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Gu Ning guided Jing Yunyao around for a while, but Jing Yunyao felt like everything was different now.

The capital city had made dramatic changes during the past 15 years, so it was understandable if Jing Yunyao felt like everything looked new and strange.

In addition, although Jing Yunyao had lived in the capital for over a dozen years before, she had spent most of her time with Leng Yuanhan in the military, so she wasnt very familiar with the capital.

When it was almost 12 pm, Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao went to the commercial zone.

It was time for lunch, so Gu Ning planned to shop after having the meal.

They could look at the Gufan store too.

The Gufan store would be opening the day after tomorrow, and it had already attracted a lot of attention on the Internet.

Because Gufan was one of the hottest topics on social media once it was founded, many people had the idea to shop in its store after it was open.

Therefore, Gufan already had a group of potential customers.

Some Internet users had shopped online on the official website of Gufan, and they were all impressed by its novel designs and good quality.

However, even though online shopping was very convenient now, many customers still preferred to try the clothes in physical stores.

Gu Ning actually wanted to visit Gufan in order to choose sets of clothes for Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao had brought clothes with her, but women could never have enough clothes.

Before all that, they went to dine together.

Jing Yunyao was in a better mood now, so she wanted to eat some food.

Because neither Gu Ning nor Jing Yunyao were picky eaters, Gu Ning made the decision.

Luckily they were in a commercial zone, so they had plenty of choices.

In the end, because Jing Yunyao was interested in it, they decided to have spicy hot pot.

Because of the scar on Jing Yunyaos face, Gu Ning booked a private room for them.

Jing Yunyao was unwilling to show her real face in public, because although she was already used to the scar, she didnt want to hear other peoples discussion about her.

Jing Yunyao didnt eat much at breakfast, but she enjoyed the spicy hot pot very much.

Gu Ning also noticed Jing Yunyaos good mood, and felt happy for her.

After eating, Jing Yunyao rushed to pay the bill, because Gu Ning had done that before her yesterday.

Since Jing Yunyao insisted on that, Gu Ning didnt compete with her.

“Mother, lets go shopping now,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure!” Jing Yunyao agreed, then they walked towards the Gufan store.

However, after walking for a while, both Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao stopped suddenly and exchanged a knowing glance.

“There are cultivators.

Lets go another way,” said Gu Ning.

Jing Yunyao nodded, then they walked on another road.

Both of them felt cultivators ahead of them, but they didnt know their levels.

Right when Gu Ning walked away, she used her Jade Eyes and saw Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue.

Gu Ning didnt know their levels, but it seemed that they failed to sense Jing Yunyao.

Baili Zongyang and Baili Zongxue didnt sense another cultivator was on the same street as them.

Although Baili Zongyang was a well-known talented cultivator of the young generation in the cultivation world, he was still a level lower than Jing Yunyao so there was a huge gap between them.

“Well, I didnt expect to run into other cultivators in the capital, and I hope that they didnt notice us,” said Jing Yunyao with worries.

“Its fine.

We can do our best to avoid them.

If we cant, let nature take its course,” said Gu Ning.

She couldnt tell Jing Yunyao who the two cultivators were, but she wasnt worried at all, because they had Shangguan Yangs help and she had the flood dragon too.

Even though she was unwilling to expose the flood dragon, her safety was more important.

“Youre right.” Jing Yunyao agreed.

When they arrived at the Gufan store, all kinds of male and female clothes, shoes, and bags were already placed on most of the shelves.

Although it wouldnt be open until the day after tomorrow, there were several customers in the store.

After all, no salesman would shut customers out.

The customers in the store now were several young women, and they all had a good impression of Gufan and Gu Ning.

They coincidentally saw the store of Gufan today, so they walked inside to have a look.

They were attracted to the products, and kept on trying them.


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