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Once the Jing family found out about Leng Shaotings existence, their conflict would be fiercer, especially the conflict between Jing Yaorong and Leng Shaoting.

Jing Yaorong had killed Leng Shaotings father, and Leng Shaoting was a humiliation in Jing Yaorongs eyes.

By then, there would be a serious fight.

However, Leng Shaoting was a newcomer to the cultivation world, so he was no match for Jing Yaorong.

In that case, he actually hoped that Leng Shaoting couldnt become a cultivator.

Although Leng Shaoting couldnt see Jing Yunyao and his life would be very short if it happened, he could at least have a life with less danger.

“If its possible, I wish that Shaoting werent a cultivator.

Hell be dragged into a more dangerous situation if he becomes a cultivator,” said Jing Jining in a sad tone.

Jing Yunyao had the same worry as Jing Jining.

“I know, but its not something we can control.

Anyway, Shaoting had great talent and he has gone up three levels within a month.

Hes in the early stage of turning qi into energy right now and hes the most talented cultivator Ive ever seen.

I believe he can achieve extraordinary things in the future,” said Jing Yunyao.

“W-what” Jing Jining was shocked by the news that Leng Shaoting was already in the early stage of turning qi into energy after he became a cultivator for only a month.

His talent was unbelievable! It was the first time that Jing Jining had heard of a cultivator who could make such quick progress.

Accordingly, Leng Shaoting could indeed achieve extraordinary things in the future.

If so, there was no need for him to be worried.

“Shaotings level is still very low now, so we must protect him from being discovered by people from the cultivation world, especially members of the Jing family,” said Jing Yunyao.

Leng Shaoting would be in danger if he was found by Jing Yaorong when he was still at a low level.

“Of course, but accidents can happen,” said Jing Jining anxiously.

Jing Yunyao became silent too.

Although they would try to protect Leng Shaoting from the cultivation world, it was hard to say whether they could succeed.

If the Jing family found him, no one knew what would happen.

“Oh, how did Shaoting become a cultivator all of a sudden Does he know any cultivators How did he learn that he suddenly changed and became a cultivator He was a mortal after all, so how did he learn to improve his cultivation without anyones guidance” Jing Jining asked.

“I heard about it from Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning isnt a cultivator, she can sense the air of cultivators, and she also knows a little about us,” said Jing Yunyao.

“What Gu Ning can sense the air of a cultivator In that case, she must have known my real identity earlier on!” Jing Jining was surprised.

It was beyond his imagination that a mortal was able to sense a cultivator.

“Right.” Jing Yunyao said, “She also talked about you with me, so now shes aware of our relationship.”

Jing Jining opened his mouth, but didnt know what to say at this moment.

“Gu Ning told me that Shaoting was searching for a night-luminescent pearl and suddenly noticed that he was able to absorb its magical power once he held it in his hands.

Probably because he absorbed more and more magical power over time, his body started to change and the magical power began to circulate in it, then he became a cultivator,” said Jing Yunyao.

“They already knew about the existence of cultivators before Shaoting became a cultivator, and they even had fights against members of the Evil Practice.

They learned more about the cultivation world and cultivators from them.

It isnt a secret to them that the entrance is at the Qianling Mountain.

They found two books about cultivation in my old room afterwards, then Shaoting started his cultivation.”

Hearing that, Jing Jining had a better understanding of it.

“Although Shaoting has great talent, he still needs a teacher to help him avoid mistakes, so I think you should go to see him as soon as possible.

You two are going to see each other sooner or later, and itll be more convenient for you to help him with his cultivation,” said Jing Jining.

“There is no need to be worried about that, because Shaoting already has a great private teacher.

With his help, I believe Shaoting can make quicker progress,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Shaoting is busy with work now, so he doesnt have much time for cultivation.”

She knew that cultivation needed days and nights, but Leng Shaoting couldnt leave his work behind.

“Whos his private teacher” Jing Jining asked with curiosity.

“I just told you about my first meeting with Gu Ning.

At that time they went to Kunlun Mountain.

Shaoting advanced his level right in the Kunlun Sects place.

They met an elder of the Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang, afterwards and he became Shaotings private teacher,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Shangguan Yang is still alive, and hes Shaotings private teacher now” Jing Jining was greatly surprised again, because all the people who knew about Shangguan Yang thought that he was already dead.

After all, ever since the cultivation world came into being, cultivators only stayed there.

During the past hundreds of years, they hadnt met any other cultivators outside, so they believed that there were no cultivators in the outside world.

It didnt mean that cultivators didnt exist in the outside world although they hadnt met any, but they would still be amazed.

Moreover, it was a very good thing that Shangguan Yang could be Shaotings private teacher.

Jing Jining didnt know Shangguan Yangs current level, but Shangguan Yang was already a senior cultivator in the Yuan Ying Period.

Now hundreds of years had passed, and Shangguan Yangs level had to be higher.

He believed that Shangguan Yang must be at a higher level than those senior cultivators in Tiandaozong.

Gu Ning arrived at the siheyuan at 4:30 pm.

At this time, Shangguan Yang was training Stone, but he directly left Stone behind once Gu Ning came.

He told Gu Ning to show him what she had learned from him again.

Gu Ning made great progress compared with her last performance, and Shangguan Yang was very satisfied.

After that they shared dinner in the siheyuan.

Jing Yunyao left after having the meal with Jing Jining.

When Jing Jining learned that Jing Yunyao lived in Mountain River Garden, he stayed in a nearby hotel and told Jing Yunyao to call him whenever she needed his help.


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