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“Even if Im going to leave Fenghua Entertainment in the future, Im its general manager now, so I have the power to manage my artists!” said Lu Xiao.

“Well, I know itll affect an artists development if her relationship is exposed, so I promise that Ill keep it a secret after Yichu becomes my girl.

Dont worry, Ill protect her well,” said Song Xiuyan.

“Bulls*it, Song Xiuyan! Im warning you to stay away from Xia Yichu!” shouted Lu Xiao and hung up on Song Xiuyan.

He was indeed full of anger because of Xia Yichu.

He now regretted helping Xia Yichu hire Song Xiuyans music teacher so that they had a chance to see each other.

Gu Ning didnt rush to go inside and gave him several minutes to calm down.

Lu Xiao called Xia Yichu right after having the call with Song Xiuyan.

“Xia Yichu, stay away from Song Xiuyan.

Youre still a new face, and gossip will only ruin your career.

Do you understand” said Lu Xiao.

Although he was jealous, what he said was also the truth.

Xia Yichu only had a small number of fans, and not many of them were her loyal fans.

Song Xiuyan, however, had dozens of millions of fans.

And most of his fans were loyal.

If Xia Yichu had any gossip with him, she would surely be amid strong criticisms.

Because Xia Yichu was still a new face, Song Xiuyans fans would jump to the conclusion that she wanted to ride on his coattails.

However, if Xia Yichu was a popular successful singer too, the situation would be different.

Actually, even if Xia Yichu was popular too, Lu Xiao wouldnt allow her to have any gossip.

“I told you I did keep a distance from him, but we have the same music teacher and I cant avoid him forever,” said Xia Yichu, feeling aggrieved.

“Just stay away from him and leave the problems to me.

Ill handle it,” said Lu Xiao, but he was still mad at Song Xiuyan.

“Fine.” Xia Yichu agreed.

In fact, Xia Yichu could feel that Lu Xiao treated her differently, and he was a very handsome and successful mature man, so she had special feelings towards him too.

Nevertheless, she felt that she didnt deserve Lu Xiao, because Lu Xiao was at a much higher position than her.

Gu Ning knocked on the door of Lu Xiaos office a minute after he finished the call with Xia Yichu.

“Come in,” said Lu Xiao in annoyance, because he was still in a bad mood.

Gu Ning then pushed the door open and walked inside.

Lu Xiao changed his expression the moment he saw Gu Ning.

“Please have a seat, boss.”

Lu Xiao was Leng Shaotings man, but he didnt know Yunyao, so he had no reaction when he saw her.

“Oh, Ive already solved the problem Tang Xiaoxiao suffered,” said Lu Xiao.

A few days ago, Tang Xiaoxiao kept receiving strange messages and calls.

Someone even stalked her to her home.

Tang Xiaoxiao was scared, but didnt know who the person was.

She told the company, who found out that the person was Tang Xiaoxiaos fan, so they warned the fan not to do that again.

The fan remained quiet for only two days, before suddenly claiming that he wanted to kill himself on Weibo because Tang Xiaoxiao had betrayed him.

Internet users didnt know the truth, and Tang Xiaoxiao became their target.

Although Tang Xiaoxiao did nothing wrong, and it was purely slander, it still affected her reputation.

Even Gu Ning was amid criticisms too.

However, Gu Nings loyal fans defended her as always.

Gu Ning didnt care about it, but Tang Xiaoxiao was an actress so she had to clear her name.

Therefore, Fenghua Entertainment posted evidence of the fans terrible behavior on Weibo to stop the rumor getting worse.

The fan actually had a mental problem, so he had many delusions.

The hospital and his family could prove that.

Although some haters refused to believe it, most of the Internet users accepted the evidence.

“Glad to know that,” said Gu Ning.

She believed in Lu Xiaos ability.

Gu Ning said nothing about Xia Yichu, because it was their personal affair.

She also didnt stay there for long, and soon left with Jing Yunyao.

When they were home, Gu Ning told Jing Yunyao to have a rest and that she would cook, but Jing Yunyao refused so they cooked together in the end.


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