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When they came, they also recognized her at first glance, so they had to be Leng Yuanjin and Song Wenxuan.

“Yes, we are,” said Leng Yuanjin.

She knew that Yunyao lost her memories, so someone must have mentioned them before they arrived here.

“Im so sorry; I lost my memories and I cant remember anything about you.

Master Leng just talked about you two, so I learned your names,” said Jing Yunyao with embarrassment.

“Its fine.

Youll get your memories back, and were glad to see that youre fine.” Leng Yuanjin comforted her.

Nothing was more important than her safety.

Song Wenxuan was a man, and didnt know what to say at this moment, so he said nothing and let Leng Yuanjin do the talk.

“Oh, Yunyao, this is my daughter, Song Yinuo.” Leng Yuanjin pulled Song Yinuo who was struck dumb over and introduced Jing Yunyao to her.

“Yinuo, this is your Aunt Yunyao.”

“Nice to see you, Aunt Yunyao!” Song Yinuo greeted Jing Yunyao at once, her voice very sweet and adorable.

Song Yinuo was actually confused, because she heard that her Uncle Yuanhan and Aunt Yunyao were already dead.

Why did her Aunt Yunyao suddenly come back She didnt know what had happened, but she knew that she shouldnt ask about it right now.

“Nice to see you too, Yinuo.” Jing Yunyao smiled at her.

After that, Master Leng told them to have a seat.

Song Yinuo looked to Gu Ning with great excitement.

She was also surprised when she walked inside because of Gu Nings presence.

Gu Ning became her idol after she learned about her achievements through the Internet.

Gu Ning noticed her look, then gave her a smile.

From Song Yinuos gaze, Gu Ning knew that she was also her fan.

Song Yinuo was thrilled when her idol smiled at her.

In fact, she ached to talk with her idol at this moment.

Before she came to the capital, she already knew that Gu Ning was her Cousin Shaotings girlfriend but she never had the chance to see Gu Ning before.

She also complained about it when she heard that her mother and her Aunt Yin already had a meal with Gu Ning.

When they were chatting with each other, Leng Yuanjin suddenly said, “Oh, when Yinuo heard that Yin and I shared a meal with Gu Ning last time, she complained about it and said that I should bring her out too.

Shes Gu Nings loyal fan!”

Hearing that, Song Yinuo felt shy and lowered her head at once, and Leng Yuanjin joked.

“Look at you.

Do you feel embarrassed Gu Ning is your idol and also your future sister-in-law!”

“Mom!” Song Yinuo was dissatisfied when her mother joked about her.

“Ha-ha, your mother is right.

Ningning is also your future sister-in-law, so you dont need to feel shy in front of her.

You should spend more time with her,” said Master Leng.

Except for Leng Yuanqians family, the other members of the Leng family already accepted Gu Ning as the Leng familys grand daughter-in-law.

Since they were a family, they really should spend more time with one another.

The Leng family had to be united for it to be strong.

“Youre right, Grandpa Leng.

Yinuo, why dont we exchange our phone numbers or ID accounts” Gu Ning pleased Song Yinuo of her own accord.

Since Master Leng said that they should spend more time with each other, she needed to show with her attitude that she was willing to be Song Yinuos friend.

Song Yinuo nodded at once with excitement.

“Of course!”

She actually didnt expect it to happen all of a sudden.

Although Gu Ning was her future sister-in-law and they would be a family, Gu Ning became her idol first, so she still felt nervous in front of Gu Ning.

“I want that too! Im not Ningnings friend on WeChat yet,” said Leng Shaoxun without delay.

“Me too! I want both a phone number and WeChat account!” Leng Shaoxi was unwilling to be left aside.

Afterwards, they took out their phones and went to ask Gu Ning for her phone number and WeChat account, which amused the other people in the room.

Song Yinuo directly sat by Gu Ning after that, and began to chat with her.

Once she opened her mouth, she kept complimenting Gu Ning with admiration.

“Goddess Gu, can we take photos together” Song Yinuo asked Gu Ning with anticipation.

“Sure!” said Gu Ning.

Hearing Gu Nings agreement, Song Yinuo was excited and asked again, “Can I post them to my WeChat moments”

She wanted to do that, but she thought that she still needed to ask for Gu Nings opinion.

“Of course!” Gu Ning agreed.

Since she was willing to take photos with Song Yinuo, she wouldnt mind it if Song Yinuo posted the photos on social media.

“Um, can I say that youre my sister-in-law” asked Song Yinuo.

Although Song Yinuo was only 13, she was smart and more mature than her age.

She knew that Gu Ning was a celebrity and her reputation mattered.

Gu Ning was amused by Song Yinuos questions.

“Im not a big star, so its fine if my romantic relationship is public.”

Song Yinuo felt relieved and beamed.

“Wonderful! I just want to show off our relationship in front of my classmates.

Many of my classmates are your fans because they believe youre a kung fu master.

If they find out our relationship, theyll be super envious of me!”

They were teenagers, so they really admired Gu Nings level of martial arts.

Gu Ning laughed again after Song Yinuo said that.

After that, they took several photos together and Song Yinuo posted them on her WeChat moments.

Song Yinuo: You might not believe it, but my idol is my future sister-in-law! Im happier than ever now, and well be a family! I can see my idol every day!

Song Yinuo only had dozens of contacts on WeChat, and most of them were her friends or classmates in addition to her relatives.


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