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Chapter 166 Just Being Polite

Leng Shaoting was turned on, and felt sexually excited now.

He needed a cold bath right away.

Before Gu Ning realized it, Leng Shaoting let her go and started running away.

There was no need for him to explain whether he was gay or not, because his reaction proved everything.

At the same time, Gu Ning finally realized what had just happened.

She ran out of Fenghua Luxury Mansion and to her school in a hurry.

Her heart was in her throat now.

She felt embarrassed and excited, and kept blaming Leng Shaoting in her heart.

If he hadnt knocked into her, it wouldnt have happened, but it wasnt actually Leng Shaotings fault.

If she hadnt stopped all of a sudden, Leng Shaoting wouldnt have knocked into her.

He didnt want it to happen either.

When Gu Ning got to school, she had almost calmed herself down.

She went to the football field.

Yu Mixi was there as well.

Gu Ning asked, “Mixi, is your mother awake”

Yu Mixi looked a little pale, but beamed.

“My mother woke up around 12 pm.

The doctor said my mother recovered very well.

She can leave the hospital after a week.

I was too happy to remember to send a message into our WeChat group to share the good news with you all!”

“Its fine, and Im happy to hear it too,” Gu Ning said.

“Ningning, I told my father about what we spoke about, My father is also supporting me to study hard and help you in the future,” Yu Mixi said.

“Great! Dont let me down,” Gu Ning encouraged her.

“I wont!” Yu Mixi was full of hope now.

She promised that she would never disappoint Gu Ning.

“What are you talking about” Chu Peihan, who stood not far away, noticed that they were talking about something, but didnt hear it clearly.

She immediately approached them.

“Were discussing that someones birthday is just around the corner.

What gifts should we send” Gu Ning pretended as if she was thinking.

She wanted to keep it a secret between Yu Mixi and her for now.

“Someones birthday Who” Chu Peihan was excited at once.

Birthdays meant a party was also around the corner.

“Whose birthday” Hao Ran and the boys came near too.

If it was their friends birthday, they of course must celebrate it.

Gu Ning rolled her eyes, looking at Chu Peihan.

“I think the answer is pretty clear!”

Chu Peihan was struck dumb for a second before she realized that her birthday was only half a month away.

She forgot her own birthday! Chu Peihan was a little embarrassed, but she became thrilled the next second.

“Ha-ha! My birthday is half a month away! How could I forget about it! Boss, how did you know I dont think I told you that.” Chu Peihan was curious.

“You didnt tell me, but I saw it.

When we went to register for a room last time, I noticed your ID card,” Gu Ning said.


Hearing that, not only Chu Peihan, but the rest were also shocked.

What an outstanding memory Gu Ning had!

Nevertheless, in their eyes, Gu Ning was a goddess, so they gradually grew accustomed to finding out about her unusual abilities.

“Boss, thats incredible! I must invite you all to have a luxurious meal and throw a great party! As for the gifts, I dont care,” Chu Peihan said.

“Well, I was considering preparing a valuable gift for you, but since you said so, Im fine with that.

I can save a lot of money,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Chu Peihan couldnt remain calm.

She argued at once, “Boss, I was just saying that.

Please dont take it seriously!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

In Fenghua Luxury Mansion, Leng Shaoting sat on the sofa thinking, after a cold bath in Xu Jinchens place.

Because of his unexpected physiological response, he was growingly clear about his feelings towards Gu Ning.

He had never loved a woman, so he wasnt sure whether he had indeed fallen in love with Gu Ning, but he was certain that he felt disappointed to see her being unhappy, so he had even let her keep the gun, which was illegal.

When Xu Jinchen had told him that he was going to chase Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting had been displeased.

Thus he had deliberately forced Xu Jinchen to go on the task together with him to prevent them from getting closer to each other.

When Gu Ning had given him a hint that she probably liked him, his heart had beat so fast and he had stayed awake all night.

When Gu Ning had told him someone wanted her to be his girlfriend, Leng Shaoting felt extremely uncomfortable.

He had to stop her, that was the reason why he had flown all the way back to City F.

When thinking of her, he felt relaxed and sweet for no reason.

Perhaps, he had indeed fallen in love with Gu Ning.

An abrupt ringtone interrupted Leng Shaotings thoughts, he was a little displeased, but still answered the call.

It was from Xu Jinchen.

The minute Leng Shaoting answered it, Xu Jinchen opened his mouth, “Hey, boss, where are you now”

“Whats up” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Nothing, I just feel that I have nothing to do right now, and I wanted to tell you that Im going to find the girl that I like.

Id hate to go on a blind date arranged by my family,” Xu Jinchen complained.

The girl he liked

All of a sudden, Leng Shaoting remembered that Xu Jinchen had told him before that he wanted to chase Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting immediately thought that Xu Jinchen was going to find Gu Ning, so he strongly disagreed without hesitation, “You cant do that!”

“What Why” Xu Jinchen was a little dumb struck.

“You have to wait until I get back,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Then when will you be back” Xu Jinchen asked.

“Soon.” However, exactly how soon he would be back was totally dependent on him.

This wasnt the first time that Xu Jinchen had been deceived by his boss.

At noon, Zhou Zhenghong sent Gu Ning a message with a picture.

It was the advertisement photo of the Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

Zhou Zhenghong was asking for Gu Nings opinion.

If it wasnt good enough, they still had time to alter it.

If Gu Ning was satisfied with it, they could print it out right now for promotion.

Gu Ning looked at it for a while, and she liked it.

Zhou Zhenghong then went to print it.

The afternoon classes were finally over, except for Mu Ke and An Yi who still had to attend the evening class, the rest of them left the school together.

Yu Mixi needed to visit her mother in the hospital, so she had asked for a leave from toadys evening class.

After they said good-bye to one another, Gu Ning walked towards her home.

She planned to run back home when there were fewer people around.

However, before long, a black Maserati stopped right by her side.

The window of the back seat was rolled down.

It was Situ Ye.

“Get in, let me drive you home!” Situ Ye said.

“No, thanks.

Im used to running home,” Gu Ning declined.

“This is my first time driving a person home on my own initiative.

Please do me a favor,” Situ Ye added.

Since Situ Ye said so, Gu Ning didnt want to hurt his feelings, so she got in.

However, the men who sat in the drivers seat and the passenger seat were shocked.

Since when had their boss become so kind and gentle


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