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“Great,” said Gu Ning, then followed Jing Jining, walking to his car.

After they were in the car, Jing Jining asked, “Do you know Baili Zongxue”

Although he asked that question, he already had the answer.

“Yes,” said Gu Ning.

“Do you know her real identity” asked Jing Jining.

Although Jing Yunyao told him that Gu Ning could feel a cultivator, she didnt tell him that Gu Ning already met other cultivators.

“Of course,” Gu Ning said.

“Whats your relationship with her” asked Jing Jining.

Although it had nothing to do with him, he was worried that members of the Baili family built a relationship with Gu Ning for a purpose.

Jing Jining knew that he shouldnt interfere in it and he was afraid that Gu Ning might be displeased, so he explained at once.

“Please dont misunderstand me.

I have no intention to judge your choices of friends, but Im simply worried that members of the Baili family build a relationship with you for a purpose.”

“Well, we just know each other, and I know what they aim to do.

Im a jade businesswoman, so they originally wanted to buy more high quality jade through me for their cultivation.

I dont think theyre unkind to me, and I also want to learn more about cultivators through them,” said Gu Ning.

Jing Yunyao already told Gu Ning that Jing Jining was aware of the fact that she could feel cultivators, so Gu Ning could be honest with him.

Gu Ning wasnt unhappy about it.

Since Jing Yunyao trusted Jing Jining, she was willing to trust him too.

However, she didnt tell Jing Jining that Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue also wanted the magical power in the medicines produced by her company.

At least she wouldnt tell Jing Jining of her own accord before Jing Jining asked her about that.

If Jing Jining asked her about that, she wouldnt hide the truth from him.

Jing Yunyao knew about it after all, so there was no need for Gu Ning to deceive Jing Jining.

In fact, even if Gu Ning was going to tell Jing Jining anything about the magical power, she would give him the same answer she told Jing Yunyao, and wouldnt tell him its source.

“Are you involved in jade business as well” Jing Jining was surprised when he heard that.

“Yes, the Colorful Jade Provider in City Teng is my company,” said Gu Ning.

Knowing that, Jing Jining was more surprised.

“Youre the person who unseated the Wang family in City Teng!”

Jing Jining was a jade businessman too, so he naturally had heard of the Jing family.

He knew it was the Colorful Jade Provider which replaced the Wang family in City Teng.

Nevertheless, he didnt know many details, because they werent business competitors and he didnt bother to do an investigation about it.

Therefore, he didnt know that Gu Ning was the boss of Colorful Jade Provider until now.

If he had done an investigation, he would have found out that Gu Ning was the boss of Colorful Jade Provider and Leng Shaoting got the right of development for her.

“I had conflicts against the Wang family when I went to City Teng.

It was their fault, but they still wanted to take revenge, so I had to unseat them,” said Gu Ning.

“Youre really a girl who is full of surprises! I believe you have many more companies under your name, right” said Jing Jining.

He was right.

“Um, I have a real estate company too, but it isnt very big,” said Gu Ning.

Jing Jining didnt ask further about it, because he knew it would be annoying if he kept on asking about it.

After that, they talked more about Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao and Gu Ning got out of the car when they arrived at Shengshi Hotel.

Gu Ning then called the number which Leng Shaoting gave her and said that she came for the car.

Before long, a man drove a car out and stopped outside the hotel.

He gave Gu Ning the key and Gu Ning drove the car away.

Chu Peihan and others arrived at the airport of the capital at 4:50 pm, and Gu Ning had an hour and twenty minutes before that.

She would spend 50 minutes on her way, so she needed to wait for half an hour after she arrived at the airport.

Anyway, she was free now, so she decided to go there earlier.

Right after she arrived at the airport, Gu Ning received Tang Qingyangs call, and he asked her, “Hey, did you annoy Tang Bingsen again I heard that he had a heart attack, and has been absent for days!” Tang Qingyang sounded quite excited.

It was impossible for him not to be excited, because Tang Bingsen had killed his father and he dreamed of taking revenge.

Since Tang Bingsen had a bad result now, he was happier than ever.

Hearing that, Gu Ning smiled and said, “Yes, he found out that Feng Lin and their son already ran away.

He called me and asked me for the reason.

I seized the chance to annoy him, but his acceptance is too weak.”

Gu Ning despised Tang Bingsens acceptance.

Tang Qingyang didnt know what to say when he heard that, because not many people had as strong an acceptance as Gu Ning.

If he were Tang Bingsen, he would have a breakdown too.

Although he had no sympathy for Tang Bingsen and even gloated over his failure, he had to admit that Tang Bingsen had really tough days recently.

What had happened to Tang Yaxin, Qi Ziyue, the Tianying Gang, and Feng Lin all made him feel angry and greatly threatened.

Once Tang Bingsen heard that Feng Lin and Feng Qile disappeared, he sent out many people to search for them, but only found that they already went to Country Y.

Even though Tang Bingsen had friends in Country Y, he had already missed the chance to catch Feng Lin and Feng Qile when he heard the news.

It was impossible for Tang Bingsens friends to check every surveillance camera to find his mistress and illegitimate son.

Feng Lin was also afraid that “Tang Aining” might regret it, so they went away as far as possible.

Feng Lin was able to be a senior manager of Tang Bingsens company, not only because of their affair, but also because of her abilities.

Therefore, there was no problem for her to live a good life in Country Y.

Moreover, Feng Lin had studied for two years in Country Y, so she was fluent in Language Y.

As for Feng Qile, he was born to inherit the Tang Organization, so he was good at Language Y too.


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