I know you did that! How can you deny it Youre shameless!” The woman still blamed Gu Ning for it.

It was obvious that this wasnt the first time that the woman had done that.

She was so used to blaming other people for her mistakes that she was quite familiar with the trick.

“Young people nowadays are really selfish.

She doesnt apologize after knocking the kid over.”

“If she were my daughter, I would feel humiliated.”


Onlookers began to criticize Gu Ning too.

Gu Ning was mad and coldly stared at the woman.

“I think youre the shameless person here! I didnt touch your kid at all, and its your kid who almost knocked into me and I avoided it.

He kept on running and fell a distance away from me.

You cant blame me for that! You must have done it very often and you always blame other people for your mistakes!”

“You…” Hearing that, the woman panicked all of a sudden.

Other people didnt notice her expression, but Gu Nings words aroused their suspicion.

It was possible that Gu Ning didnt knock the kid at all, and the kid fell by himself.

In that case, they couldnt criticize Gu Ning.

The woman became angry with embarrassment and argued.

“Nonsense! It isnt my fault.”

She clearly knew the truth, but wouldnt admit it.

Those who did bad deeds always refused to admit doing them, and wouldnt allow other people to know what they had done.

Gu Ning sneered, then pointed at the surveillance cameras at the left corner.

“There are surveillance cameras.

If you refuse to admit it, we can check the surveillance video.”

Hearing that, the woman turned to look at surveillance cameras at once and panicked again.

This time, onlookers noticed her expression.

“Oh, it turns out that the girl didnt knock the kid, but the kid fell by himself.

This woman blamed the girl for it.

Shes shameless!”

“Right, her son fell on his own.

How could she blame the girl for it”


Onlookers began to criticize the woman, and the couple felt embarrassed.

Unfortunately, they refused to give up.

“Even if you didnt knock my son, why didnt you help him and stop him from falling!” The kids father still blamed Gu Ning.

“What Thats ridiculous.” Gu Ning curled her lips.

“If I didnt avoid him, he would knock into me.”

“So what Youre much taller and stronger than him,” said the woman.

Other people also felt it was ridiculous.

Her son was about to knock into Gu Ning and she blamed Gu Ning for avoiding her son.

“Yeah, Im much taller and stronger than your son, so it wouldnt be a big deal if he knocked me, but…” Gu Ning raised the box in her hands at this time.

“There is a very important object in this box.

If its damaged, can you pay for it”

“What important object can you have” said the woman with disdain.

Although Gu Ning looked pretty, she didnt wear expensive clothes, so they didnt think they could have anything valuable.

Actually, even though Gu Ning put on simple clothes, they were all international brands, and a random summer set cost several thousand yuan.

Moreover, Gu Ning wore simple clothes, but she had a very special air.

Not many people could recognize international brands, and not everyone could appreciate another persons air.

Gu Ning also had the contract in her hands, and the first page was the authentication certificate.

There were photos, price, and introduction of Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern on it, and Gu Ning raised it up to show it to everyone.

“Whats shown on this page is what is in this box.

Its the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern from the Warring States period, and its worth thirty million yuan.

I just got it from the Palace Museum.

If you think thirty million yuan is nothing, I have nothing else to say,” said Gu Ning.

“If you dont believe it, you can go to the Palace Museum for the proof, but you must bear the result if you delay what Im doing.”

Gu Ning knew that they didnt dare to go to the Palace Museum with her from their expressions.

In fact, they were already shocked and scared by the price.

Even if they would go with her, she wasnt worried about it at all, because she knew that she hadnt done anything wrong.

Onlookers were also amazed by the price of the Jade with Dragon Phoenix Cloud Pattern.

It was small, but it was quite expensive!

They didnt doubt Gu Nings words, because they thought that there was no need for Gu Ning to deceive them.

After all, it was the couples kids fault, and they shouldnt blame Gu Ning for it.

If they didnt learn from todays accident, they would cause trouble for more innocent people in the future.

Unkind people like them wouldnt change unless they learned a lesson.

“So What do you want to do now I dont have time to waste on you,” said Gu Ning.

The couple didnt dare to say anything further about it, and left in silence.

They were ordinary people, and simply wanted to blackmail Gu Ning for some money, but unexpectedly Gu Ning wasnt weak at all.

Gu Ning didnt stay there and walked away in a hurry.

However, right after she walked away from the crowd, Gu Ning suddenly squinted.


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