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Because Tang Bingsen had a heart problem, he couldnt attend the meeting in the company.

As a result, Tang Qingyang, who had only a few less shares than Tang Bingsen, began to manage everything in the company.

Tang Bingsen was definitely reluctant to see it happen, but it was the result voted for by most of the major shareholders.

Most major shareholders agreed with Tang Qingyangs proposals, so he won their support too.

Tang Bingsen couldnt attend the meeting, nor could he appoint someone to exercise his rights on his behalf, because he had to transfer the shares to this person in this case.

Only the person holding the shares could intervene in the companys decisions.

Without shares, even the person whom Tang Bingsen was closest to couldnt interfere in the business.

Therefore, although Tang Bingsen was unwilling to accept the result, he was left no choice.

Moreover, Tang Qingyangs decisions were indeed good for the development of the company, so he couldnt disagree only for his own good, because he would suffer the greatest loss if he insisted on doing that.

“Why dont you make a transfer contract, and we can force him to step down We can say that Tang Bingsen is seriously ill and can no longer manage the company, so his nephew, Tang Qingyang, will replace him.” Gu Ning said, “Anyway, Tang Bingsen has no children to inherit his family business now.

Its totally legal and reasonable if you do that.

In addition, its Tang Bingsens daughter who made him a tragedy and joke, so outsiders wont be suspicious of you.”

“Youre right!” Tang Qingyang immediately agreed with Gu Ning, because he trusted her.

Upon thinking that the long drama was finally about to over, Tang Qingyang was greatly excited.

He simply wanted to take revenge, and did not really care for the property.

In fact, it was very easy for Gu Ning to force Tang Bingsen to step down, but she didnt do that until she finished torturing him.

She wouldnt let him fail easily.

However, it was time for her to close it now.

“Im occupied these days, but we can take action when Im free,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” Tang Qingyang said.

Gu Ning stayed in the car, and went to the arrival hall when there was about a dozen minutes.

As she walked into the hall, it was about the time her friends arrived but it would still take them about 20 minutes to get out of the plane and pick up their luggage.

Therefore, Gu Ning stayed there and waited for them.

During the wait, Gu Ning felt many people were looking at her, and she also heard other people talking about her.

They either recognized her or complimented her outstanding appearance.

Some men were even criticized by their girlfriends because they kept glancing at Gu Ning, but it wasnt serious.

About 20 minutes later, Chu Peihan and the others walked out.

Each of the three boys pulled a suitcase.

Mu Ke did that for Yu Mixi, Hao Ran for Chu Peihan, and Zhang Tianping for Mu Ke.

Why did Mu Ke leave his own suitcase to another person and go to help Yu Mixi with hers The answer was very simple, because Yu Mixi was his girlfriend.

Although Mu Ke and Yu Mixi already became boyfriend and girlfriend earlier on, Yu Mixi didnt know that Mu Ke applied for the same university as her until they received the admission letter.

Yu Mixi was deeply touched at that time.

Mu Kes parents also heard about their relationship later.

They didnt disagree with it, even though there was a huge gap between their family background.

They hoped that Mu Ke could have a girlfriend of the same economic level as him, but they would never despise Yu Mixi.

It was because of Gu Ning to some extent.

Yu Mixi was Gu Nings good friend, and Gu Ning was always willing to help her.

Yu Mixi also worked hard, which meant that she could have a bright future.

So Mu Kes parents valued their future daughter-in-laws abilities above her family background.

They hoped that their future daughter-in-law could be an independent girl instead of relying on her family to live.

They also had the same requirement for Mu Ke.

Although Mu Ke was the sole heir of the Mu family, he needed to have the ability to manage his family business well.

If he couldnt do that, his family business would be ruined one day.

Whether in business or politics, everyone needed to work hard to win in endless competitions.

However, Mu Kes parents were unhappy that Mu Ke chose the same university as Yu Mixi, because he was able to go to a better college.

Unfortunately, they already had the admission letter, so they could only accept it.

Although Mu Ke did it for Yu Mixi, Yu Mixi was unaware of it, so Mu Kes parents didnt blame her for it.

“Boss!” Chu Peihan ran towards Gu Ning and gave her a big hug once she saw her.

Several girls who recognized Gu Ning said with envy at once, “Wow, it must be great to be Goddess Gus friend! She can have Goddess Gu pick her up and can also hug Goddess Gu.”

“I wish I could become Goddess Gus friend too.”



Mu Ke and the others went to Gu Ning and were also excited to see her.

“Been a while! How have you been recently” asked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was happy to see them too, because they were her good friends in high school.

Most importantly, they didnt become friends for any benefits and were good friends.

“Were all good!” They smiled at Gu Ning.

After that, they left together.

“Boss, can you bring us to your company first” asked Chu Peihan.

“Sure, we can go to my company right now, then we can dine together before we make arrangements for the following days,” said Gu Ning.


Each of them was very excited, and they were curious to see Gu Nings company.

On the way, they laughed and chatted with each other.

About an hour later, they arrived at the headquarters of the Shengning Organization.

“Boss, is it this office building” asked Hao Ran.

“Yeah, there is another office building under construction behind it,” said Gu Ning.

“Wow, it must be super expensive in the capital!” Chu Peihan exclaimed.

This wasnt City F after all, and the housing price was extremely high in the capital.

A luxurious house in City F might only cost ten thousand yuan a square-meter, but it could be over a hundred thousand yuan in the capital.

Therefore, the money Gu Ning paid for these two office buildings could buy a large living area in City F.

“Um, Im not very clear about it,” said Gu Ning, because the second office building wasnt done yet, and she was still spending more money on it.

“The land is quite expensive in the capital, but the construction materials should be at the same prices as those in other cities, but this piece of land alone might cost several hundred million yuan,” said Mu Ke.


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