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“Its obvious that Yunyao has also suffered a lot that year, or she wouldnt lose her memories all of a sudden,” said Master Leng, defending Yunyao.

Yu Yin only had the suspicion for a short while, and she still chose to believe that Yunyao wouldnt hurt Leng Yuanhan.

After all, they had lived together for years, and she knew what kind of person Yunyao was.

Although many people were wearing a mask on their faces and it was hard to truly know a person from their appearance, it didnt mean that everyone loved disguising.

Because Master Leng was restless during the wait, he directly walked out of the door.

“Master Leng, whats wrong” Leng Changzhi noticed his unusual behavior and asked with concern.

It wasnt something that they couldnt tell Leng Changzhi, so Master Leng shared the news with him and Leng Changzhi was leaving him shocked too.

However, he had the same reaction as Leng Yuanzhen.

Although he thought that it was possible that the woman could be Yunyao, he was suspicious of her.

However, he noticed that Master Leng almost accepted it, so he said nothing and waited to see the result.

During this time, Master Leng told Yu Yin to find Yunyaos notes for him from Leng Yuanhans study.

Master Leng anxiously walked in and out.

When it was almost the appointed time, he went straight to wait at the gate, followed by Yu Yin and Leng Changzhi.

Finally, Leng Yuanzhens car drove.

A while later, they saw another car behind it, and they knew that it must be Gu Nings car, which meant that Gu Ning and Yunyao came too.

All of a sudden, they got nervous.

They hoped that she was really Yunyao, but was also worried that she might not be Yunyao.

Actually, no one was more nervous than Yunyao.

She wasnt afraid that she might not be able to prove her identity, but she felt a little timid when she was about to have a family reunion.

She had met Master Leng a few days ago, but her face was covered back then, and Master Leng didnt know who she was.

Now, however, they would meet face to face.

Gu Ning didnt know how to comfort her about that, so she said nothing.

The car stopped before the gate.

Leng Yuanzhen got out of it and gave the car key to a security guard, who would drive the car to the parking garage.

Gu Nings car was stopped right outside the gate, and she got out of it with Jing Yunyao too.

Even though everyone was mentally-prepared, they were still amazed when they saw Jing Yunyao in the flesh.

They felt the strong familiarity from Yunyao, and only those who were really familiar with them could give them that feeling.

“Hi, Grandpa Leng, Uncle Changzhi, and Aunt Yin.” Gu Ning greeted them.

“Nice to see you, Master Leng.” Jing Yunyao also politely greeted Master Leng, but she didnt know how to call the other two people, so she simply nodded at them.

Once Master Leng heard her voice, he said with surprise, “A-Are you the woman who came with Ningning the other day”

Although he asked that question, he already had the answer, and Master Leng was more sure that she was Yunyao, because he already felt that she looked familiar when her face was covered.

If they werent close family members, they wouldnt have that familiarity towards each other.

As for now, the familiarity became strong and real.

Peoples appearances might lie, but the feelings couldnt.

Leng Changzhi also recognized Jing Yunyao when he heard her voice, and he began to believe that she could really be Yunyao.

At the same time, Master Leng and Leng Changzhi thought that they probably came the other day not for books but for something else.

Nevertheless, they didnt think that they had an evil purpose, because Yunyao lost her memories and Gu Ning was helping her get them back by taking her to familiar places.

Yu Yin and Leng Yuanzhen were surprised when they heard that Gu Ning and Yunyao had visited the Leng family a few days ago, but it wasnt the right time to ask about that right now.

“Yes,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Come on in!” Master Leng welcomed them without delay.

He couldnt wait to make sure whether this woman in front of his eyes was really Yunyao.

Even though he was quite sure that she could really be Yunyao after he saw her face, he still wanted to confirm it.

Afterwards, they went inside and followed Master Leng to his study.

“Please dont mind,” said Master Leng with slight embarrassment.

They needed to confirm it but it was also a little disrespectful.

“Of course not.” Jing Yunyao didnt mind it at all, then went to the table and began to write with the ink brush.

Master Leng and Yunyao had talked about calligraphy with each other before, and Master Leng had watched her writing many times.

Therefore, he was very familiar with the way Yunyao used the ink brush, the posture when she wrote, and her handwriting.

When Jing Yunyao wrote down on the paper right now, she looked exactly the same as Yunyao in his memories.

Appearance and posture could be imitated, but verve couldnt.

Although Jing Yunyao lost her memories, the way of holding the ink brush, the posture and look when she wrote, and the style of her writing were all habits that had developed since her childhood, and they wouldnt change due to amnesia.

Jing Yunyaos writing was naturally comfortable and unconstrained.

This was her consistent style, and there was no trace of deliberateness, because she didnt do it deliberately.

Master Leng was already very familiar with Yunyaos handwriting and he just saw it again, so he got more excited when he saw the several characters Jing Yunyao wrote down and recognized Yunyaos handwriting, but he didnt stop Jing Yunyao from finishing writing.

Once Jing Yunyao was done, she put down the ink brush and asked Master Leng, “Master Leng, please.”

Master Leng walked over at once and compared it with Yunyaos notes.

“Theyre exactly the same! Im sure that theyre from the same person!” Master Leng said with great excitement.

“I-I trust you.

I now believe that youre Yunyao.”

Saying that, Master Leng cried with joy.

The others in the room were also excited.

Yu Yin completely believed it, and although Leng Yuanzhen and Leng Changzhi still felt that it was too unbelievable, they were willing to accept it.

Since they believed it now, they felt happy too.

“Thank you for trusting me.” Jing Yunyao also cried.

She felt happy because members of the Leng family were willing to trust her, but she wasnt so excited because she lost her memories of them.


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