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Chapter 163 Yu Mixi Asks for Help

“Great,” Gu Ning didnt hesitate, but agreed with alacrity.

After the meal, they said good-bye to each other.

Gu Man and Gu Qing went back to the beauty salon to get familiar with this business.

Gu Ning of course followed them back.

Yu Na told Gu Ning and her family that most of the staff who worked in Kamei Beauty Salon were nice people, except for a few of them who were snobbish.

Yu Na wasnt sure that they would obey the rules, so she reminded Gu Ning to pay more attention to them.

Kamei Beauty Salon belonged to Gu Man and Gu Qing now, thus they needed to take care of it themselves.

Gu Man was always mild and too kind.

Gu Ning was worried that she wouldnt dare to criticize the staff if they did something wrong.

Therefore, Gu Ning persuaded her mother to be strict when it was necessary.

If your staff wasnt scared of you at all, the team couldnt work efficiently.

Gu Ning also told her mother not to hesitate to ask her for help if she needed it.

Gu Ning and her family left the beauty salon two hours later, but they didnt go back home.

They went to a shopping mall instead.

Since Gu Man and Gu Qing were starting to run a business, they couldnt dress too casually.

Gu Ning planned to buy them several formal suits.

Each of them bought three professional suits and skirts matched with high-heels and handbags.

They spent around a hundred thousand yuan on it.

Gu Man and Gu Qing were reluctant to spend that much money on clothing, but it was necessary for work, so they agreed to do so.

The minute Gu Ning and her family got home, her phone rang.

The caller was Yu Mixi.

“Hi, Mixi,” Gu Ning said.

Yu Mixi wept, “Ningning, please help me! My mother fainted.

There is a tumor in her brain.

They said that she needs a surgical removal right now, but the fee is almost two hundred thousand yuan.

My family cant afford it.

Can you lend me some money”

Gu Ning was Yu Mixis only hope.

Her familys savings amounted to a few dozen thousand yuan at the most.

It was definitely not enough.

“What Which hospital are you in right now” Gu Ning immediately asked.

“The No.

3 Hospital.

Were in patient room No.

510 in the Inpatient Department,” Yu Mixi answered.

“Dont worry.

Ill be right there,” Gu Ning said.

She hung up and went out right away.

Gu Ning was lucky enough to get on a taxi the minute she left Fenghua Luxury Mansion, but the No.

3 Hospital was a little far away.

It took at least 30 minutes to get there.

Gu Ning was afraid to delay the treatment time of Yu Mixis mother, so she called her friends for help at once.

Gu Ning took out her phone calling Chu Peihan.

“Hi, Gu Ning,” The person who answered the call wasnt Chu Peihan, but Chu Xuanfeng.

“Peihan isnt…”

Before Chu Xuanfeng could finish, he was interrupted by Gu Ning.

“Im calling for you.”

“What” Chu Xuanfeng was surprised.

Gu Ning added, “Do you know anyone who works in the No.

3 Hospital Yu Mixis mother passed out.

There is a tumor in her brain, and she needs surgical removal right now.

Yu Mixis family doesnt have much money, so they arent able to pay for the surgery.

Im on the way to the hospital now, but I cant get there until at least 30 minutes later.

I dont want Yu Mixis mother to wait for the surgery.

Could you please help me let Yu Mixis mother do the surgery first Ill pay for it the minute I arrive.”

“Of course, whats her mothers name” Chu Xuanfeng asked.

“I dont know, but they are staying in patient room No.

510 in the Inpatient Department.

Yu Mixi is there too,” Gu Ning replied.

“Great, let me handle it,” Chu Xuanfeng said before he hung up, then he used his phone to call the director of the No.

3 Hospital.

Although Chu Xuanfeng served in a gang, he knew almost everyone with a tide.

There were also people who served in the Qing Gang that worked for the government, but they wouldnt commit any crimes.

At that time, the director of the No.

3 Hospital was just about to get off work.

Before he walked out of the hospital, he received Chu Xuanfengs call.

The director respected Chu Xuanfeng a lot.

Once he heard his request, the director immediately went to arrange it.

The second Chu Xuanfeng finished the call, Chu Peihan got home.

Chu Xuanfeng then told her what had happened to Yu Mixi.

Chu Peihan was so concerned that she went straight to the hospital without eating.

Chu Xuanfeng wanted to go with her, but it wouldnt be appropriate if he left Situ Ye alone.

Unexpectedly, Situ Ye asked to go with them.

Both Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan were astonished.

Why would Situ Ye, who was the boss of the Qing Gang, go to the hospital with them However, they didnt have much time to think about that.

The three of them drove to the hospital in a hurry.

Situ Ye went to the hospital for Gu Ning without a doubt.

It was a great chance.

On the way, Chu Xuanfeng told Chu Peihan to call Gu Ning and tell her that he had arranged everything.

“I think we better call Mixi first.

She must be super worried,” Chu Peihan said.

She then called Yu Mixi without delay.

Knowing that her mother could get the surgery done soon, Yu Mixi thanked Chu Peihan with great excitement.

Yu Mixi told her father the good news afterwards.

Yu Mixis father then found out that his daughter had turned to her friends for help.

He was very grateful that Yu Mixi had many rich and kind friends who were willing to help his family.

Although he didnt want Yu Mixi to borrow money from her friends, he didnt have another choice.

His family was too poor to afford the administration fee.

And none of his relatives were willing to lend them money.

He didnt want to lose his wife, nor for his daughter to lose her mother.

He felt very ashamed that Yu Mixi had to borrow money from her friends, but he was happier that his wife was saved.

Once Yu Mixis mother recovered, he would work harder to pay back Yu Mixis friend.

Chu Peihan called Gu Ning later telling her that the surgery was settled and that Yu Mixi was already aware of it.

Within several minutes, a few doctors appeared in patient room NO.


The director of this hospital was the leader.

“Who is Yu Mixi” the director asked.

“Its me.” Yu Mixi immediately stood up.

Her father was thrilled to see the doctors.

“Nice to meet you.

Im the director of the No.

3 Hospital.

I just received a call from Mr.


We need to administer the surgery to your mother right away.”

Both Yu Mixi and her father were surprised that the director would come in person, especially Yu Mixis father.

He didnt expect that his daughters friend could be so influential.

“Thank you so much!” Yu Mixi immediately bowed to the director.

Then, Yu Mixis mother was pushed into the operating room.

Yu Mixi and her father were waiting outside, but they werent fully relieved yet, because the result was unknown.

Thirty minutes later, Gu Ning met Chu Xuanfeng and the others by accident at the door of the hospital.

They went to the operating room together.


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